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100% Cashback on Binge Basic Plan (Valued $10 Per Month) @ American Express Cashback Credit Card


Just received an email from Amex for free monthly Binge on the Basic package worth $10. Check your emails for the same deal.

I have the Amex Explorer Card and got an email so I think it's a standard recurring deal across many of their cards from now on.
Mod note: American Express customer service has clarified that the offer is only available to the primary cardholder of an AmEx Cashback(TM) Credit Card. Please refer to Sterio's comment for details.

The offer is advertised on their Cashback(TM) Card webpage

How to activate your BINGE subscription in 5 easy steps:

  • Go to BINGE.com.au, select Basic package and click continue.
  • Enter your details including your valid Australian mobile number and set up your payment details using your American Express Cashback(TM) Credit Card.
  • Start your subscription.
  • The monthly BINGE Subscription fee of $10 will be billed to your Card.
  • You will receive a $10 credit each month your card is billed on your American Express Cashback(TM) Credit Card.

BINGE subscription

Based on BINGE Basic. Must pay for subscription using American Express Cashback(TM) Credit Card to receive $10 back each time as a statement credit. Not available in conjunction with other offers or via third party billers. One BINGE Basic subscription per month per American Express Cashback(TM) Credit Card Primary account holder. Subject to terms and conditions available here.

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  • +1

    How long for?

    • I think it's a permanent offer as long as you have the card.

      • +3

        Ah right! Not to all Amex looks like. Good deal though

  • Didnt get it on my platinum edge card

  • -1

    So only available for cash back card? Would have been useful to know that in the title.

    • No, as I stated I have the Travellers card so it must be for others but just not advertised on their website.

  • Only for cashback card.

    • No, see above comment.

  • +1

    Nothing on my Elevate standard (annual fee), DJs Amex (annual fee but mine is waived), or Velocity Escape Amex (annual fee-free) so far.

    Do you pay for your Amex OP?

    • +2

      how does David jones Amex annual fee waived?

      • +1 to this question. lol. didn't realise Amex waived AF's, ever.

      • Targeted offer by upgrading my Storecard six years ago.

        The only other way is to work for DJs and their related companies

  • +1

    i think this is for amex cashback card only. it’s one of that card benefits

  • +4

    Binge Basic Plan for Free (Worth $10 Per Month)

    It's not free, you have to pay $10 Per Month for the card…

    • Are you saying the same thing about any AmEx cashback deal where an annual card fee is paid for?

      • No because it is not available on any other Amex card, therefore it is reasonable to say it is not free if it is only available after you pay the $10/mth fee

        • It's available for AmEx cashback card holders. That card costs $10/month. It's 100% free for those who have that card.
          So if there's ever a targeted AmEx cashback promo for Explorer card holders, we need to point out that it's only after you pay the $395 annual fee?

          • @bozbargain: Fair enough, it's fair to say it's targeted but to say it's free seems a bit disingenuous when the free amount equals exactly the card's fee?
            Maybe if the card fee didn't exactly equal the deal amount it wouldn't seem that way?

            • @JTTheMan: Why? People who get this card are happy to pay the $10/month as it gives you a fair bit of cashback. This is an awesome freebie in my view.

      • I don't pay an annual fee for my amex and got calm and centr free so far

    • What I'm about to say.

  • +5

    So if upgrade to the $14 plan to get HD streaming I get it for $4?

    • Interested to know this as well

    • yes, the t&C's states that you get a $10 credit, you can choose whatever subscription you want. Only things is you have to subscribe directly with Binge and not through itunes/google play

      • cool, otherwise SD is not much useful

  • I clearly state in the OP that I'm a Travellers Card owner and not a Cashback card owner. I still got the email.

    • I have a platinum reserve and got the offer. Was going to ring Amex to clarify for how long the $10 credit will keep coming through as I can't find anything in the T&C's.

  • +2

    What on earth is an Amex Travellers card?

    • I think they must mean Explorer?

      • I've no clue, but I've personally never heard of that card lol.

        Surely if it's the Explorer, they'd just call it that. That's what everyone calls it lol, so it must be some other card maybe?

    • Yeah, sorry, I mean Explorer. Plus someone below got the email on the Gold Card.

      • Oh now that's interesting. Thanks for the data point. Hopefully this shows up sometime for the rest of us.

  • No on Amex dj platinum and supplementary cards

  • Yeah, got nothing on platinum charge, edge or explorer cards.

  • got the email on an amex gold card will see if the cashback comes through….

    • I got the email too, but the email mentions "Cashback Card" all over the place, so maybe we're only eligible if we use the cashback card?

  • maybe I used too many of Amex offers, no email :(

  • I have the Qantas Discovery card and got the same email as well.

    • @darthsparrow likewise, I got the same card too and they sent me email. When I gave them a call to double-check, they said it's a mistake and since you haven't subscribed it yet you shouldn't do it. Tip: Most of my friends who had done it without confirming, are getting one-off credit ;)

  • +1

    Great, I've got an Amex Essential card (no annual fee) and I got the deal. I was already a binge basic member so it saves me $10/month.

    It's DVD quality, it's fine for the shows I watch like Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    • Did you receive an email about this offer?

    • Essential here as well but no mails after 20th, hopefully it's on way

    • No email either but I did sign up for that centr so maybe not eligible now

  • Nothing on Platinum Reserve

    • +1

      I read as "Ban Plastic Bags" lol

      • Yes stop those plastic bags on our Platinum Reserve!!!

  • I can't find it in the cashback section for both Explorer and Edge cards.

  • Are we sure that Amex hasn't just accidently spammed some people with an offer they can't get. I haven’t read anything above that categorically states that they have got the offer with a non-cashback card.

  • +2

    I got the email as well - I have an Elevate card. The email says that it is for the Cashback card. I had assumed it was a mix up in Amex’s comms.

  • +2

    No email for my explorer card but they confirmed the offer is active for $10 cash back per month.

    Higher tier means you have to pay the difference.

    • +2

      Who are 'they'? How did they confirm that to you?

      • Oh sorry, the agent on the online chat on the Amex website.

  • I've got Explorer and another one and no emails yet - sometimes emails to large groups can take a day or two to run through though.

  • I have an Explorer card and didn't get it either… @OP - Do you have a screenshot of the email you got from Amex?

  • Just received an email from Amex for free monthly Binge on the Basic package worth $10.

    Does anyone pay for binge? It might cost $10 but it’s certainly not worth $10

    • +1

      I think it depends what your into. The main draw card is probably the HBO shows like Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Rome, Westworld.

      They also provide access to some Foxtel channels within the app like the History Channel, BBC earth and others.

  • +4

    I just off the the phone with them (I received the offer and have a Platinum Reserve).

    They advised that the offer is only for those with a cashback card. They have reported the matter to their marketing team (don't know whether that means and whether we all get an apology email).

    I also asked what about those cardholders who acted on the offer. I was told that the system would identify at the payment stage that the card is not a cashback card and prevent the transaction from proceeding.

    Has anybody who received the offer with a non cashback card acted on it and signed up?

    • Thanks for going the extra mile and getting the correct information. As expected this is just a cock-up.

    • @Sterio I got the Qantas Discovery card and they sent me email as well. When I gave them a call to double-check, they said it's a mistake and since you haven't subscribed it yet you shouldn't do it. Tip: Most of my friends who had done it without confirming, are getting one-off credit ;)

  • Binge is so bad they have to give it away free haha

    • I quite disagree with this statement. Most popular HBO shows are on Binge.

      • So they scored a deal with a network that produces high quality TV. Does that make it a better service? No, it just means they have exclusivity. Similar to how Epic store paid off a bunch of devs for exclusivity on their games. Didn't make their service any better.

        Binge is bad. They didn't even have subtitles when I last tried it, for crying out loud. Not sure if that's been added yet.

        Then you remember it's Foxtel and you stay as far away as you possibly can.

        Even if I could get this deal I'm not convinced I'd want it.

        • So what makes a streaming service good? Subtitles?
          The whole point of a good streaming service is having high quality shows and movies.

          • @Amer: Not just signing one network and calling it a day. See Prime & Stan, funding new shows that are actually decent and contributing to the local industry as well.

            Does Binge even have anything original?

            • @fLaMePrO: Doesn’t have anything original. I have Prime, Netflix and Binge. Netflix and Prime pump out shit load of shows and most are almost unwatchable. Binge on the other hand took a shortcut and made deals with HBO and several other networks, so their shows are always very popular and high quality.

              Binge is my go to now for decent shows and movies. Netflix and Prime are going downhill with their their very average contents. They are casting Youtubers for their shows, this is how bad it’s getting.

              I watch TV to entertain myself and not create a stand on who’s contributing more to the industry.

        • +1

          Binge does have subtitles

  • This should be offered on the explorer card! (and others) I've wasted $800 over the last 2 years for sweet fa.. my crypto.com card gives me way way way more benefits - netflicks/spotify/amazon (even though it is a pain in the …. to reload). definitely reconsidering the amex

  • Good one. I received the offer on my AMEX essential card.

    • Oh no.. got an email from AMEX stating that I'm not eligible for the offer. Email was sent to me by mistake. Lol. Time to cancel the subscription.


      We sent you an email on 27 August which referenced a BINGE Basic subscription on us. This benefit is only available on the American Express CashbackTM Credit Card, unfortunately you were incorrectly targeted.

      No further action from you is required. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

      Thank you for your understanding.

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