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20% off Sunglasses @ Goodr


20% off all sunglasses, free shipping. Discount applied at checkout. Pretty decent polarised glasses for about $40 (with discount) for the base model (OGs), other models around $50-$60. I have a pair and have been pretty happy with them, ordered another pair with this promo. They stay on your head really well, without being too tight (the site says they're designed for joggers/cyclists etc).

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    Very good for running no bounce

  • If you are a runner these are great. Highly recommended.

  • I've run in them for a couple of years now. Good running glasses, light and stay put.

    But…the quality isn't great. The polarisation wears off after 6ish months if you run and sweat in them. And they scratch super easily.

    Still good for the price, but don't expect great quality.

    • Agreed. Had problems with the polarisation and they replaced them free of charge with non polarized versions. Hopefully they hold up better.

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    Have a look at the chick on the right on the main page and you'll see what the problem is with these. I love the colours and the style but the function isn't great. If you have sun side on you get sun in your eyes and if you get sun from behind on an angle you get reflections. So if you have sunglasses that don't protect your eyes in certain and common circumstances it's not ideal.

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      That's not really the fault of these glasses. If you want to avoid this you need to buy a different style.

      • Hold on, are you really saying that a product designed by a company for a purpose that doesn't fulfill that purpose very well isn't the fault of the product? These are more of a fashion item compared to sports glasses- I have a pair, this is my experience with them.