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Immunity Booster Tea $18.95, Hemp Protein $17.95, Chai Latte $14.95 + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend) @ Nibbana


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    and more than 600 Products

    any snake oil?

    • Reseller of Pete Evans lamps?

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    Immunity Booster Tea is there any scientific paper to back it up or it's just an assumptions? I'm keen to know TA.

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      I came here to ask this exact question.
      I am also wondering if it helps against Covid and if it is more effective than AZ of Pfizer..


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      It boosts your immunity to criticism of shonky products

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      I'm keen to know TA.

      You can contact him here…

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    The government should send you a bunch of AZ/Pfizer, and then you could rebrand it and sell it as an 'Immunity booster - the one simple trick big pharma doesn't want you to know about'.

    Boom, anti-vaxxers will get vaccinated, covid is quashed and I become a national hero.

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    Hmmm…hemp seeds $16.95/225g. Macro hemp seeds from Woolies $8/200g.

  • Agreed with the above comments. If there is no evidence that can be provided of Immunity benefit of each product, then they will get done by the ACCC.

    OP: Any support for any of the claims on the site?

  • everytime I read this company name, it sounds like my father in law trying to pronounce nirvana.