Stock pickers for warehouse, any recommendations/advice?

thought I might try the ozb crowd as I have no experience with stock pickers and need one for our warehouse.

looking to go up to 5.5m in height with narrow-ish aisles (~1.5m) could go a bit wider (will be installing colby racking), our boxes are typically < 20kg and average 4kg per piece.

there's Toyota, United, Hyster, Raymond but don't know how they fair for maintenance or things to look for, esp. in the second hand market.

anyone got any tips/advice?



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    Only experience with Toyota, far from an expert but after sales service was always extremely quick. We always got same or next day repairs. Typically repairs were caused by user error.. I never actually used the order pickers just organised the repair side through facilities

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    When I was in facilities management I used to aim for Toyota for tugs, forklifts, etc. Mainly because they were easy to deal with and the users didn't complain after I purchased.

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    This is OzBargain, pretty sure most people will say Toyota regardless of experience with the product…

    • ha ha, yeah, hi ace this, hi ace that, IMO, iload all the way! Hyundai also make stock pickers now under the Titan brand…

  • Aldi has a petrol dumper dumper. I wont be surprised if one day they might have a picker for sale.

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    I know a couple of unemployed students that can help out … might be cheaper than buying the machine. They're excellent climbers.

    • until they fall off the 5m shelf and workcover comes knocking!

  • i thought all the way to the last sentence you were looking for an employee, this would have been great for an out of work president.

    • come over donald, we've definitely got something in mind for you!