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GL.iNet GL-USB150 Portable Mini Router $19.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ GL.iNet via Amazon AU


Amazon Outlet Deal!

Protect your self with a firewalled connection, run a Vpn for all your devices, easily connect multiple devices, run a Chromecast on a captive portal on public/free wifi connections.
Smaller size, lighter weight and lower power usage than other mini routers.

GL.iNet GL-USB150 Wireless Mini Portable VPN wifi Router
[USB WIRELESS ROUTER] USB mini travel router for working professionals. Lightweight (10g) and pocket friendly. USB to Ethernet networking.
[OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE] OpenWrt/LEDE pre-installed, backed by software repository.
[OPENVPN CLIENT] OpenVPN client pre-installed, compatible with 30+ VPN service providers.
[PACKAGE CONTENTS] GL-USB150 (microuter) USB router (1-year Warranty), User Manual.

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  • Video:

    I'm only concerned about the speed. Also how is this different from the usual VPN apps?

    • OpenWrt/LEDE pre-installed

      It's a router, not just a Wi-Fi dongle. So you can re-broadcast the network to phones, tablets or chromecasts.
      I love their normal travel routers, much faster, do agree a 150mbps could bog down with a few devices connected.

  • Does it mean that I don't have to purchase any third party VPN and can use this straight out of the box? Sorry don't really don't know much about VPN routers.

    • You will still need a VPN server somewhere, either commercial or self owned/built. You can then load the VPN client on the USB150 and all devices that go through it will be VPNed.

      The neat thing about the USB150 is its size and the fact that it can actually work as a virtual USB ethernet adapter/router. As mentioned it's a full functional router and does everything it's bigger relations do. It's very small and discrete. It has a very low power draw so can last for a long time on say a power pack and doesn't draw much from say your notebook.

      You can even turn it into a WiFi Pineapple…….

      • Powerful enough to stream FHD videos through vpn? Thanks

  • I already have the mango - which is quite useful and lives in my travel bag.
    I'm guessing there is no need for this then, apart from a bit more "cable free"?

    Was also considering the GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) for the better wifi, but waiting for a good deal. Interesting to know if anyone has done comparisons and whether it's worth upgrading for the faster wifi when using hotel wifi etc - and whether it has a stronger antenna to pick up the sometimes weak signals in the first place.

    Not really travelling that much these days so can afford to wait!

    • +1

      To me the AR740S-EXT has the following advantages over the Mango as a travel router:
      1. Better processor and hence better processing of VPN
      2. External Antennae (better signal strength)
      3. Dual band. Using the Mango you will be losing 1/2 your bandwidth because you are repeating source and WLANing on the same band. Using a dual band you can repeat on one channel and WLAN on the other thereby preserving your bandwidth

      1. Bigger (relative)
      2. Heavier (relative)
      3. 5V/2A vs 5V/1A (maybe important if you're running off a powerbank or notebook)

  • Kind of off topic, is there any compact routers (with VPN options like this) that can use a sim card also, either calls and data sims or data only sims, that's around $30 or so?
    I know some routers have this option, but most are expensive & big.

    I have a unused Telstra WiFi MF910Y that's locked to them, cant justify/afford spending too much to unlock it atm.
    Or is my only option is to buy unlocked dongle or device? (making mine unless some what), or wait till they have a cheap long term deal next time (6 months or so)?

    I'm swapping sims often for bulk data allowance, like Moose, Kogan, Amaysim, Aldi, Circles & IINet.


    • +1

      If you've had the device for more than 6 months, it's $27.50 to unlock. It is probably your cheapest option.

      There might be a cheaper 'underground' method to unlocking it.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I got the device from Big W for $35 when they closed down their store.

        Never used/activated the 3GB/30 day sim that came with it, still can thou.
        I'm sure it came with 3Gb when I got it, but on Telstra atm shows as 5Gb included, looks like they increased it?
        Wonder when I activate it will it be 5Gb or 3Gb.

        I'm guessing it needs 6 months of continuous use on any active plan/sim, not just 1 month (1st month) of use?
        Still looking for other ways to do this on the cheap.

        Currently using Moose $9.80/6Gb (for it's locked price for 1 year) and IInet $15/40Gb for the first 6 months.
        I would have gone with more data with Moose, but the current IInet deal beats the next 2 price plans with Moose.

        So far, I'm liking both the Moose app and both of their web sites, beats Circles or Felix.

        • +1

          Pretty sure it's 6 months from purchase - regardless of how many months you actually used it for.

          Depending on your use cases, you could use a Gl.inet mango ($30) and a USB 4G dongle ($20) (E3372 at Officeworks I believe is unlocked and comes with 4gb data as well)

          Total cost is $50, but gives you an unlocked 4G device, and a travel router

          The above scenario only works if you were considering a travel router like the Mango anyway, otherwise unlocking your existing device will be the cheapest option.

          • @The Hobo: Thanks for taking the time to reply.

            I never got around to going in store at Telstra to check, before all these lock downs (Vic).

            I will check out these options.

            I didn't know about the Officeworks E3372, just need to wait till lock down ends.

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