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Durex 30 Pk Condom Varieties $8.45 - $8.89 (Expired), Massage Gel Lubricant 200ml $5.86 + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Struggling with gift ideas to buy your dad for fathers day? Amazon has you covered with their Durex essentials sale.

Durex 30 Pack Fetherlite Condoms $8.45 ($7.61 S&S)
Durex 30 Pack Pleasure Me Condoms $8.89 ($8.00 S&S)
Durex 30 Pack Regular Condoms $8.89 ($8.00 S&S)
Durex 200ml Aloe Vera Massage Gel Lubricant $5.86 ($5.27 S&S)

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  • Think about the children at home with their parents! /s… somethings just can’t be unseen. 😵

    • +3

      They'll be fine with 29 long balloons…

      • That is the problem they might try to blow it up… scarred for life

        once you have seen something it can never been unseen

        • +5

          The day after fathers day.

          The kid(s): Dad, did you forget to turn the video volume down last night?

          Dad: What video? btw, thanks for your present.

          The kid(s): Err, the adult videos…

          Dad: Didn't watch any videos, last night.

          The kid(s): 😳

  • +10

    Expiry? A 10 year supply for most fathers…

    • +1

      And they have a subscribe and save option as well.

    • +2

      For most married*

  • +24

    OzBargain needs a feature where every deal posted comes with an "overused jokes/comments" section so the comments aren't cluttered with the same old jokes every time.

    • +1


  • +2

    Most Dads have already had the snip or wouldn't go through this pack in their remaining life. But a nice thought.

    • +3

      Yep, snipped here

  • -1

    Umm sorry but Gifting dad condom doesn't really seem a good idea to me, at least not to those children who actually own their own bank account and cards, and amazon account (aka be over 16 yrs or whatever the age limit of having amazon account or bank card is).

  • Thanks, need this so much.
    Very essential while on lockdown

  • +5

    No point in buying petrol if
    Car is garaged all the time ?

    • Did you really have a reason to take it out for a drive before lockdown though?

      • +3

        Not really but i have heard, you need to still change oil even if its not in use.
        have been changing the oil once in a while all by myself. Self servicing.

  • thanks op, grabbed 3 packs. should last me til end of year

    • +15

      3 packs would’ve lasted me 3 years, you’re a machine bruh.

  • +1

    time to try new positions

  • +6

    Jokes on you, my dad never uses lube nor condoms, only thing he uses is the belt.

    • +1

      Did he also leave to get a pack of cigarettes?

      • +1

        and came back with jumper cables

  • +2

    Excellent, will stock up for when I’m feeling posh.

  • tfw no g

  • +1

    roughly 30 cents a pop.. I guess it is cheaper than tissue.. but better clean up but more obvious to whoever might see it.. definitely don't use at work lol the cleaner sees everything x.x scarred for life

  • +2

    Any smaller sizes available?

    • best for you to use a pack of balloons then

  • Finally they've listened to me. I've been asking for a deal on a 5 year supply for ages.

  • +1

    Here for the comments

  • Anyone tried the fruity fun one's? Feeling lockdown frisky you know.

    • +1

      Nice with a shit of gin in them.

      • +1

        2 girls 1 condom?

      • Might shit some gin on them, always had a scat fetish 😎

  • +1

    If dad had used this, he wouldnt be your dad, and you wouldnt be here

    • they can still break on rare occasion

  • Condoms can be for everyone, never too soon to teach protection these days

  • +4

    Pity it's too late to buy some for Scomo's dad…

  • Bruh

  • +2


  • +2


  • the tadpoles turn into frogs 🐸 during lockdown

  • I think should add a requirement for this kind of topic - expiry date for the product

  • Nice, a lifetime supply and 25 extras.

  • Who buy All the Fetherlite Condoms? OUT Of Stock Now.

  • oos

  • Hello do they make any extra extra small? Asking for a friend, thanks

  • +2

    I'm starting a group buy, please let me know if you want to join. Looking for 29 others to share the cost of 1 pack.

    • +1

      Count me in please, I'll re use mine (fold it inside out) so I'll get twice the use.

      • +1

        Great idea, I'll start another group buy for 59 others who would like to do this but only need one use.

  • Handy mask for the people in lockdown.

  • how is this massage gel? has anyone used it as reviews on Amazon is not that encouraging?

  • Amazon they knew we are in lockdown.

  • Prices all appear to have gone up since this was posted

  • Go for the rump

  • +1

    Lockdown Starter Pack…

  • feel like being Slomo, I was going to play a part against delta and avoid the delta babies, too slow to late seeing oos and increased price.

  • how do i get the 30 pack down to $8.89? Am i missing something come up at $14+ on amazon

    • +1

      You're about 12 hours late

  • "$8.89 (Expired)"
    What would anyone do with the expired Condoms?

    • Water balloons or balloon animals?

  • Bloody Gladys wants to hand me a $1000 fine every time I visit my honey's house

    • What has the singles bubble been popped?

      Or is it still a reasonable excuse to leave your house to visit your significant other for compassionate reasons?

      • What has the singles bubble been popped?

        Bubble doesn't exist if you live in a hotspot LGA.

        Or is it still a reasonable excuse to leave your house to visit your significant other for compassionate reasons?

        She's not my girlfriend or wife and if she was, you gotta register her/his with Service NSW.

        • Oh wow they want to put everything on the table for all to see how nice of Gladys.

          Oh so not a wife or girlfriend so just a friend? or friends with benefits lol haha.

          Makes sense that the bubble does not exist if it is in a hotzone something something spreading STD's and more.

          • @AlienC:

            or friends with benefits lol haha

            Can't go on dates or anything because of lockdown. But that shit face Gladys can see her new Lebanese boyfriend.

        • She's not my girlfriend or wife and if she was, you gotta register her/his with Service NSW.

          Source? From my understanding that is not the case. Want to ensure I'm doing the right thing

          From 12:01am, Saturday 21 August, people who live alone in 1 of the local government areas of concern will need to register their nominated person (‘singles bubble’ visitor).

          You are still allowed to have 1 person visit your home for caring or compassionate reasons, without the need to register them as a nominated visitor, but you may only have 1 visitor at a time – your carer or your nominated visitor.

          • @currentfad: So your singles bubble person can be different to your partner. Oops….

            And you don't need to register partners.

  • Are Hookers and escorts considered an essential service? I mean like I have needs man!

    • Try Zoom.

      • or only fans

        • Yes only fans full of slutzzzz

  • its free to go raw. real OzBargain.
    unless your pull out game is weak, then buy these. lol

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