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[PS4] Jurassic World Evolution $14 (Was $70), Deluxe Edition $15.60 (Was $78), Jurassic Park Edition $18.60 (Was $93) @ PS Store


Jurassic World Evolution on Sale!

Take charge of operations on the legendary islands of the Muertes archipelago and bring the wonder, majesty and danger of dinosaurs to life. Build for Science, Entertainment or Security interests in an uncertain world where life always finds a way.
Bioengineer dinosaurs that think, feel and react intelligently to the world around them. Play with life itself to give your dinosaurs unique behaviors, traits and appearances, then contain and profit from them to fund your global search for lost dinosaur DNA.
Control the big picture with deep management tools or go hands-on to confront challenges on the ground or in the air. Expand your islands and choose your own journey in an all-new narrative featuring iconic characters from across the franchise and decades of Jurassic lore at your fingertips.

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  • I played this on PC and I really enjoyed it. It may be missing some features from the OG version back in the day, but taking control of a jeep and driving around is a fun experience and great to check out the scale of the dinos.

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      This was free on Epic, right?

      • Yeah, back in January this year. Although I bought it on release day in 2018

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    When are they going to give us a game in line with the arcade or Dino Crisis?

  • Does the Jurassic Park Edition have all the DLC to date or are there additional DLC not included?

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      I was trying to figure out the exact same thing. From the looks of things, the differences between editions are: Deluxe Edition includes a pack of 5 extra dinosaurs, and the Jurassic Park Edition includes that same pack as well as the Return to Jurassic Park DLC. So there are two extra expansions and several dinosaur packs that would need to be purchased separately. With that in mind, I am leaning more towards the Deluxe Edition, and then keeping an eye out for a discount on the Expansion Pack later on.

      • Thanks. This isn't an issue limited to PlayStation Store, but there really should be an easier way to look at what DLC each edition includes on the store.

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          The 'price' of the DLC included in each pack is adjusted to 0 on the PSN store when you add the respective edition to your cart. It doesn't let you purchase the free packs, but its one convoluted way of working out what comes with what.