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Google Nest Audio $99 Delivered @ Google Store


Google nest audio on special for father's day through official Google store. Normally $149.

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    Looks to be same price alot of places

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    if anyone is wondering, you cannot stack the $25 store credit provided by Google last May with discounted deals as it will revert to RRP. So pretty useless as other stores sells it cheaper most of the time.

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    Google reduced the price for all of their speakers over the last few days. Some were lucky enough to pick up on the Google Nest Mini price error last week (selling @ $30 instead of $49) and I was hoping they screwed up the Nest Audio pricing also, but no such luck. But I scored 2x Mini's @ $30 so I really can't complain.

    • True, tested using the $30 Google code on the hub gen 2 but was already reduced so didn't apply (and ordered it, had to cancel).

      This nest audio would have to sound a lot better than the nest mini, not sure I need to replace it on the bedside though.

      • I bought the Nest Mini's to pair in the bedroom and they are perfect for what I need, but yes, the Audio would've had better sound quality.

  • can I use it as my desktop speaker? If I buy two can they create a stereo sound?

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      No aux in so it would only be bluetooth (which would come with a delay) to connect to desktop I believe.

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      hey pzhon, i have a nest hub max and nest mini.

      there are two ways to use them INDIVIDUALLY with your desktop - add them as bluetooth devices and set the output to the bluetooth version of the device OR cast to them from chrome.

      now, to create stereo sound you need to create a speaker group with the two of them in it and then cast to it from the chrome browser. you cannot bluetooth to the speaker group (to my knowledge).

      • Appreciate your answer mate.

        Sounds still too much hassle.

        I would rather wait for the discount on Logitech G560.

        Thank you heaps.

        • no problem mate, legit i am waiting for the Logitech G560 as well. gotta have that rgb!

          • @DJDuong: that’s right. According to the reviews theRGB righting will have delay.

            The best deal was $145 from MSY, that was crazy. Not sure if I can still get that price

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      Do you have other Bluetooth speakers lying around? I've got an old Bose SoundLink mini with 3.5mm aux input that is working well for a desktop speaker when in don't want to use headphones. Bluetooth can have lag too, as mentioned.

      • yes, same as you. I have a mini soundlink. It’s nice, but not great.

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          I think they are still decent, and great just grabbing it to take if travelling and to hotels etc. I guess the nest audio you could do that too, fair bit bigger (or just the shape and not as rugged). Haven't heard the nest audio, may be better. Just find this handy for pc to save getting something else, and if i want better sound will use the DAC-Headphone Amp-Headphones from the pc.

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    Might put this out in the garage (table tennis table). Plus I get $3 back with Google one membership

  • Same price at kogan if you have the amex deal

  • Bought one at officeworks ($98).

  • the Nest Wifi 3 pack (main + 2 satellites) is currently $399 direct from Google store too.

  • Do they sound any good? I have a lenovo smart display 10 and the sound quality is garbage.

    • Yeah they do.

    • Google Home Max > than all. Especially when paired!
      But this comes in at a close second 😉

      • Home Max discontinued though :(

        • Such a shame. I have two and absolutely love them. I was really surprised they got discontinued so quickly as they are an epic speaker.

      • wasn't the home max $400 or something?
        you'd just get the hub max instead now apparently

        • Yeah, the RRP was around $400 IIRC. I picked both of mine up for $199 each though.

          The Home Max and Nest Hub Max are completely different products, so you would likely get the Nest Audio if anything.

          • @KangaDrew: Half price or two for one sounds like a better deal!
            Probably don't need but one of the nest audio's would be a lot better sound than the nest mini gen 2 for a bedside i guess.
            I just don't think you'd use with a pc without a line-in due to bluetooth audio delay , but woudn't be a bad minimalist sound system with 2 if you're used to casting/listening directly from them, with the voice controls etc.

            Just thought I'd check the ebay deals for another $10 off $99, may be worthwhile. None of the codes work. These are $99 at Officeworks anyway

            • @G-rig: I've got two Nest Mini's paired and I think they are great for a bedroom. I also have two other Mini's that are in each of the bathrooms and the single speaker is perfectly adequate for that space.

              I can't speak to the sound quality for the Nest Audio as I don't have one, but reviews seem pretty good. I can only imagine (and speculate) that two of them paired might come close to, if not better than, a single Home Max. There are plenty of YT reviews where people have paired them to test the sound quality though.

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                @KangaDrew: Cheers, I actually watched that video before, good review. The Nest Audio seems like quite an upgrade in sound vs the nest mini. Two minis sound fine just depends how much you'd listen to music/podcasts in the room etc. Not sure it's worth upgrading it as there's probably nowhere to relocated the nest mini to in an apartment but it was free anyway.

  • got the nest speaker after this deal was posted. The speaker is amazing for music and that was my primary purpose coz i have YT music subscription. But am gonna continue using echo dot as an assistant, it seems its way ahead from google in speed and accuracy.

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