This was posted 3 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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SodaStream Spirit Starter Kit $29 (73% off) @ Little Birdie


As part of Little Birdie's pre-launch offer, 500 available up for grabs. It will be released randomly tonight between 6pm-11:59pm.

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Flashback to eBay Plus mega deals πŸ˜…


What time are the special offers dropping?

We don’t have any specific time to share as when we will release each offer. As much as possible, we want to stay fair to all members of our community. These offers will be released as soon as it will be deemed available by our marketing department. At the moment, we are unable to share a specific time of release: this is to make sure the legitimate member of our community will have a chance to really get those wonderful deals.

For those reporting the post, the Dominos offers were released randomly and pre published as well, so I believe this deal should be valid

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  • Thanks! got one!

  • Got it, was surprisingly easy

  • +1

    Got a code. Don't need one.


    Buy here.

    • No longer valid

  • Got it! thanks OP

  • Got one :)

  • Don't need it.

    Bought it.

  • I did pay the extra $2.99 fright protection incase lost in mail or damaged as said it'll be replaced free if has the protection fee.

  • Yep got it, thanks

  • 2D4QW

    Free to a good home

  • +2

    Got one. So how do I use this now? Is it as simple as buy one of those powders from Coles put it into this machine with water and it magically becomes cola? In a typical Ozb fashion I bought first and asking questions later

    • Nqr had some Pepsi on sale last week or week before. Could be still there unsure as I wasn't interested in getting it when I there as I didn't have soda stream but might need to get there now I just got one in deal. 😊

    • It's not a powder, it's a syrup concentrate, you're basically making cordial.

  • Wow .. The codes are dynamic .. It keeps on changing …

  • Got one :)

    • +2

      what happened to ignoring it? 🀣

      • If someone throwing a chip to the seagulls I'm in if no waiting :)

  • Got one thanks OP

  • No codes work?!

  • Expired? Code no longer works

  • Got a voucher but it comes up as invalid. Must be all out.

    • there are still codes out there. refresh the page and it might pop up with "claim another voucher"

  • Thanks OP managed to get one

  • +1

    RTSA8 don't need my code - enjoy

  • Got one, thanks OP 😊

  • +1


    Feel free to use this one :)

    • +1

      Thanks, this one worked for me!

  • I had a unique voucher but I guess all 500 was claimed before I could use it.

  • Got it

  • Your cart must contain items from Little Birdie for this coupon to be applied

    Not sure what went wrong there, but looks like my generated code wasn't valid

    • Did you add the red one to cart specifically?

      • Yeah I did.
        Honestly it may have been me misreading my actual code.

  • So.. have the people here actually done the maths of whether this is cheaper than just buying soda? I think the sodastream is more expensive.

    • If you are going to use it a lot you really need to get an adapter and then buy the big bottles from homebrew shops.

      If you are not going to use it a lot, then yeah not really worth it.

  • all gone, edit it seems to be bugged and is still working

    got a spare KPXTJ, idk if it works even though I bought one earlier with a different code

  • +1

    This code up for grabs: BQKNW

    • Thanks used

  • I don't know what I will do with it. May be a house-warming gift for when we are allowed to do such things.

  • feel free to use my


  • Thanks got one

  • -1

    Post code tks ?

  • Feel free to use
    Try this one

  • 2D4QW I generated with code with a line through it .
    And it failed .

  • +1

    Feel free to use


    • used yours, thanks heaps

  • Why are people still posting codes? They no longer work?

  • Still working, I just got mine!

  • Got

  • PYASQ this code also works. Just tried to apply it

  • -3

    I think 3 is enough for my collection .

  • Got one and a minute later, it says "you missed out". Just in time. 37minutes.

  • redeemed failed - "Coupon code is no longer valid"

  • So it said to put the code in at the next step but charges me full price before I could even enter in a code checking out via PayPal. Wtf

    • Yeah, there was a subtle grey line of text that said something like "Got a coupon code?" on the checkout page - pretty easy to miss sadly.

    • I too was about to check out via Paypal but I saw the full price and then entered the code.

      Did you fully checked out with full price?

      • I bet some messed up and checked out with full price .
        No doubt about it .

      • +2

        yes i did as it said i could enter the code at the next step, instead it just ordered it, this was on the mobile app.

        • GL with the cancel order process.

    • I did the same - then ordered a 2nd time and submitted a change to the order to cancel it….the discounted one is listed as shipped but the other one didn't so hopefully no issues with cancellation!

  • Ew red… I'll take it though.

  • Damn would've loved one of these :(

    • Sorry code is gone :(

  • Managed to get last minute order

  • +1

    Tried all the coupons on here and said "Coupon code is no longer valid" for each of them. Guess they have all been used by people in here without commenting.

    • +1

      I have one: 2WJRL
      Not sure if it's still working.

  • +2

    How did everyone get notified that the deal was live? I signed up to their mailing list and didn't receive any emails.

    • +1

      Compulsively refreshing website

    • +1

      Subscribe to this deal, ignore a few junk posts, but notified when it went live.

  • Damn what a deal to miss out on

  • Keen on a code if anyone has one

  • Let me know if you still have a code that you are not using. Cheers!

  • missed out on the fun last night. anyone knows how to redeem the code after getting the voucher?

  • Would appreciate a code if anyone has a spare. Realised that you can make Ginger Beer from these and my Amazon purchase history isn't looking too good :P

  • Mine got delivered today. Any drink recommendations?

    • Omg mine not yet shipped

      • Same. Still waiting to be dispatched

        • same still waiting for dispatch.

  • Anyone else still waiting for dispatch?

    • +1

      No mine arrived today

  • Still waiting for the sodastream to be delivered at this date. Lucky its only $29

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