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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K 2021 + Echo Dot 4th Generation $84 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys


Greetings everyone, I spotted this earlier today and seems like a great offer from The Good Guys.

They price dropped their Fire TV today to match the other retailers and then can stack the current $44 discount in the cart when purchasing an Echo Dot 4th Generation to bring the total price to $84.

Considering the Fire TV is a good price even at $69, an Echo Dot 4th Gen (currently on sale otherwise for $59) for an extra $15 seems like a great deal.

Note: For some reason it seems as though TGG is having some errors on desktop when pressing items, so may need to checkout using a mobile browser for this one to make it work.

As always, enjoy :)

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • thanks op, got one. already have too many echo dots, but this is a steal !

  • Access Denied

    You don't have permission to access "http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/amazon-fire-tv-stick-4k-with-alexa-voice-remote-b0872z1tbp" on this server.

    Reference #18.143c2017.1629972690.1bd8fcb3

    I think they are fixing it.

    • Yep that's the error I get on desktop, the only way I got around it was on mobile using either Safari or Chrome. No idea why it's happening.

      Nothing to do with the deal itself, just TGG behaving weirdly, been happening all day.

      • It happened just as I was checking out cart lol

        • +1

          That's quite annoying, maybe try and give it a whirl in a different browser if you can.

          • @doweyy: Not working on Chrome. But you're right, mobile is working fine.

    • I've been getting this error everytime they have a promotion on for months, absolutely rubbish of a site.

  • Good deal. Got the 1st Gen stick a couple of years ago before they sold them in Aus. Bought it in Scotland on a trip back to see family.

    Literally saved me from 2 weeks of hotel quarantine boredem after I returned to QLD from NSW in September last year.

  • Didn't get the dot combo but I pulled the trigger on the cheaper stick anyway. Cheers OP!

  • This is showing up as $69 for me.

    Also those with afterpay pulse rewards can claim the extra $10 off Good Guys orders.

    • 69 for everyone, add an echo dot for an extra $15

      • Dis you go through checkout ? I am getting access denied to add echo dot

        • Access denied when I tryed on laptop, added both to cart on mobile and worked fine

    • I dont have the TGG offer in my afterpay pulse

  • For some reason I feel like I want this, even though my Telstra TV works perfectly.

    • I feel the same even though I have three perfectly working Vodafone TVs :|

      • My VTV is still working, but definitely not perfectly - my apps keep getting cleared from the Favourites screen, and a few apps crash occasionally when I try and use them - i.e. Optus Sports…

        There, I just gave you a reason to buy!

  • +1

    This or Chromecast with google TV?

    • +1

      I've got both, but I prefer firetv, because I have prime too. I also subscribe to real debrid and it's amazing

      • +1

        real debrid

        Had it for years, and finally gaining popularity. It's great.

        • After a quick google search I just read a comparison of Real-Debrid vs AllDebrid, and I still have almost no clue what either of these services actually do!

          • @uvbunny: They are both good.

            For educational purposes

            Basically, it allows you to log in to these services from some of those "illegal video streaming apps", allowing you to get premium video links in high quality (e.g. 1080p and 4K) with no buffering compared to the free video links.

            It also is used for some other perfectly legal purposes.

      • Does fire TV have Bluetooth for headphones?

        • Yes

  • +2

    69 on Amazon as well and free delivery on prime. Love my firestick and side load kodi

    • Kodi. That’s tempting. Can get my Kayo add on going

  • Bought a stick from amazon yesterday, look like im cancelling that one.

  • Do you know when sale ends?
    And if it is in store as well ?

  • How does fire stick 4k compare to chromecast with google tv? For Streaming (Netflix, Youtube), installing apps, and casual web browsing. Thanks.

    • +2

      Streaming will be pretty much the same on YouTube and Netflix. Both can play 4k but not sure with prime videos on Google. If you cast alot, I'll suggest you use Google TV. Both can Sideload apps to the stick.

      If you use it for casual web browsing, I'll suggest you get a Bluetooth remote with a keyboard on eBay.

      • It seems Chromecast with Gg TV can do more than Fire Stick overall. plus it has native GG play store. Is there anything that Fire stick can and Chromecast can't do?

        • +1

          I'll say get the ggtv if you are quite new to this and if you have other smart devices with Google, it's more user friendly and casting is much easier.
          I like firetv cus the remote feels easier to navigate and better quality. If you use Kodi and smart YouTube, it has better frame rate on it apparently.

          • @Rulide: Can these be used by hotspotting a mobile if you don't have wifi?

      • Side note for you!
        Google TV does has Prime Video

  • Can this be powered with just the USB cable connected to the TV?

    • Yes

      • Thanks, do you have one and can confirm it works? I've read here it needs to be plugged in an outlet or use a special usb cable? My chromecast tv needs to be powered in an outlet as well and I'm looking for replacement to reduce the clutter.

        • Yes I have one and it works but when watching prime videos, it'll say can not get enough power to support 4k. But I believe it also depends on your TV if the usb will work or not. That's the same as the Chromecast ultra too, which I had before, when I plug into the TV using usb, it won't support 4k.

          • @Rulide: If your Chromecast does not work with usb, it's most likely the firetv won't work too. "Those ports are there for something like a flash drive, equipped with enough power from the TV to access files and not much else." But my Samsung TV can power it and watch 1080 but just not 4k for both devices.

          • @Rulide: Thanks for confirming, planning to use it in my 1080p projector so 4K shouldn't be a problem. Does it have a chromecast built-in?

            • @johnyBgood: Yeh for googletv

            • +2

              @johnyBgood: Fire tv stick doesn't have chromecast bulit-in. You can screen-share your mobile but it would be usually of lower quality

  • Great price. I've put an order in too.

  • Might be an error as the good guys have taken their whole site offline? Can't access it on any browser.

    Orders might be cancelled? Or their site is just garbage

    • yeah it seems like its now $69 with only the fire stick and no echo dot.

      • You need to add both items to the cart and it'll apply a $44 promo to make it $84.

    • Still working fine here, have you tried on mobile yet?

      • Multiple browsers on desktop or mobile don't work for me. All their pages are coming up with errors.

        You must just be lucky.

      • +1

        Got it to work on about my 6th browser! Thanks mate. Scored $10 off with afterpay rewards too so $82 all up with delivery.

  • Does anybody use this to control their TV too? My son broke our remote (conveniently, just tonight). We only use it to turn the TV on, change volume and change inputs (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc), since we don't watch any FTA TV. Will the remote that comes with this work fine for those functions?

    • Can't comment on it changing the mode but it powers on/off and volume fine.
      I can't see it doing that once you change to a different input though? Perhaps a remote app on your phone instead?

    • We use the firestick remote to turn our Samsung Tv on/off and adjust volume. You need to change the input manually by pressing the button at the back of the tv if you don’t have the original remote.

  • Can't decide to get this or wait for Google Chromecast and Google TV deal … I don't have Amazon prime …just Netflix and YouTube hrm…probs cast some things occasionally..but echo dot seems like a cool idea

    • Apparently the firestick has bad wifi and lags? Is it true?

    • Stay with google

  • Can someone explain the benefits of the fire stick? I already have a smart TV with all the apps… what does this offer above that?

    Geez starting to feel old when I have to ask this sort of stuff haha

    • +1

      Was wondering the same, pretty much all TVs have cast built in and ability to install apps directly!

    • You could use this as a portable media player when you go on holidays or use it in a projector,dumb TV or monitor.

  • +1

    Ready for pick up text received

  • +1

    Looks like this deal has been removed.
    It's now showing $134 for the two items in the promotion and $128 at checkout.
    I only missed out because my stupid AMEX card failed to work.
    Super annoying.
    Oh well, was a good one whilst it lasted OP

    • I suspect it was a system error from gg,
      JB has the same deal where they subtracted $15 to the price of echo dot. GG added $15 and called it a day.

  • Thanks, OP. Bought last night.

  • I liked the echo Dot from Amazon prime deal ($10)
    Was leaning towards to this deal but didn't buy it yesterday
    FOMO is real

  • Did anyone receive their shipment? I am getting a run around from Good Guys. Asking me to contact Aus Post and Aus Post is saying we haven't got it!!

    Tracking status is "item is being prepared" since Friday last week.

    • Still no update since the day after I made the order.

      • received mine today…

        • +1

          Got mine today. Still never got an update from good guys though haha

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