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Panasonic Air Con Wi-Fi Controller for $89 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


The power is in your hands with our new Panasonic Wifi Controller and App. Making sure your home is the perfect temperature for when you arrive has never been easier.This device lets you control your Panasonic air conditioner via voice commands (when paired with Google or Alexa devices), or from anywhere in the world via an app for your smartphone or tablet. Controls via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app include on/off, mode operation, set temperature, room temperature, weekly timer, as the app allows control of multiple air conditioning units in multiple locations.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Anything cheaper or different brands?

    • Broadlink RM Mini

  • Good find, OP.

    I'm running one of these with my Pannie 2.5 split. A bit buggy at times, Google Home says Panasonic Comfort Cloud can't be reached occasionally and has dropped wifi connection a few times, where you have to fully reset it and go through a pretty painful process of getting it connected back to wifi. Other than that, it's okay.

    The advantage with these over a third party IR blaster is, you're getting feedback with the current settings to Comfort Cloud (i.e. 2 way communication) plus energy usage data as well. A blaster can only throw signals at it.

    • I noticed on some Pannie AC these sit behind the plastic cover. Wouldn't this completely negate the IR blaster if its hidden behind the plastic cover? My main reason I'd purchase is to see power usage and remote turn on/off/schedule timers via Google home.

      • It doesn't use IR, hardwired to CN-CNT connector on board.

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    Just get these instead.


    Much cheaper and will allow you to control all Infra-red devices in your room including TVs etc.. I have 5 controlling Split systems all over the house.

    Can be controlled from Google Home or Alexa if you choose. Can be added to Home Assistant if you're inclined to get into proper home automation.

    • That's the plan but I want to know if there are major drawbacks that's inherent in one way IR communication?
      you could obviously turn the AC on or off, but you wouldn't be able to change the mode or set the value of the temperature . you'd have to rely on the previous set temperature, or do increments / decrements.

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        you can, most mordern ac remote send a set of signal to the unit every time, for example on, heat mode, 24 degree and auto fan. So when you press the button reduce temperature to 1 degree, the remote will send on, heat mode, 23 degree, auto fan. So you pretty much don't need to know existing settings, unless you are overly sensitive bettween 23 and 24 degree.

        The only issue with the broadlink blaster is there's no feedback to it can't tell if the signal actually hit the unit or if it's running or not.

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        You can use all the IR Codes to adjust modes, temperature, fan speeds. After a number of years of use I found a couple of well selected profiles (i.e. 24 Deg heating, 24 Deg Econ Heating, 20 Degree Cooling, 20 Degree Econ cooling) works well. I use external aquara temp sensors to control between profiles and aquara door/window sensor on the vane for feedback if system is on or off. This has solved the problem of my kids just turning on the AC without checking the settings. No more 18 Deg cooling on a winter's day.

      • I have ordered similar items.

        These devices run hundreds of infra red appliances from different brands around the house.

        Yes it does have one way transmission so it doesn’t know what the temperature the A/c actually is but you can tell it to increase the temperature by say 2 degrees or set it to 23°C or the TV station to Ch 7. You can't set the volume to of my TV to 15 but you can tell Alexa to increase the volume by 5 (steps) You can set the mode of the A/C to heating or cooling.
        It doesn’t know if the A/C or TV is off or on. It will change the state if it is already on and you then tell Alexa to turn it on it will turn it off. I'm not silly enough to do this though….

        I run the A/C and TV using Alexa and haven't run into too many problems.

        The only frustration I have is that I have a routine that turns on the TV at night and I want it to turn off after 30 minutes. This works well. But if you then decide to turn it off after 10 minutes the routine is still in operation and will turn the tv on again in 20 minutes once the 30 minute timer has lapsed. The A/C also has a routine for turning off after 2 hours but it also runs into the same problem if you decide to manually turn it off before the timer has lapsed.

        • What app does it use?
          All is like is my Panasonic inverter to have a sleep (eg 30min run, when i press)

          • @chinaman: It uses SmartLife to originally connect it. But from there on in I only have used Amazon Alexa to control or write routines.

    • Thanks mate

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    Err…does this work on any panasonic air con?
    In any case, yeah nah i'm not doing this lol


    • I agree yeah nah, will stick with the broadlink

    • If it has a CN-CNT connector on the main board, yes. That's a crap install in that video with the unit hanging down underneath, mine is behind the front filter cover.

  • Currently using a broadlink universal ir controller, might get one to try

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    Looks like newer version available now. Havent used but assume it will be as good if not better.


    And a little cheaper.

  • Thanks bought 1

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  • can't help but notice this is a pure money grab from Panasonic. They could have incorporated this into their housing unit. So messy looking from the youtube installation video

  • I have a Fujitsu ducted split system which has hard-wired controller is there anyway I can make it smart?

  • +2

    Have previously had the broadlink think that got buggy at times, and you never knew if it had worked or not (if turning on/off remotely, you wouldn't rely on it for timers etc).

    Pana works all the time. Sometimes google says it didn't work, but it did anyway. You also get feedback from the unit and can see current status, so you know exactly what it's doing.

    Unlike the vid being circulated it does install wholly inside the unit (it is a little tight, but it goes). Does require removing external cover but it was a good opportunity to give it all a good clean anyway.