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Nikon Nikkor Z 24-70 F/2.8 S Lens $1999 (Sold Out) & Other Z Lenses on Sale @ Amazon AU and JB Hi-Fi


This may be the lowest price for a Z 2470 f2.8 ever in Australia; this should be the lowest price at the moment (please tell me I AM WRONG!)

Apparently Amazon is matching JB hifi…BUT Amazon is selling the lower-end F4 version at $828.77 which is cheaper than JB @ $1199.

Z 24-70 f2.8 @ JB for $1999: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/nikon-nikkor-z-24-70mm-f-...

Z 24-70mm f4 S Lens @ Amazon for $828.77 : https://www.amazon.com.au/Nikon-20072-NIKKOR-24-70MM-Black/d...

Z 70-200mm F/2.8 @ Amazon $3,169.00 (cheaper than JB's $3399): https://www.amazon.com.au/Nikon-NIKKOR-Mount-70-200mm-JMA709...

I have already placed an order with Amazon and the predicted delivery date is 30/8 (wow! it takes them more than one week to deliver a carton of Coke zero…)

JB's giftcard can be purchased with 5% off and Amazon's only 3% off, although JB charges a tiny amount of money for postage if c&c is not available.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • These are for Nikon’s mirrorless cameras only, yeah?

  • Those are freaking amazing prices. Looks even cheaper than DigiDirect (who tend to be the cheapest in Australia).

    I'd be worried they're grey imports being from Amazon. Not sure if Nikon have updated their lens warranty to exclude grey imports. But for bodies there imports are definitely not covered.

    Check with Amazon and probably Nikon before dropping a few grand on a lens because in that instance the warranty is worth a few hundred dollars.

    For context Digi have the 70-200 for $3219.80, 24-70 f2.8 for $2965.65, and the 24-70 f4 for $1433.95.

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      They're not grey imports. Amazon AU are Nikon authorised. Worth noting the price on the 70-200 is actually worse than it was a month or two ago and the 24-70 f/4 price is not particularly special I don't think (it has been going down in price for a while now), but the 24-70 f/2.8 price is fantastic.

      • While Amazon Au are authorised, I'd be confirming with Nikon, because they'll go by the serial number of the lens, and Amazon are big enough to pull bullshit like selling grey imports along with local stuff.
        Feels a little too good to be true. But they're pretty good prices.

        I'm wanting to move to mirrorless, sadly my best friend already has the 24-70 f4. It's a steal at $1500!, having used the 24-70 f2.8 also unless you REALLY need the extra f-stop the f4 is the better deal even at these prices, just as sharp, lighter, smaller and cheaper.

        I'd tend to shoot primes for the wider angles, so if I wanted the 24-70 f4 I'd borrow her's, otherwise I'd be tempted. Give me a $2500-2750 70-200 and I'd be on this in a heart beat

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          Amazon will likely also back their product for the warranty period I would have thought.

          • @lukethefish: Given what I've read about Amazon's support I'd not like to depend on it.

            • @Shermanpk: no need to be over defensive.

              the comment "comfirning with Nikon" is already ove streched.

              my experience with Amazon is second to none.

              • @aec: When I'm dropping $3k on a lens, my trust is thin. But good to hear Amazon AU is good.

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      Thanks for the heads-up. It never came across my mind that the fulfillment by Amazon is grey import that will not be covered by Nikon Aus.

      I checked Nikon Aus website: https://mynikonlife.com.au/authorised-resellers

      Amazon IS one of the athorised resellers and "Please ensure you purchase directly from Amazon AU using the link below, and not a 3rd party retailer."

      And the lenses I listed above are sold by Amazon.

  • Wow… amazing price for the 24-70 2.8. I've spend 2900 a couple of months ago.

  • Damn so tempting!!! Lowest ive seen before was 2,600

  • Any advantage from going from AF-S version to Z version? I mean apart from less weight (due to absence of FTZ adaptor)? Thanks.

    • +1

      It's super sharp.

      • Programmable control ring

        • Mines just shipped yesterday, hopefully get it soon.

  • I'm looking to eventually upgrade my Z50 to full frame. Is it worth getting the 24-70/4 to start building my glass collection? Is the 2.8 version worth double the price?

    • I initially had the f4 and loved it! However I primarily work in low light and opted for the 2.8 which was a beautiful upgrade. If you don't need the f2.8 the f4 is still incredible

      • It's a hard decision since I'm stuck in lockdown and can't try it out at a store. I've tried the 50mm 1.8S before and absolutely loved it. I'd like to see how the 24-70/4 compares at 50mm so I know what I'm getting into hmmm

        • There's reviews online that have these sorts of comparisons with actual sharpness data.

    • Depends what you want to photography. If it is landscapes then yes, for people I would get a fast prime instead. Personally I find slow zooms to be the most boring and uninspiring of all lenses.

  • +1

    Got the 24-70 f4 a few weeks ago from the $742 deal, and very happy. Small and light, weather sealed, excellent sharpness across the frame.

    • Do you have any other lenses to compare this to? I'm interested but want to know how it holds up

      • Unless you need the extra light the 24-70 f4 is just as good as the f2.8, the Z50mm f1.8 is another amazing quality incredible value lens.

      • It's significantly better than the sigma 17-50 2.8 which I used to own, which was itself regarded as one of the sharper aps-c standard zooms. That lens was good in the centre but fell off towards the edges, whereas that doesn't seem to be the case with the 24-70 z.

        Online publication have found that it is sharper than the well-regarded F-mount 24-70 2.8 vr and 24-120 4. I seriously don't think many could be disappointed with its sharpness.

        Bokeh is smooth. Distortion and vignetting are only ok, but get digitally corrected anyway - that's the sacrifice for the size.

        Build is good, partial metal which I actually prefer over full metal to keep weight down.

        I don't have much bad to say tbh - i guess some might find the collapsible zoom mechanism a bit annoying.

        • Thanks for that rundown. Leaning closer to getting one. Ever since making the switch to mirrorless I've come to really appreciate portability so the collapsible mechanism is a godsend and it doubles as a great fidget tool

  • can't say no to a deal, so i got one…cheers!

  • I want it but i dont have the Z body yet. How? I am on d750.

  • How does the quality of image from these compare with their DSLR equivalents? (Though I guess the bodies/sensors/software affect photo quality too.)

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      They're better. There are reviews online which quantitatively complete the sharpness.

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    Across the board the Z Lenses are better than the F-Mount equivalents. IIRC only the 70-200 works with the teleconverters. They're excellent. Mostly the reason I'm moving over.

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    Thanks, OP. I was contemplating in buying last night. I saw it’s out of stock in JB Hifi this morning but still in stock in Amazon, so I bought one this morning. Now I checked no more stock and price back to 3K+!

    Damn GAS is real!

    I have 24-70 2.8G so I’ll be able to compare.

    • Originally wanted to go to JBs get pick it up but damn, that was quick! Luckily put an order via Amazon.

  • Is the 24-200 on sale anywhere?

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