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Save up to 15% on Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy + 20,000 Everyday Rewards Points @ Woolworths Insurance


This is worth $100 in groceries at Woolworths.

I also tried the long running CARX03 code which is marked as expired and it also worked and gives you an e-gift card.

I received comprehensive quote for less than $350 using drive less pay less option, so essentially less than $250 premium after receiving bonus points.

You also get 10% off groceries a month.

According to the T&C, the points are given within 45 days and the e-gift within 30 days after payment of the first premium.

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  • I signed up using REW20K on the 16th of July I've yet to receive anything..

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      It says 45 days after first payment so technically you would receive it by end of Aug or 1 Sep

      • Actually sorry June not July 😂 was looking at house & contents, car was done earlier.

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          Signed up 19 July, yet to receive the Rewards Points

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    Did you read their market value policy? I know a few other insurers give a rough price at signup that you can't really change later, while some are actual market value. Like right now my MX5 would cost $20k to replace, but most would only cover up to $7k.

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    You also het 10% off groceries once a month.

    • Thanks updated

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      Cheaper to get their mobile plan if you just want the 10% discount


      • I just went through this, I got a phone with my telstra plus points and it was locked to telstra, $80 fee and several weeks to unlock, so I ended up cancelling woolworths sim and got a refund

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          Can't believe locked phones are still a thing these days

  • I wonder how strict they are with the drive less pay less option, I'm doing stuff all atm (lockdown), so would expect overall annual average to be very very low.

    • There’s an excess if you make a claim and are over the mileage you’ve selected. You can also update your mileage throughout the year.

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      Please note, if your odometer is above the End Odometer reading or under the starting odometer reading at time of claim, then you will need to pay an additional Outside Odometer reading excess of $1,000

      • thanks for that

        • No one actually requested current Odometer when I signed up in July..

      • You only pay that for being under the starting odometer reading in your first year, after that, any km not used is carried over to the next year if you renew with them. Last year I got 12kkm but ended up using only 4kkm due to the lockdowns, now instead of getting another 12kkm and being covered up to 24kkm (20kkm to use this year), I am adding only 2kkm (10kkm to use this year) and paying 50% less in the premium.

        • That's only for renewal not new policy though. New policies are usually cheaper than renewals. But I guess if the unused kms roll over then for sure a renewal would be cheaper in this case.

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    They are horrible to get hold of, online or phone. Never sent my $100 e*gift card too. Keep following up and they say they will check into it but then nothing. Not saying this is a bad deal just check the reviews and do your research as others have mentioned above. Personally never again for me.

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    Anyone had a claim from this insurer? No point buying insurance when you get nowhere when you have to claim from them….. Check their reviews before committing to their premium.

    • Yes, I have done a claim. Been with them for about 5 years. The claim was so easy. The crash repairer was closed and they even organised my car to be towed to a holding place for the night. As the window was smashed and it had been raining all day. Then they organised a tow the next morning to the crash repairer. I had teh sun shade fall onto the car during a big storm. When I collected the car from the crash repairer I paid them the excess. Throughout the process WW sent emails and some had videos explaining the process. It was so easy. No stuffing around paying the excess before the repairs started.

  • cant get this policy if you have had your prior policy lapse for over 30 days. many cancelled their insurances due for lockdown reasons.

  • Quote was about $200 more expensive than Budget Direct :/

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      The worst and most stupid advice ever.

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      Doesn't work in a hit & run carpark incident.
      Doesn't help when your car is stolen.

  • Iust got my car insurance $100 giftcard

  • Not tried as yet, but does anyone know if you can cancel your existing Woolies car insurance and then get a new quote along with this deal?

    Also, would they give you the points/gift card if you used the code for a 2nd car and is now currently insured with Woolies?

    • Is the second car in the same name? When I did my quote and signed up they gave me the option of insuring a second car with a $100 gift card.

      • Yes, 2nd car is also in my name, but that is insured with Woolies whilst my 1st car was already insured with Woolies. 1st car insurance now up for renewal.

        • Did you receive an answer to this…? I got quoted a $200p.a. increase this year. For a 1 year older car now… I found 2 X quotes now $400 cheaper. Through online chat they were unwilling to match.. I cancelled.

          • @ph4007: I recently got my renewal notice, so cancelled my insurance.
            I then got a new quote online to take advantage of the bonus gc, but they hiked the quote by more than what my renewal price was. Not happy.
            Going to try elsewhere.

  • Be careful they will increase your premium every year - NOT only the first renewal so that you lose the applied discount online, but the following year and more. I am leaving them after a very unfriendly online chat - tried to speak with phone, they refuse to call, meanwhile my phone call to their number had been in the queue for more than one hour still waiting.

  • Getting the error "Your promotional code is invalid, you can progress without a promotional code OR contact us on 1300 482 451 for assistance. Our call centre hours are Monday to Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm (AEST) and 9am to 5pm (AEST) on Saturday and Sunday (except public holidays)." when trying to use the code

    • Found out that I can still click Get Quote and it will load the next screen showing the gift card bonus. Hopefully it works

  • Code works and the points came in three weeks.

    I always get a new policy with WW Car Ins and save $ on premium and get $100 (either points or giftcard). Even better now that I can cancel auto renew with an email instead of having to call them, wait on hold and go through hoops.

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