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20% off Clearance Items - Men's Uber Light Down Jacket $76 + $10 Delivery (Free with $100 Spend) @ Macpac


Macpac Men's Uber Light Down Jacket. Several different colours and sizes available. Many other bargains to be found. Free postage if you spend over $100.

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    I have never seen an Uber driver wearing this!

    • That's because they get fired for scaring their customers.

      • I think it's the weird purply grey hair that scares 'em

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    Your link is for olive night. This is the link for all colors with the same price:


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      Updated, cheers

  • Do they carry normal size? Or they are under or over.

    • also curious, as the Halo jacket is known for running small in men's sizes

      • Also agree with other comment - runs big not small - but it's sized for layering so it assumes you might have a underlayer and a fleece on say underneath so it runs big if you don't

        • woops I meant to say 'running large', my Halo is a S whereas I would usually wear M or L

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      I have the Halo Down Jacket. You need one size down.

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      My Halo is S, but my Uber is a bit tight with S, so I am getting M this time

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        Hey mate, how does the Uber compare to the Halo in terms of warmth, bulk and breathability?

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          Halo is heaps warmer. I'll give you some info on how you can compare.

          Uber is 650 fill power, Halo is 600 fill power. See: https://www.rei.com/blog/snowsports/what-is-down-fill-power

          Uber has 73g fill weight, while Halo has 205g fill weight, which is over 2.5x more. That more than makes up for the measly 600vs650 difference (Uber would need 103g of 1200 fill power - which doesnt exist - to match the warmth of the 205g 600 fill power Halo).

          Then you check out the baffle sizes - the horizontal sewn pockets holding the insulation. The Halo is way wider, which allows the pocket to puff up more and provide more insulation space next to your body.

    • Slightly over but perhaps not to the degree of the halo. Lightweight and thin. Good for wearing around the office and work as it is not too bulky. Mobile jacket.

  • I have the hooded Halo, runs big yep.

    Can anyone comment how this Uber is compared to the Halo?

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    Wouldn't buy duck down jackets after knowing how they made by killing and live plucking
    70% of supply comes from China

    Will prefer synthetic insulated materials e.g. primaloft go for North face instead

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      Or buy from Patagonia, where their down is sourced more sustainably and with far greater transparency.

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      This one is RDS. No outdoor gear store worth their salt who wants to make sales to outdoorsy people DOESN'T use the RDS.

      The down is certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) for the humane treatment of animals, because we’re passionate about supporting animal welfare.


      The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) aims to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm.


      No live-plucking or force-feeding


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        We all know how RDS Certification works read PETA
        Regardless it's RDS why to buy this product when there are synthetic alternatives available..stop consumption it will automatically stop production

        • Synthetic alternatives make me sweat more and are harder to deodorize.

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          Down has big benefits in warmth to weight ratio. It also lasts a hell of a lot longer than synthetic.

          If the down/feathers wasn't collected as a byproduct it would be a waste.

  • I got a Macpac jacket a few months ago and I'm pretty happy with it but…

    There is always a few pieces of down coming out of it. Is this normal? Kind of annoying because it wasn't a cheap jacket.

    • I get that too. Macpac quality for me has been meh.

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      yeah that's pretty normal haha

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      It is normal for all down pieces.

      Some higher-quality items will have less feathers and more down. Feathers are more spiky (the stem?) and so greater chance of poking through.

      If you get any down coming out, pull it back in from the inside, and then massage the material shell to close the microscopic hole back up.

      If you pull it out you're just losing expensive material, losing insulation, and making the hole bigger.

  • The uniform of oz bargainers. Got one last year. It’s been great.

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    For anyone wanting this for very cold conditions - it is very light and doesn't contain much insulation. It's made to be layered. If you're wanting to stand around in single digit Celsius weather with just a tshirt and this jacket, you will be cold.

    • Get another 2 sizes bigger to double up. Works well.

    • Yeah it’s one of their lightest jackets. I’d describe this as a good “autumn weight”. Good for when it’s a bit chilly, but if it’s proper cold and windy you need something heavier.

  • Anyone know if this is in store too?

  • I reported as expired by accident and I can't find how to remove a report. Sorry.

    I got one, thanks OP. I had one 5 years ago but gave it to my grandmother and low key regretted it ever since as the one I traded with her for it wasn't that fantastic. She still wears it all the time so at least it's got a lot of good use.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed some well priced Patagonia gear

  • Well we get summer soon. Better get some t shirts mates!

  • The Sherpa hoodies are great for working from home!

  • Can anyone confirm if these smell when they get wet in the rain ??????

  • If only Patagonia didn't have obnoxious branding plastered on most of their items.

  • buy the 800 down and dont look back, i have three on rotate over the years
    wash sparingly with tennis balls :D

  • I think this has expired now sadly