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FIMI X8 Mini 8KM GPS 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera Drone US$351.78 (~A$494.75) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


On sale from Xiaomi backed FIMI is this competitor to the DJI Mini drone lineup. It has a range of 8KM, GPS, 12 MP Sony Camera with 4K HDR video, 3-axis stabilised camera, USB-C fast charging, phone app & control, level 5 wind resistance and more features listed on the product page and videos.

Since this is a small lightweight drone you'll only get 30 minutes of fly time with a standard battery, but in my experience with drones that's more than enough time to get in the air, fly around for a while and capture some stunning footage. Spare batteries on the ground to easily swap out are always good too.

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  • +1

    Generally with these non-dji ones, any auto control (collision avoidance etc) is about as bright as an avocado. Worth checking to figure out what situations this works in.

    They're a fraction of the cost, so it's not a bad thing. Just to be aware, is all.

    • Not sure why would you buy this when a dji mini 2 is not a whole lot more, and much better supported.

      • +1

        Not much more? 50% more for the standard and almost double for the fly more. I do think that's worth it but I wouldn't say "not a whole lot more" counts.

    • +1

      DJI mini also doesn't have collision avoidance……
      or does it and I am wrong?

      • +1

        Mini 2 doesn't

  • collision avoidance is important

    • totally agree

    • Where are you planning on flying that would require it?

    • None of the tiny 250g drones have that feature

      • Zino Mini Pro?

        • I stand corrected, pre-order only at the moment though

          • +1

            @hen dawg: seems to be shipping right now but slow due to chip shortages and other delays. The SE version will be the competitor to the Fimi (without collision avoidance tho??)

    • collision avoidance is overrated imho. Rather than just having it as a checkpoint , need to know the axis it works on. Most are only front CA , doesnt help if you side or back into something

  • except for the first cheap drone i flew in a courtyard, i've never needed collision avoidance.

    I would buy this but only if its even cheaper, fimi used to have one with the screen included which i liked (i find it painful to use the phone).
    I'd even buy a mini 1 as its mostly for buzzing around taking pics or looking at the gutters, other drones seem a bit expensive for that

  • Unproven vs proven..I'd say stick with DJI if buying now ..or wait and see if this one has issues

    • This is hardly new…

  • There's no way in hell this thing can have 8KM range. I doubt it could even get to 2KM before signal drop off.
    My Mavic 2 Zoom has an adcertised range of 8km but in reality it barely get over 2km.

    • +2

      I think you’re wrong,
      If I fly in the suburbs I struggle to get 2km. I once flew my Mavic Mini 5.4km and still had decent signal. I was out in the bush, conditions were ideal. The limiting factor to the range was battery life, I ended up having to crash land 2km away.

      Proof: https://m.imgur.com/a/aja1jPU

      • I had tried multiple time in Jervis Bay, Froster, Wangi Wangi all next to the water and the most I ever got was almost 3km when I was in Snowy Mountains
        Maybe something is wrong with my drone range

        • +1

          VLOS - I defy anyone to have orientation capability at 1 km or more anyway

  • DJI Mini series doesn't have Follow Me function nor it has collision avoidance.

    FIMI X8 Mini atleast has follow me function.

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