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Telstra 12 Month Pre-Paid SIM: $300 200GB - $234 , Boost Mobile $200 100GB - $156, $300 240GB - $234 @ Simonline


$300 Sim expries 2022 Nov
activate before 27 Sep 2021 and got 50GB bonus data (Totally 200Gb data)

$200 SIM for 156$ only expires 2022 Oct (100Gb data)

$300 SIM for 234$ only expries 2022 Aug (240 Gb data)

We also have Vodafone:
$250 SIM for 195$ only no expires 150Gb data

Use SAVE22 when check out

12 month to use after activation.

If you have any questions, please let me know or contact us via [email protected]

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    $200 SIM expires 2022 Oct (240Gb data)
    $300 Sim expries 2022 Aug (100 Gb data)

    Swap those ones around, I was getting excited!

    • Thanks, corrected it

  • I think you have the data the other way around for boost. Good deal!

  • Any reason I should go with Boost instead of Woolworths Mobile?

    Woolworths Mobile $150 for 100GB
    Boost $156 for 100GB

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      Boost is the full Telstra 4G network. WW mobile uses the Telstra wholesale network like all other Telstra MVNOs

    • +2

      Woolworths doesn't provide access to the full Telstra network

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      As what Telstra told us, the difference are:

      1. boost don't or have limited access to 4GX.

      2. Boost do not use VoLTE for international calls.

      • Does Telstra use VoLTE for international calls?

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          Using a boost SIM card and volte/wifi calls works for overseas call.
          Calling Europe everyday via volte/vowifi.

    • +3

      Wifi Calling + International Calls if that is something you need

      • +1

        Boost does VOLTE and VOWIFI.
        When calling overseas(Korea), there was vowifi sign.

    • For us, 3G is trash so I had to move from Woolworths to Boost for VoLTE and VoWifi.

  • Will Telstra give access to 5G?

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      No, Telstra prepaid does not offer 5G for prepaid this moment. Used to be, but they removed it and introduce a 60$ plan that include 5G

      • I am using this plan currently and I am getting 5G

        • Until your plan expires I believe. Then no more 5G.

          • +3

            @slankets: Damn didn't know this. Will need to figure out what to move to next.

            I want full Telstra 5G, without having to cycle plans every 12 months/get Hb hifi gift cards etc, but also don't want to pay huge amounts per month. Asking too much?

            • @mith: Maybe later in year or next year more options.

  • Whats the difference between the telstra and boost?

    on Telstra do you get the telstra rewards like cheap movie tickets etc that post paid plans do ?

    if not why not just use Boost as it's the same 4G network and the prepaid telstra sims dont have 5G ?

    • No, Boost never claims it use the same telstra network.

      It's only say boost use the retail network of telstra (which is what the telstra use as well).

      It do share some backend system as well. however, not all.

      Boost is boost, telstra is telstra. There's difference, such as 4GX which have better speed and VoLTE which have better call quality.

      If you not care about that little difference, then go on the boost 300$ sim and got that extra 40gb data or the $200 sim and save if you don't need that much data.

      • +5

        From what I've seen multiple times on Whirlpool discussions and in their FAQs, Boost has access to the same network and speeds as Telstra prepaid. So it does have 4GX. My phone on Boost does connect to the 700Mhz (band 28) which is, I understand, what is branded as 4GX. My phone definitely gives me the option to use VoLTE.


        • +3

          Boost do have access to Band 28. However, it does not mean access to 4GX. band 28 supported both 4G and 4gx.
          VoLTE over national call yes, VolTE over international call, NO.

          • +2

            @simonline: Volte/wifi works for international calls with boost.
            Using a boost SIM card for over two years - never goes back to 3G for calls.

          • @simonline:

            it does not mean access to 4GX

            What then do you mean by 4GX?

            • @Amaris: Telstra claims it's a new tech that can help more penetration in metropolitan areas thus got better speed and low response time.

            • +3

              @Amaris: Although I do not work for Telstra or any other telco, I will back the OP on this through my many years of sim

              hopping and swapping experience. I am a heavy mobile data user both on phone and portable wifi.

              I use all three telcos as well as many re-sellers and have personally experienced slower data and less reception

              with Boost as well as others compared to Telstra Sometimes in Some places at certain times and Weather

              conditions. I have tested this using two identical devices in same place at the same time. Sometimes same,

              sometimes Boost will be slower/weaker signal than Telstra. As I live semi regional and travel often I can test in

              various areas, and understand that Telstra used to have better service for Next G ( when it was 3G ) utilising more

              of the rural 850mHz towers, and imagine they now also do the same with the B28 700mHz towers too. I also

              spoke to a experienced Telstra Technician who told me that Telstra even has sepperate quality/priority tiers for

              business plans>contracts>prepaid>Boost Mobile>Aldi>etc etc

  • Can you use this to recharge your current Telstra Pre-paid mobile?

    • +4

      No, it can't as it is a sim card. you may transfer to another network say vodafone and use a few days and transfer back to telstra/boost.

      • thanks for confirming.

  • U can and yes I have done it. Give them a call or online chat will sort it.

  • You might can, depends on your luck. Telstra online chat

  • +1

    Can Telstra prepaid sim be changed to e-sim?

    • +1

      You need to wait. it was be able to before July 10, but now it can't.

      Online chat may confused themselves, but the actual answer is no, currently you have no way to use esim till telstra update their console telstra prepaid plans which might took a few months.

      Vodafone prepaid do have.

      • Thank you.

      • Thanks for the info, shame they can’t anymore, hope they fix this asap

  • Does Telstra prepaid have something like Telstra One where I can add the same number to my watch’s esim?

    • as well as I know, only postpaid plans this moment. not prepaids.

  • Says FREE Shipping then checkout places $2 shipping?

    • No, you can choose free shipping (which charges 0$ ) or express shipping (post office express delivery) for 2$ extra.

      • Thanks OK purchased but maybe explain that in details above or default to FREE then $2 extra for express:)

  • +11

    This Simon guy is very helpful

    • +3

      "Sim-Online" :)

    • +1

      That's what I thought his name! Simon….

      • Simon likes doing lines maybe lol.

  • My current plan with another provider (Lebara) runs out today. If I order a Boost sim, will I be able to port over my number in a few days once I receive the sim in the mail? Really dont want to lose my number

    • +1

      thought it was Rikki?

    • +1

      Check with Lebara. My plan expired on 21 Aug and on 22 Lebara customer care told me that my number will be cancelled tonight if I dont recharge. My boost port took 7 days due to some issue on telstra side so I had to recharge with Lebara to keep my number.

  • my boost pre-paid is coming to an end soon. so will i need to port out of telstra and then back in?

  • Wish I can PB with ow for Telstra prepaid sim

  • Thanks guys. Just got two boost 200 sims.

    I am currently with telstra prepaid for one of the numbers. Will I need to port out to a different network before I can get in to boost?

    • Should've read it carefully. Says telstra customers may have to exit and port back.

      The thing was getting ozbargained so fast. Never mind. Will make it work.

      • +1

        Give them a call or online chat will sort it out. Done it before.

        • Thanks mate. Thats a relief.

    • Does that mean if you are currently with some other random provider that uses the telstra network - hypothetically, you're using Ikea Mobile which utilises the telstra network - you still have to port out to a non-telstra provider and back in? Or is it just existing Boost customers that need to do this?

      • I don't really know mate. I'm just going by what's written in the link

        This starter kit is for new customers only. If you are an existing customer of a telstra customer, you may consider porting to other network and then porting back.

        I plan to call boost customer support when I gets the packs delivered.

      • +3

        No, only telstra or boost.

        other MVNO are not considered and not need to provider to other provider as they are not using telstra retail network.

        • +1

          Thanks, just what I needed to know.

  • What happens if you recharge with Telstra using this? Does it just stack on top of your existing? My current sim doesn’t expire until Jan 2022.

    • +1

      You cannot recharge, these are starter kits. Active New number or port in customers only.

      • Let's assume I manage to convince the live chat to do it for me, what happens?

        • Starts day it will activate.

  • Let me know when you have 500gig, or 1000, until then Telstra air unbeatable bargain.

  • OOS Telstra plans :(

  • "120GB bonus data if activated before 5/7/2021" - so, no bonus data then?

    • Plan inclusion may change after that date. Kit value remains same but you will get whatever included in new changes afterwards.

  • https://www.amaysim.com.au/mobile/cart/long-expiry-120gb?pro...

    $150 for 120gb at Amaysim also on Optus 4g network.

  • I want a few Telstra Gb for small change…

    Used to use a $50 for 5 Gb (yes, only five) on Telstra with 12 month expiry in my iPad just to cover me on very occasional trips to Telstra-only areas..

    But this is no longer available.

    • I do similar when I can. Jumped on the Telstra Xsm 5GB per month ( unlimited at max 1.5 bits speed )

      for $5 per month for 12 months which was sweet, but ended now. Either a X small Telstra plan for $15 pm or

      Aldi do 30GB for $95, but both more $.

  • anyone else get boost drop outs going into Perth train station from Joondalup line, using Pixel 5?

  • If you are not planning to port to Boost ASAP, just be aware that Boost may change the bonus data any time. Yes, it’s correct that the $300 and $200 packs will remain at that value, but you will be at the mercy of any inclusions/exclusion changes applicable to the packs (at the time of porting).

    For my circumstances, I have 3 sims expiring late next month on the Amaysim 6mth $75 plans, then will port to Kogan 3mth $14.90 plans…this takes me to late 2021…and hopefully, there’s another round of Boost deals (with bonus data). Too risky for me to even contemplate buying 3 x $200 Boost packs now.

  • I have a disconnected (possibly by a week or two) Telstra service, if I get the telstra sim can i use that to reactive my current number?

  • +1

    I'm currently with Boost, and I just wish that they had esim capabilities, but other than that no real complaints

  • Any chance of restocking the Telstra sim? Thanks

    • +6

      If we got some stock tomorrow, will add tomorrow, or it will be monday.

      • +1

        Thanks, am interested also

      • +1

        cheers me three

  • I am interested in Boost 200 sim. Any chance that will be in stock soon?

    • I'm also interested in Boost 200 sim

  • boost 300 and 200 sold out?

  • Whats a good plan with Telstra coverage that I can get an additional sim for iWatch?

  • Does Telstra prepaid provide 5G yet?

  • All Telstra and Boost out of stock

  • Has anyone received an order confirmation or shipping details on this one yet?

    • +1

      we belive we shipped all the orders.

      please msg me your order number if you haven't get your tracking number in your email.

      Please also check your junk mail.

  • Looks like Telstra $300 sim is back. I just bought one. Only 4 stock left.

    • i just bought 2 only 1 left in stock …

  • If I'm with Belong currently - do I need to port out to someone in between (eg. Kogan)

    No issue if I do - I just dont want hassle with porting into Telstra.


    • No, no need to. belong can port to telstra or boost directly.

      Please be aware of belong is a postpaid service, you need to input your account number when port out.

      the account number can be found on any of your invoice, you can login belong to find it if you don't receive it in your email.

      • Legend. Thanks for the heads up! Will go direct to Telstra once the Sims show up!

      • Hi OP I order 2 simcard and also paid for express shipping last week. but I am still waiting for my order.

        • What's your order number?
          I belive we all shipped out and sent the tracking number (Automaticly).
          please check your email for the tracking number and check on Australia post.

  • Can boost customers get the credit applied to their current account? Or will we need to port out and then back in again?

  • +1

    Moved 3 mobiles away from Optus postpaid to 2 x $200 & 1 x $300.
    Works out cheaper and Telstra network is superior to Optus (who oversell and make excuses) in my area.
    Excellent service and delivery speed.

    • Thanks for the order, glad you enjoy it.

  • Such great deal!

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