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Cascade Mesh Chair $249 + Free Shipping @ Epic Office Furniture


The Cascade Mesh Chair is back!

For a limited time we're offering free shipping Australia-wide on the Cascade at $249 with the code shipcascadefree.
This deal is available for the first 150 orders only.

With the cost of international freight still through the roof, we hope you appreciate that this is the best we can offer at the present time. We're glad to be able to offer the OzBargain community an exclusive deal on our most popular chair!

Cascade Mesh Chair Features
High density foam seat
Powerful Synchro Mechanism
Breathable black mesh backing
Combined back/seat tilt control
Tension control
Adjustable lumbar support
Back dimensions: height: 550mm, width: 500mm
Seat dimensions: width: 500mm, depth: 490mm
Height Range: 430-490mm
Adjustable armrests
Gas height adjustable
120kg weight rating
Suitable for 8+ hours a day sitting time
10 year warranty

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    Bought at $199: Seat cushioning is decent for the price; however, the lumbar support isn't great. The adjustable lumbar support is a piece of plastic that slides up and down on the exterior of the mesh against your L1-5's depending on the position. You'll likely need one of these back lungs for a more comfortable day if you have any back issues.

    • +2

      I ended up breaking the plastic lumbar support off my chair as it was causing me a lot of pain. The seat on this is quite deep too (front to back), so those back lungs might be helpful for sitting forward a bit and still being supported.

      • agree. i feel the lumbar support was installed/designed up side down. very discomfort able as the bottom edge sticks out.

    • Agreed. I snapped mine.

    • Thank guys, I just smashed it.

  • This or the IKEA Jarvfjallet? I'm about 176cm and tossing up between these two especially because they're the same price (when you add the arms for the IKEA chair)

    • IKEA ones, the Markus and Jarv both have great reviews and I’m told is a safe bet. Just my opinion.

    • Check out the Ikea Markus, its really good, (I have had mine for about 2 months) and love it, sitting on it for 8 hours WFH and no problems.

      I was contemplating the Jarvfjallet but saw a few neg reviews about it, put me off, particularly the adjustable cushion not staying in place.


      also mentions the seat is much harder compared to Markus

  • Any views, how this would compare to BlitzWolf BW-HOC5 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/638260

    • +1

      Can't comment on the Cascade chair, but I've used the Blitzwolf for a few weeks now and I'm actually really pleased with it.

      I'm 6'2" and about 115kg - it's the ideal size for me. Feels very solid. The best part in my opinion is the seat cushion, lots of padding. Might be sweating like Mel Gibson at a Bar Mitzvah come summer though.

  • +1

    Any idea how this compares to Buro Metro https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/buro-metro...

    • From past deal discussions I think the buro had the upper hand but might be slightly more expensive (at wink)

  • Seat is comfy but too deep (front to back) - if you're short (I'm 1.7m) you may find your feet barely touching the floor

    • That's weird, I'm 1.7 as well have no problem at all

      • I'm not sure if Swarlee's dropped in the fact they are 1.7 as comparative reference or as an example of a 'short' height. At any rate I don't consider 1.7 to be short. My wife is ~1.65 and finds this chair comfortable.

        • I have the chair at the highest due to the height of my table. If I try to sit the 'proper' way, so all the way where my back touches the seat then my toes only touch the floor. Maybe my legs are short lol

  • +2

    Had this chair for about a year since the last deal - great chair, very comfy. No issues here.

  • was $199 + shipping
    now $249 with shipping…

    • +1

      Yep, it's a pretty similar deal to last time! If you're metro it's a bit more expensive, but for semi-metro and regional customers this works out to be a better offer. We just wanted to change it up and offer the same deal to everyone this time.

  • I need a new chair don't want to spend more than $200-$250 I'm 135KG so need something to hold my fat ass. I had the $96 PU leather office chair from officeworks I'm using it but the PU is peeling. I might go mesh next

  • The convincing thing for this chair and worth spending $50 more is that it has 10 years warranty. Otherwise, after reading the reviews of some other chairs, people are overall happy with their purchase.

  • Ordered a second. First going strong since last deal. No complaints.

  • Still waiting for another deal on the Magnum (for the kids).

    • G'day! Unfortunately the Magnum has been discontinued.

      • Anything similar in that price bracket?

        • Most similar are the Sail and the Vesta, though the Magnum was a bit more solid than the Vesta despite the price similarity, to be honest.

  • Hi OP are you able to do any deals on the Ergo Office Chair? https://epicofficefurniture.com.au/product/ergo-office-chair...

    • Yeah righto schm2! I can offer a $20 discount code until the end of September! Use 'ozergo20'

      • Awesome, thanks!

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