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Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 or Beoplay H9 3rd Gen $499 + Free Shipping @ Premium Sound


Hi Everyone,

We have a few products that we can offer some of the best pricing ever seen on Bang & Olufsen products

The Beolit 17 is available in Pink & Stone grey and we have plenty of each colour. The have been a favourite of ours for years and reliability has been amazing. Battery life is great and performance is amazing. $850RRP

The H9 3rd Gen are in Black and Argilla Bright. These are active noise cancelling headphones and very comfortable. $840RRP

Enter the coupon in cart to receive the advertised price, This is an exclusive for Ozbargain, There is plenty of stock and we will update site with more stock over the coming days. Stock is Australian stock and supported by full manufacturer warranty

Link for the Beoplay H9 3rd Gen below


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  • Have had the Beolit 17 for a few years and I am in love with the sound it produces, although battery can be a bit weird its generally pretty good.

    • weird how?

      • +1

        So it lasted its rated battery of like 20-24hrs like in the first few weeks of having it but after then it just kept dropping. Always at moderate volumes, now it lasts around 8-10hrs of total playtime. Not bad by any means but just weird since sometimes it feels like it lasts 4-5hrs. Could just be mine?

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          Nope, same for me. I have never had it last anywhere near 24 hours. I pretty much have it plugged in if I can otherwise I can't really turn up the volume.

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    Nice looking Esky.

  • Not able to open the link.

    • looking at this now, odd

      • Searched in Google and can open now, still very slow. Is your website deployed locally?

        • All done from Melbourne, We spoke to the IT guys and looking at it now :)

      • 503
        Service Unavailable

        • I get this too. Working now.

  • Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 & Beoplay H9 3rd Gen $499 + Free Shipping @ Premium Sound

    I thought $499 for both…

    • LOL, I have the same thought at first as well

  • I sold my h9i a couple of months ago. Not sure if the 3rd gen is really better. I am still considering a pair of AirPods max or Bose 700 though.

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    These beolit 17 have good sound and very powerful and deep bass. The only drawback is that anthing over 70% volume only lasts about 2 hours.
    On lower volumes it can last many hours.

    • Don’t forget you can stereo pair 2 of these.

    • yeah same I've got one too and find once you turn the volume up it lasts for bugger all time but very good quality sound but absoulute shit battery life

      • what I used to do is plug in a power bank so it charges as it consumes the internal battery. I could get many extra hours by doing that until it reached 20% where volume reduced.

  • How’s these compare to those Marshall ones?

  • Beolit 17 Grey nearly gone, but we secured another 10 for next week. Thanks for the support!

    • Pink and Grey Beolit back in stock :)

  • When will this promotion be valid until?

    • Until these products sell out :)

      • Thanks

      • Does the speaker have 1 our 2 years warranty?

        • 2 years and thanks for your order!

          • @berger: Thanks :)

            • @Bruno28: Got mine. In 1 day. Not even express posted. I was surprised.
              Good to have one of these again as I had sold my old one.

  • The Beolit 15 is already an amazing wireless bluetooth speaker so my friend will be stoked with this updated model. Thanks Premium Audio.

    Although Pink wouldn't be my first choice I have to say that the colour looks opulent.

  • Expiry removed. Only 10 black & 10 Argilla H9 left and Pink Beolit 17 around 40 left:

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