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[Pre Order] 30% off Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (e.g. 40mm $279.30, 44mm $314.30) Delivered @ Samsung EPP/Education Stores


Greetings everyone, Samsung EPP stores have 30% off the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for pre-order until 23rd of September 2021.

Watch Price
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm) $ 279.30
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (44mm) $ 314.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (40mm) $ 349.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (44mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) $ 419.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (42mm) $ 454.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (46mm) $ 489.30

Stack with the $50 signup code for purchases over $350 spend (credit to MikeMelbourneAus)

For anyone that doesn't currently have access to the EPP stores, you can also get access through a Westpac Bank Account / Credit Card Account by going to the Rewards and Offers page and pressing on the Samsung Offer.

As always, enjoy :)

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    • Same. Refresh refresh refresh

      Side note - samsung mobile website viewing is garbage. Can't click to the classic page.

      • I'm refreshing as well, I'll let you and Chris know if anything goes on stock

      • It's back on stock!!!

    • It's back on stock!!!

  • They realllllyyy don't want to restock them hey. Maybe with the official site launch tomorrow ?

    • That's my thoughts. They have to have stock for the official site launch surely, and if so, you would hope those numbers are available through the EPP portal as well.

  • +4

    I got on the Twitter Samsung Australia site and this was their reply when I asked when they'll be in stock.

    Hi Mark, unfortunately there's no ETA. Be sure to register for Get stock alerts for when the watches are back in stock, :)

    On Facebook this was their reply

    It should be available from tomorrow, Mark 🙂

    So who knows when they'll be in.

    • +3

      I was told on Twitter direct message that they would restock after pre-order, but not sure how accurate that response was, although I'm thinking positively.

      • When you say they will be stocked after the preorder, do you mean after the preorder discount is over? Or after 10th when they are released on the main website?

        • I'm assuming actual pre-order as I made no reference to the discount

  • +1

    I dont think they will restock. It seems party is over.

    • +1

      Still like 2 weeks left on the preorder bonus I think, it ends 23rd?

      • Yes but they can remove the promotion anytime if they want. Same thing happened with $500 extra promotional trade value for S21 series phone where I bought 256gb s21 ultra for $799. Samsung shortened the promotion period.

        • +1

          Fuuuuuuuuuuck. I knew I shouldve ordered earlier. I was just really skeptical my Galaxy S21 was actually going to arrive from that Telstra Day deal, and didn't want to be stuck with a Galaxy Watch with an iPhone 6

    • +1

      Well my theory is Samsung does have stock in hand apart from a certain quantity they have already set apart for discount on the EPP portal. However with the product launching tomorrow, they will be keeping that stock for the launch tomorrow at RRP (or closest to RRP). If they do for whatever reason have access stock (basically the product not selling to their forecast), then I believe they will allocate it to EPP.

    • +1

      Back in stock now 😊

  • I ordered two 40mm ones about a week and a bit ago. Just shipped today, I got tracking code - on the way to Perth airport.

  • +2

    Anyone else patiently waiting for midnight? :(

    • +3

      Shows up as out of stock but once you click on it, you are able to add to cart.

      • +1

        Thanks it worked, just got one

  • +4

    goggo they r back in stock, here is a spare $50 off code

    • Thank you for the code! I had no luck getting one using 3 different emails during this week.

    • Still out of stock for me.

  • Hurry while they last! All of them are in stock at time of posting…

  • lol got one finally silver classic

  • Any spare $50 code please? Fed up following up with customer service and mails. Much appreciated.

  • +1

    Champions! I knew ozb would come through with the goods. Just got my silver classic 46mm LTE for 439

  • Just bought mine. Preorders are back online. This was through Commbank EPP

  • Spare code anyone?

  • Anyone find any good straps for this?

    • +1

      I like to use a black nylon solo loop band for my Apple Watch, so purchased one on eBay for my Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for about $7.50

      It says it won’t arrive for a month or so from China, but the one I ordered for my Apple Watch came within days and has been good

      The solo loop bands are great for quickly taking on and off for charging and are light and comfortable


      • These watches are 22mm or 20mm ?

        • +3

          They are all 20mm

    • +1

      I’m also looking at this as a fancier band option for my 4 Classic


      • +1

        Very nice!

        Looking at this for my 4 Classic too!

        • Best thing about ordering this from Amazon is I can send it back for a refund if I’m not happy with it

      • Not available in silver?

    • Waiting for them to restock the milanese band on the Samsung store. Prefer the thin metal look. Was initially looking at a cheaper third party brand but there was a disclaimer that their ones would need to be 'shaved' down on the sides to fit the curve on the watch this year.. Here's what the Samsung website says about their genuine milanese band:

      Specially made for Galaxy Watch4
      The end-link is customized to the curve of the Galaxy Watch4, providing a sense of unity.

      Guess I'll have to fork out the extra money for the genuine product. They all sold out today once the watches went live on the consumer store because Samsung are giving the $119 band away with any Watch4 order as an opening special.

  • +2

    Gov store classic 46mm shipped!

    • +1

      My Westpac store Classic 46mm Black shipped this morning too

      • did you get a tracking number sms'd yet?

        • Not yet but they said in the next few hours in the email

  • +1

    46mm LTE Classic Silver and Black available now. just placed order for silver

  • +1

    green and silver 4 LTE 44mm as well

    • Actually I went into the pink and it let me add to cart too, went through with free express shipping, no mention of pre order 🤷‍♀️

  • purchased 44mm green bluetooth !

    Was going to get the LTE version but cbf with the mythical $50 coupon arriving

  • Lots of stock! Just ordered the 40mm black.

  • +1

    My 46mm Classic just shipped today.

    Picked up a Spigen case and screen protector for it from eBay too!

  • Ordered a Black 42mm Classic an hour ago. No money has come out of my account and it says waiting for approval. Is this normal?

    • My first attempted ordered died after entering payment info. The second went through but then the page that loads immediately after submitting the payment info did not load however I did have the transaction show in my account.

      At first looking for the order under my account on the Samsung store showed nothing, but now thankfully it has shown up.

      • The watch is in my account under My Orders, but it just says waiting for approval. Hopefully it will go through.

  • Finally got my order in with $50 discount :)

  • Got a 46mm classic silver LTE - educatoin store - voucher worked - very happy!

  • Tried half a dozen email accounts and still no code wtf?

    • Use their online chat to get it fixed. Though it takes a bit over 24 hours to receive it.

  • +3

    Ordered 07/09, shipped this morning but still waiting for tracking number

  • Order for a silver 46 classic seemed to have gone through with the $50 voucher. Money taken out so hopefully it's fine :)

    • Though I've received no emails yet… No confirmation email.

      • +1

        I just rang Samsung and he told me as long as you can see the item under My Orders it should go through in the next 24 hrs. If it doesn't then I need to ring them again.

        • +1

          Thankyou! :)

  • Pre-order page says shipped last night but no tracking link on the page at all. Can someone please tell me if this is normal?

    Edited wrong wording

    • Update: Got my watch now. Got an SMS about delivery and then showed up 3 hours later. Never did get a tracking number though

  • +3

    Mine shipped this morning

    • +1

      Do you have a tracking link by any chance?

      • same mine shipped but no tracking

        • +1

          Still waiting for tracking code to be 'sms-ed' to me

          • @bozzonac: Me too

            • +1

              @SaintSteve: Probably will be msged once it scans into the couriers system upon pickup. I'd say in the arvo?

              • +1

                @bozzonac: Id say so as they use the 2pm cut-off time so probably will be then

                • +1

                  @davenpru: Just got sent the tracking number and only just picked up from warehouse

  • Ordered 46mm Black Classic LTE. Great price with coupon. Now to decide what to do with my old friend, my 2016 Frontier watch.

  • Hmm managed to order another 42mm white classic and added my coupon code! samsung said i can return my original order once i receive it and get refund :P now just seeing if the new order gets accepted…

  • Out of Stock - Black Classic LTE (46mm) - Didnt take long….

  • Managed to order Classic 46mm Silver Bluetooth.

    However the order confirmation page didn't show but my credit card was charged.

    Is this a delay in Samsung order system ? Anyone experienced similar issue?

    PS: currently on chat to find out from Samsung. No response yet.

    • +1

      It should be sitting under your 'my orders' tab

      • Yeah, went in there but can't find anything.

        able to get an order number from Live Chat support.

        However when I look it up, it says Invalid.

        I am told to contact onlinesupport. as if Live Chat is not.

        • Ah, got it now.

          Have to log out and log back in for the Order to show.

  • The Samsung store (Non edu/epp) has free wrist strap offer with the watch, but they arent available for order yet..

  • Thanks, managed to pick up a 42mm classic black Bluetooth this morning before 7am.

  • So last night at 4am I got out of bed and rushed a purchase. Got a 46 silver. But woke up thinking i should've got a 42 black. Smaller wrist profile / less flashy colour.

    Convince me I'm wrong please :(

    • You can still cancel if its before preparing for dispatch, i'd recommend calling samsung asap

      • I kinda ceebs going through the code process again, such an effort. I guess I could always change the band colour?

        • yeah you could but just keep in mind the bezel thing is gunna be a silver not a black colour, but not a huge problem if the band is black

          • @smileyface19: You could always get a bezel ring, looks pretty nice and gives extra protection to the bezel. Honestly I have the active 2 in black, it is nice to start but always wished they brought in the silver LTE version to Aus. For the Watch 4 I went for silver!

            • @JaeTee: Yeah i watched a few youtube vids and the silver looks quite nice actually.

            • @JaeTee: Awesome - also fomo'd into silver. Feeling better thank you

      • +1

        Samsung certainly seemed to have better customer support than Harvey Norman

        JB Hi-Fi decent response time as well.

    • +3

      Better battery in the 46 I think

    • +1

      46 has higher screen res and battery its no brainer.

    • +1

      Silver is what I went for even though I liked the black because of the potential for scratches.

      46mm wears smaller than expected supposedly and has better battery

    • black will scratch more noticeably than the other


      46mm may have slightly more battery life (some reviews tested at 20 hour ("two days") for 42mm 40mm, 44mm 46mm have a larger battery ("two days") )

      ^ above comments contain all these points

      • Leaving this here as another independently-researched comment weighing in
  • Placed an order for 46mm Classic Bluetooth (silver) with a $50 promo code. Good price.

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