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Lenovo Chromebook Duet 10.1-inch Helio P60T/4GB/128GB 2-in-1 Laptop $298 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Great little Laptop/Tablet.

Not the cheapest but close to it.

Also includes Bonus 3 Months of YouTube Premium via redemption (New subscribers only).
Ends 15th January 2022

Can probably price match with Officeworks to get it even cheaper !
They are selling it for $368.00…

I have one and LOVE it !

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Same price at Amazon AU Delivered

    • Thanks. Ordered from Amazon. It is the same version right? Lol

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        Yep, same one on Amazon.

        • +1

          Thanks RichardL

          • @mick123: Did that price just go up again?

            • @mackaxx: @mackaxx

              Looks like it sold out from that seller and is showing as $475.

              I was able to get in at 298

    • OOS! :(

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    Funny people in the comments always seen to love this thing or say it’s too slow. Differing expectations I guess.

    • +3

      cpu is weak, don't expect work as a laptop

      • +1

        Exactly, its a chromebook, more aimed at low type of work or just uni work. Apparnetly Chromeos has come a long way and is super good, but still not as usable as windows or macos (not even sure if they are even aiming at getting to that same level)

    • People here seem to think that anything you buy should be able to do absolutely anything you could ever want.

      These things are cheap and slow, but they'd be perfectly fine for casual browsing and work. I got one of those cheap Dell laptops that were constantly on here a few years ago for exactly that reason, although I'm actually pretty tempted to upgrade it to one of these.

    • +1

      the worst in the tablet's world tablet
      better to buy an android tablet or a small win laptop /depends on tasks/ for the same price - both of them will be better

      • Don’t think so, windows laptops in this price range have atrocious specs for running windows. Expect a windows laptop in this price range to have 64gb emmc storage. Windows OS takes up 3/4 of that.

        • i've ordered ASUS Laptop L210 Ultra Thin from amazon us for $300 a couple of months ago.
          Yes its only 64gb, but for only $10-20 you can buy 64-256gb micro card.
          Dual doesn't have a card slot at all

    • +1

      I was one of of those people who complained about it being slow when I initially owned 1 a year ago. Got rid of it because of it.

      Bought another one recently because it was on sale. It has significantly improved. A lot faster.

  • +2

    I missed out on the $267 Amazon deal because I wasted time unsuccessfully getting Officeworks to pricematch, then it went OOS.

    An extra $30… not sure as it was a bit of an impulse buy last time. But great reviews

  • +3

    I didn't buy at $267 and regretted it.
    It then became available again at $316 but thought that was too much away from $267.
    Now that it is at $298 I'm very tempted again. Even more so if Officeworks pricebeats.

    If I can get JB Hi-Fi to pricebeat by 5% combined with $30 off $150 ZipPay spend it would be a great price.

    • Refused price beat but agreed price Match.

      • Officeworks or JB?

        • +2


  • I am interested, but can't seem to find a case that would make the tablet part a bit safer to use for a young primary school child.

    • I got a case from Aliexpress. Took 3 weeks to arrive.

    • It comes with a magnetic back cover and if you attach the keyboard too, it'll help cover the screen. It's better than nothing.

  • +13

    get from Amazon, don't give your money to Gerry

    I like mine. certainly it's not a powerhorse, so scale your expectations accordingly

    yes you'll have to wait for it to respond a second or two more often than not

    - fantastic battery life
    - comes with usable keyboard and trackpad
    - strip keyboard and backplate for lightweight tablet experience
    - runs android version of Lightroom just fine, great for editing photos
    - fantastic for media consumption (youtube, Amazon Prime Video, SBS on demand, you name it)
    - fantastic Zoom or Skype device

    um did I use word fantastic 3 times

    because it is! totally worth it.

    • +9

      Thanks for the review.. but not sure on your opening line..

      Don't give your money to the multi millionaire, give it to the richest man on earth???

      • +10

        well he's not Jerry, so.. yeah, that's basically it!

        • +3

          the lesser of two evils?

        • +1

          Bezos is so much worse than Harvey. All the same tropes just on a much larger scale.

          • +5

            @mwahahaha: Bezos didn't Rory jobkeeper so gets the win here

          • +8

            @mwahahaha: Bezos was fine with shipping to Australia via international Amazon and not charge us GST.

            Harvey was bitching and moaning.

      • +8

        Being rich and shooting penis shaped rockets into space on the resume, I know there are issues with labour rights at Amazon. Vs Jerry who on many occasions has been outed as a scumbag… Scumbag trumps just being rich with penis rockets in the evil ladder imho.

    • Yeah, I love mine too. For $300 it's great.

  • +1

    But seems like from all the comments this is pretty much good as a slow Android tablet or IPad, haven't had any experience with a Chromebook at all but for example Office Word on a Chrome book is it free from the Playstore or does one need to sign up with Microsoft 365 subscription just to use MS Word

    • +1

      You'd need to use a M365 account to use the Full version of Word in a browser. However there is a light version many people aren't aware of and that exists in your MS Live account (or Outlook.com or MSN.com or hotmail.com, whatever you use to login to Hotmail). Login and on the top right you see a grid icon (three rows of three dots)

      Click it and you'll see these lite versions for use whenever you want. While I don't think you'd be using it for novels or data modelling if you just want something simple I think it has enough features.

      Or you could always use Google Apps (Docs, Sheets) which are pretty good as well.

      The online apps can read word and excel files without much of an issue.

      • Are the google apps (Docs, Sheets) free to use?

        • Google apps are free, yes.

  • +1

    The front camera is rubbish compared to modern day phones. We use it for calls because it's better but might end up going back to using phones. The device itself is quite nifty. The way i see it is, it's better than anything other new tablet for $300 so great to simple things and for kids to use.

    • 100% agreed. Somehow it claims its 2MP on the front and 8MP on the back but our 2015 ipad with 1.2mp on the front still takes much better photo and video. It seems to struggle with the brightness and its constantly trying to focus. Otherwise good for the price but at times it does lag when opening/closing apps and menus.

      • +2

        Megapickles isn't a good indicator of quality.

    • That was a poorly written comment but what I meant to say was we use it because it's bigger than a phone and it's still better than any other new tablet you can buy for $300.

  • +3

    You can also activate linux and enjoy the terminal 👍 I paid 500 just before these crazy price drops, I think I'm trying to justify my spend lol

  • How heavy is this thing? Thinking of using it as a remote client on the train.

    • +2

      I'd stick with the train driver if I were you.

    • 0.92 kg

      but this has a builtin kickstand which helps you not to hold instead place on lap.

    • It feels heavier than all the other tablets I have used in the past. Not as handy.

  • Better than jbhifi $114 one

    • Got a link for the Jbhifi Chromebook? as I'd rather pay $114 if it has close specs 👍😁

  • 5%-8% off Harvey Norman Gift cards on shopback and others.

  • Get it for 268$ from jbhifi with zip pay offer spent 150$+ get 30$ back

  • Can anyone suggest a stylus pen for this? The lenovo one is out of stock.

  • I got this one not long along, I find it has some wifi issues. If I use my pc at home some website just wont load.

  • Impulse buy is strong with this. Probably don't need one as the kids already have iPads but FOMO is making it hard to say no because i'm curious about Chrome OS and its another gadget to play with.

    • +1

      if it makes you feel better, its practically been at this price 4-5 times in 8 weeks.

  • Can’t seem to call Officeworks for any telephone orders…tried calling the local store and it directs you to call the 1300 number…big fail.

  • +1

    Device is definitely slow but if speed isn’t an issue, then this device is perfect.

    Pro tip: Buy a generic 10.1inch screen protector from eBay as you wait for the genuine Lenovo Duet screen protector since they take awhile to ship

  • +2

    Officeworks price matched for $283.10

  • +1

    parties over mates

  • Typing this from my Duet, paid $316 for it and wish I waited until now.

    Love mine, people just need to know what it is and isn't. It runs best for websites and web apps vs Android apps and not treat it as a desktop replacement.

  • Looks like sold out on HN and Amazon now

  • Can anyone comment what this is like for using MS Teams and Zoom? And how the camera is for that? On the lookout for a device with decent sized screen for ms to use for her ZOOM calls with friends.

    • been using it for a while for zoom and teams, I'd say camera is not bad but still a budget gear dont put her hopes too high.

  • I wonder when a follow up Duet will arrive (could do with proper USB-C and more CPU power)

    I'm still using my HP Chromebook 14 from a last year (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/514525), it has been pretty good to use and the battery lasts forever, but I stil find it hard to pick it over my other laptop (Yoga 730-13) even if I am just browsing due to the inferior screen and sluggish performance (not a fair comparison).

    The Duet is interesting being able to go full tablet and with the size/weight advantage and the screen does look pretty good.

  • +1

    Bought one from Amazon 6 months ago, ChromeOS may have it's issues, but I have never regretted this purchase.

    As a basic computer it's decent and the Lenovo keyboard is alright for how small it is, as apps in desktop windows the mouse handles touch really well. As an android tablet it functions really well for its price.

  • miss the @267 deal and grabbed one this time before OOS, lucky me

  • I bought this to replace my Samsung S2 Tab (T815Y), it's been an ok replacement. Yes it feels nicer, display is great once you have adjusted it's colours to slightly warmer. My only little concern is that it's a bit heavier when compared to tablets (probably because of its kickstand and keyboard), it isn't as handy as tablets and I am also a little disappointed due to its slower speeds at times.

    I had to enable Developer Mode to be able to sideload apk apps and now everytime I restart it, it warns me about developer mode and asks to boot from internal disk (basically wastes about 20 seconds of my time).

    I am still undecided if it's been a good upgrade from a tablet.

  • +1

    I have been eyeing these off.

    Just to inform those that might think about gaming.

    Cod and pubg actually play very well from the videos o see on YouTube.

    4gb ram and 128gb storage really does set the bar high for expectations of chromebooks

  • Anyone suggest a screen protector for these that work with the lenovo pen?

    • I need a screen protector too but can't find anything

  • +1

    It’s baaaaaack

    • Damnit missed again
      Gonna wait again now

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