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DJI OM4 SE $159 Delivered @ D1store


Received an email from D1store about DJI OM4 SE. I was after a standard OM4 but settled with this SE model.

The DJI OM4 SE (Osmo Mobile 4 SE) is designed to help you capture life's extraordinary moments with perfectly framed, smooth and in-focus videos. This foldable smartphone gimbal stabilizer is designed to compliment your smartphone, allowing you to start recording right away without needing to worry about getting the balance 100% right. Enjoy intelligent features such as Gesture Control, ActiveTrack 3.0, Story Mode and Quick Roll. This mobile gimbal is the ultimate solution for sharing your best moments with the world.

Link: https://www.d1store.com.au/products/dji-om4-se

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    Do I need it? No…. Do I want it? Huge yes! whyyy OP whyyyyyy

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    What is the difference between the standard model and this SE?

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      Had a chat with their CS and was told the only different is the SE does not come with a magnetic ring holder.

      • Oh that is an expensive ring holder like $80. The SE model is more worth the value I think

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        thought that magnetic ring holder was the main difference bw their OSMO 3 vs OSMO 4…

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          It still comes with a phone clamp which ring holder is not needed.

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      As per the site (now, they appear to have updated it)

      So what's different compared to the DJI OM4?
      DJI OM 4 SE and DJI OM4 are the same in terms of the gimbals appearance and functions however the DJI OM4 SE does NOT come with the Magnetic Ring Holder. The appearance of the DJI OM4 SE Magnetic Phone Clamp is also slightly different.

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    Slightly better deal

    Comes with
    DJI OM4 SE ($159)
    DJI OM4 SE Portable Protective Carrying Case ($49)
    for $189

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      $30 extra for a carry case - is it needed?

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        Needed? Yes
        Worth it? No

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    I had done shooting every local landmarks around 5km of my house, by the same time last year… so

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    Check compatible smartphone list here from DJI. Can try price beat with OW.

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      they won't price match it, since they're not technically the same item

    • What needs to be compatible? I have a vivo x50 lite which isn't on the list but I don't know why any phone wouldn't work?

  • I did this the other day. $99 for a refurb'd 3. No sign of it being a refurb other than a sticker on the outside of a still sealed box.


  • You can get the accessories for less from AliExpress, if you can wait…

    DJI Online Store

    GUO ASSY Store

    • Are these the exact same quality as the ones sold by their official store?

  • I currently own the DJI Osmo Mobile 1, picked it up for 50 bucks. Are the next few iterations such as this one necessarily that much better?

    • It will be much better, especially the software.
      I had the OM2 and its app was terrible, kind of crippled.

      • I never used the app for my OM, didn't need it. Just needed a stabilizer of some sort.

  • Does it work with S21 Ultra?

    • Compatibility list says nope

  • Thank u OP. Got one for my pixel 5.

  • Does it work with 6680 or 7610?

    • Works well with both of my slippers

  • I'm happy with the pouch. More compact.
    Got mine during Amazon prime sale earlier this year for $165 I guess. Much better than the OM2 which I sold mine for $80 (nearly brand new, only used one and I hated it because it doesn't take 16:9 ratio photos).

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    anyone with a Magsafe iPhone: just get a $20ish adhesive magsafe adapter on Amazon and stick it to this so that you can mount your phone without doing anything to the phone :)

  • I just bought the non SE at full price Sunday. :(

  • Could you use this in zoom meetings, utilising the face tracking?

    • I dont think so. The active tracking is working only when you're using their DJI native app, but this app can't talk to Zoom. As an alternative you can buy a Facebook Portal TV that has Zoom app installed which can do a face tracking.

    • Maybe if you run the native app, and output your phone's screen over HDMI.

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    Am I missing something? Same price on DJI AUS website.

    • I was wondering the same thing.
      Although the DJI Aus website will charge shipping.

      I am wondering if it is the new RRP.

      But already pulled the trigger.