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Duracell 9 Volt Battery 2 Pack $2 (Was $10), C Battery 4 Pack $2 (Was $10), D Battery 4 Pack $2 (Was $10) @ Target


Duracell batteries are going for cheap. Says clearance but numerous stores around country with stock. Click & Collect Only or In-store only. Avoid the $3 Click & Collect fee by calling up your local and asking them to put it aside (thanks the INFIDEL) or with $20 order.

Cheapest I've ever seen Duracell 9v batteries.

Duracell 9 Volt 2 Pack Batteries

Coles $9.90, Bunnings 3 Pack $9.98

Duracell C 4 Pack Batteries

Amazon $9.90 + Shipping, Coles $9.90

Duracell D 4 Pack Batteries

Amazon $9.90, Coles $9.90

via LittleBirdie Price Drop

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Thanks OP good timing, smoke alarm went hungry in the middle of the night.

  • Going to regret not buying these

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    Also 9 Volt Battery pack of 4 for 50 cents:


    • Thanks… Was $5

    • Thanks👍
      Bought the Target 9V 4pack Exp: 12/25
      Price on shelf was $2.50, scanned @50c.

  • tempted…. but don't need it ..

  • I wonder how long these duracell 9v are good for? The 50c ones linked above show Dec 2021 expiry.

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      That's just a stock image. Not necessarily the offered product.

    • Bought the 50c Target 9V 4pack Exp: 12/25

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    $3 click and collect fee. Ouch :(

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      not if you buy 10

      • Yeah true. I only need 2 batteries though, 20 of them will probably end up expiring before I can get to use them!

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          doubt the expiring is that bad.. prob get 2 years.. if they are bad just return for refund.. Target dont care.. then ull get ur 2 with out a fee

    • I rang store & they put aside for me.

      • That all depends on who you talk to.

        • My suggestion is now recommended by neil in Deal Description!
          Frequently do this with Deals. Never been refused.

          As with many things in life, it also depends on how you ask!

          Talked with 2 staff today - both happily said yes.

          Was able to confirm they had stock (so no cancellation - which is possible with online order) & saved $3 c&c fee, just by asking.

  • This is great.. Kids toys starting to die.. D size are like double the price just for 2 (crappy coles brand)

  • Bunnings price beat .

    • its a clearance line (clearly marked) so doubt theyll honour it

  • Great find thanks OP, just wish they were available for delivery in these times of lockdown!

  • Perfect timing, need both D and 9v. Thankyou.

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    Rang local store. Told 9V 2pack is not reduced. Explained it's showing $2 online… Yes $2.

    Asked to put on hold for me - (we don't normally do that) but no problems.
    Got 1 x $2 9V 2pack (4 in store) & 1 x 50c Target 4 pack (plenty available).
    Found it works with most stores. Avoids $3 c&c fee - if you ask nicely!

    • What are the expiry dates?

      • Will know when I pick up - tomorrow. Won't buy if short dated.

      • Only bought the 50c Target 9V 4pack Exp: 12/25

    • Does this work for stores in lockdown areas that do click and collect only?

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        Ring the store for a definite answer.

        Mine is waiting at the Layby Counter - where c&c is normally available. But still requires purchase - so may not be allowed in lockdown areas.

        And check actual stock levels - much sold out near me within first hour of this Deal. (Suggestion to buy more than needed & return later (to avoid $3 c&c fee) - possibly contributed.)

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    so stupid only click and collect in sydney and no delivery!

    it’s almost encouraging people to go out!

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      'cept stores are closed, so stay home

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    The 8 pk Duracell CR2032 are only $2.50 at certain Bunnings locations if you have a powerpass and lucky:) I have bought 20 packs since their expiry date is 2030.

    • Do you have an item number?

      • I can't really remember, I think you can just search duracell cr2032 in the powerpass app. The original price is $10 and different stores seem to have different clearance prices.

        • Not my local. Which Bunnings did you buy it from?

          • @ihbh: Thomastown VIC
            The powerpass app should show you the price and stock availability around you. Stores around me are selling the same thing for 2.5/5/10 so it pays to hop around to find a cheap one.

      • Btw 2025 is also marked down to $5 at some locations, RRP $15

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    Duraleak - No thx.

    Too many problems with this brand, hopefully they've rectified these issues for any1 that purchases them.

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      Same here! Duraleak - never!

      • I had the same issue, Bought packs and packs of duracell which just leaked all over the place. In some cases ruined my devices but generally leaked before i even got to use them.

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    Bought last two pack Duracell 9V from Redbank Plains QLD. Expiry end 2025.

  • My local Coles had 2 pack of 9V for $4 (Coles brand, expiry was 2028)…

  • FYI: Still available in Target Indooroopilly as of 24 August

  • Should this really be considered essential enough to have to go to the store. They should have had delivery or nothing.

  • Cool catch thanks for the update :) thumbs up lol