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Facebook Portal Mini White 8" $79 Delivered @ Facebook


I know that many of you are going to say “no way I’ll let Facebook spy on me”. But hey at $79 with Alexa built in, or if you really want to try it it’s the cheapest it’s ever been for the portal mini.

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  • Good deal. Just don't like 8 inch screen

  • what is the actual point of this?

    • +16

      To let Facebook spy more on you

      • Also for that 😂

      • Why else would it be called Portal…..gives F*kBook a gateway into your home and life-

        "Be the story" as it says halfway down the product webpage.

    • It works similar to Alexa also plays Spotify. Video calling. Just a smart device

      • Can't find anything on their site about Spotify.

        tbh a lil free standing touch screen device I can (profanity) around on Facebook with and has Spotify out the box? Like yeah I'd give that a whack for $79. Worst case it says you got 30 days to return it for free if you don't like it.

        No idea what Alexa does and I don't have an Amazon account, what makes it worth having for me? Is it like Okay Google / Siri where it's basically just a voice activated Ask Jeeves?

      • So u get both amazon and Facebook spying on you. Double the efficiency!

    • It’s like a Google hub, but FB

  • Can it be used as external screen for computer?

    • +1

      Apparently only first generation could

  • Can it be used to playback google photos?

    • Not sure, I think you might need to upload to portal first somehow.

      • Yeah I think from reading it only plays album from Facebook, insta or upload to device.
        I would buy a few as photo frames as the decice looks really nice if it could play google photos. Too bad it doesnt.

    • no, instagram feed photos only

  • Honestly portal tv seems like a nifty and fairly unique device, and at $129 probably the better deal here considering you can get a nest hub 2nd gen for not much more than this portal mini deal

    • Nest hub lacks the camera, if that's important to you

  • 'but but google and Amazon also spy on you so that argument is moot'

    Facebook has done more to absolutely (profanity) society than the other two combined.

    Yeah, no thanks.

  • +2

    OP you should update the post to cover the wider Portal sale.

    A bunch of my family and I got Portal TVs a few months ago when they were last on special for $129 delivered and they're great, really makes it feels like your all sitting around the same room just having a chat.

    Really great for Zoom calls too, not just Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

    We just pull the plug on it when not using it.

    • Hi,
      Can i use it for streaming services other than Netflix (e g Binge, Stan)?

      • I'll have to have to take a look in the Portal app store but I think they were there. There was Plex and Spotify for sure.

      • no, list of apps is limited.

      • Thanks @Mitch889 @blackpizza. So can this one wake the TV up when there's an incoming call? (My Chromecast can wake my TV up when I started casting)

    • Thanks, remind me of the good old Skype TV day. Used to love Skype TV.
      I just bought 2 to try it with my family back home.

  • +1

    I have the portal tv and this portal mini. i bought them mainly for video calling and displaying facebook photos- so getting alexa, spotify, arlo connection is already is a plus for me. the portal mini after 3 weeks is showing vertical lines, i contacted facebook thru chat and it was a painful experience,feels like being interrogated whereas with amazon devices you just tell them its fault and voila you will receive a return label.

  • +1

    This is very much a non-essential item. It’s a nice desktop digital frame, but a fb update a month ago has since overlaid your photo with a google hub style clock/weather feature which I didn’t want. It’s very impressive for digital calls. I mainly use it for whatsapp calls to family. The low light, and selfie camera tracking is amazing as it zooms in and out if there are more than one person on your end. Webex and Zoom calls are fine but useless if someone is sharing their screen as it’s too small, and you have to pair bluetooth headphones to it (no mic/headphone jack).

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