Worth Buying a PS5 Yet?

I think I asked this question a few months ago and most people agreed it wasn't really worth the hassle and investment given the limited run of games. Has anything changed?

Stock availability is much better now. I've found multiple websites selling or offering them in stock for regular price. But the only game I want to play on there is Demon Souls. Everything else would be my existing Ps4 games which I can already play anyway (and still have a massive backlog to get through).

Is there any inherent benefit to playing older gen games on the PS5? Is the controller better? Better loading times etc?


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    Better loading times etc?

    I love how this is a potential benefit to make it worthwhile a complete system upgrade LOL

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      Pro tip: Upgrading the PS4 internal drive to an SSD makes a world of difference to load times. It's really easy too.
      There's a bit of bottleneck with the original PS4 and PS4 slim with the SATA II connector but it's still worthwhile imo.
      Definitely worth it in the Pro which has the faster SATA III interface.
      You could use an external SSD which would still significantly reduce load times but replacing the internal drive makes the whole system feel faster

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      This was the biggest selling point for me getting a PS5. I don't own any PS5 games, have been working through my backlog of PS4 games.

      For someone who has very minimal time to game nowadays, playing a game like AC Odyssey or Horizon Zero Dawn which usually had load times in the minutes on PS4 is now seconds on the PS5. Same for getting back into a game. I turn the PS5 on and in 10 seconds I'm back into the game exactly where I left off. I've got my first platinum trophies on PS5 as I can actually fast travel around collecting things and not be stuck on permanent loading screens.

      So when I have an hour to play, I play for 58 minutes on PS5, instead of 40 minutes on PS4. To me, that was definitely worth the price.

    • Until I played Ghost of Tsushima I would have scoffed. But the instantaneous fast travel is amazing.

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    Worth Buying a Ps5 Yet?

    Always has been worth it
    🌍👨🏻‍🚀 🔫👨🏽‍🚀

  • The way I looked at it was that there was / is going to be a long time before the console RRP reduces or better bundles are offered etc. So if you can get the benefits of it now and also get the updates and games as they come out then why not.

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    It's worth buying if you can get one. Which website has it for retail for more than 20 seconds? lol

  • Many games have PS5 updates with better graphics and enhanved haptics from the DualSense. Load times are better pretty much across the board. I also think Astro's Playroom and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are both great games.

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    If you have a PS4 there is zero reason to hold on to it and not upgrade. Sell it whilst people still want it and move to a PS5.

    • Assuming you can get a PS5 at RRP. If you have to pay scalpers prices then any depreciation on the PS4 will be much less the price markup

      • I would be selling my PS4 anyway and then try my best to secure a PS5.

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          Better to secure the PS5 than sell unless you don't mind being without a console for potentially months

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            @FireRunner: Or just trade-in at EBGames. I got 40% off PS5 by trading in PS4 Pro.

            OP: Yes, it's worth it. Not only runs PS4 games better but there's over 100 PS5 titles now with upgrades throughout. The DualSense alone is a huge game changer.

  • It's definitely worth it.

    Buy it, and sell the PS4 to make the PS5 a bit cheaper. Games from PS4 era work a lot better on it, and while there's not too many PS5 games the ones that are there are really good/very worthwhile playing.

    If you have the money then it's a no brainer.

  • With Battlefield 2042 releasing soon and many more games. The answer is yes.

  • What sites are you finding them available for sale?

  • It's worth it now since most current games are coming out with a PS5 update.

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    I bought one for the sole purpose of playing PS4 games I've missed out on.

    The PS+ collection is a great start and I haven't been disappointed (except with Bloodbourne which is capped at 30fps and looks horrible).
    I'll likely won't be buying many PS5 games since they are $100~ a pop.

    But as plmko said, you may as well sell your PS4 since the second hand market still has them going for $200 min for the console alone. Just need to join the party of trying to get one. I advise following the twitter accounts or join their discord for app alerts.

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    I feel this needs a 'Always has been' astronaut meme, though the second reply already beat me.

    Don't regret picking ASAP if for nothing else just to get PS4Pro replacement that doesn't have jet-engine noise overheating fan problems.. but yeah obviously the last gen upgrades are a huge selling point too :)

    I actually held off and purposely ignored things like Spiderman or Tsushima until getting the PS5; getting into things like these, Days Gone, God of War, TLoU2, Until Dawn, and everything inbetween at 60fps is a godsend and worth it for me (I mean hell those of us who dropped $1300 on a 3080 are pretty serious about our framerate, so half the price for this console is nothing I can complain about and a good deal by comparison)

    Loading and fast travel times are much welcomed and I quite enjoy the feel and hefty weight of the controller.

    I guess it's true that not alot has actually come out yet but honestly I'm still dozens behind on my backlog across all platforms that it hasn't personally affected me or have had a chance to catch up yet anyway.

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    I got one from the last deal a few months ago, still haven't opened it. There's nothing good to play

  • Fast load times, 60fps with better textures for some PS4 games. It is worth it.

  • my thought is if there are system specific games you are jonesing to buy, jump on board; I'll get one at some point probably when there is a big system exclusive like the next god of war; until then ps4 is pretty serviceable for my needs.

  • Some perks (faster loading times and less noise depending on how dirty and old your ps4 pro is) and some games are improved. Is it worth the $750? For me, nah. I'm not interested in any of the new games and they're too expensive now anyways but if you are then yeah I guess it's worth it. I never really had any complaints with the ps4 pro load times anyways. If you plan on getting one in the future though then I don't see why not, they're not going down in price any time soon and it'll last you for the next 5-6 years to come.

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    I got my PS4 around this point in its lifetime at 20% off RRP. With all the shortages and no chance of it being marked down anytime soon, I might just wait for the mid-cycle Slim or Pro refresh before getting at PS5 at this point.

  • Is it just me, or did Xbox blindside PlayStation by releasing more exclusives this year with many more in the pipeline. Plus there is game pass and now xcloud on console so you can get straight into a game without downloading or joining a friend in a party without downloading, they are pushing hard.

    Hope PS makes a recovery, competition is great for everyone!

  • Here's an example - Ghost of Tsushima was praised for its design and load times on the ps4 pro, and it was really great.
    I upgraded to the ps5 version with the expansion and fast travelling takes 2-3 seconds, the time it takes for the screen to fade to black and back again. I actually feel like it could be instant, but it needs the transition time.

    100% worth it if you're going to upgrade your ps4 games to the ps5 versions.

  • For me the PS5 has been incredible because i skipped the entirety of the PS4 generation. Now i can play the best of PS4 whilst waiting for more PS5 exclusives and proper next gen games to roll out. For someone with a PS4 I’d suggest you wait a bit more for an exclusive game you couldn’t play otherwise.

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    In a small way, it might be better to get an early model PS5 if you can: here's a new model which is on sale in Australia - the teardown shows a significantly smaller heatsink assembly.


    • Yep, not enthused by this at all, and all the more reason to wait for a major refresh that hopefully that hopefully doesn't get as hot to begin with.

      • There's no real world difference. The PS5 APU does not thermal throttle like a computer does, so you have exactly the same performance. A 2-3 degree difference at exhaust is within margin of error and incorrect way to measure it. At worst and peak loads, fan might spin up a bit more. That's it.

        Austin is a clickbait artist. Unfortunately it works.

    • Yeah I agree, in real world it probably makes no real difference - Sony aren't idiots, I'm sure they wouldn't handicap performance in a significant way on purpose - but it's still something worth knowing about if you're in the market to buy one right now. If it were me, I'd try and track down a "launch" model. My post was purely for informational purposes.

  • Stock availability is much better now.

    Theres a store in Tamworth with over 50 units ready to go..

    They did have a few xboxs too but gone now.

  • Always depends on what games you are interested in playing on PS5. Yes personally for instantly fast loading & unlocked 60FPS. I'm playing Genshin Impact & Fortnite on PS5 daily. A lot way faster loading than PS4 version that's saving my time in the long run.

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