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GS2 Portable Projector - $1099 ($999 with Prime), XL2740 240hz FHD Monitor - $499 @ BenQ via Amazon AU


We are currently holding a Father's Day promotion on Amazon for select products. To apply the discount on the select Amazon products, firstly make sure that the product is "Sold by: BenQ Webstore". They are the official seller of BenQ products on Amazon AU and the discount will only be applied here. Next, please ensure to check the box with an orange "COUPON" label (Not necessary for XL2740). Now you have access to our great Father's Day prices!

GS2 – $1199 > $1099 ($100 coupon applied upon check out)
GS2 (Amazon Prime members ONLY) – $1199 > $999 ($200 coupon applied upon checkout)
XL2740 - $799 > $499 (No coupon required)

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This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    TH685 is $1150 at Costco https://www.costco.com.au/c/BenQ-HDR-Console-Gaming-Projecto...

    Good little projector, nice features for the price and reviews are fairly decent.

    • Hmm, good quality 120hz gaming projector with HDR and 8ms input lag. Not 4k though.

      There were a few 4k options (not 120hz though) for only $400 more 2 years back, not sure if the COVID price rises are back to normal yet.


      • Thank you for showing interest in our TH685 FHD gaming projector. I understand that the FHD resolution may seem underwhelming when comparing to recent 4K gaming projectors. Although the price is definitely not cheap by any means, our recently released gaming projector may pique your interest. Our TK700STi 4K gaming projector is designed for gamers looking for an experience far more bigger and immersive than what you get with a TV or monitor. The TK700STi can run at [email protected] with an input lag of 16.67ms. For those who desire the utmost best framerates for their projector gaming, the TK700STi can also accept 1[email protected], which would then halve the input lag to a nearly imperceptible 8.3ms. The TK700Sti can even accept [email protected], for PC gamers who have a capable graphics card, and this would drop the input lag to just 4ms. With HDR10 capability and Android TV included, you can also rely on this projector for your movies in your pastime.

        For more information about our TK700STi 4K gaming projector, please visit our product page on our official website. Thank you!

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    Sorry but 1k for a 500lm and 720p projector? I think your competitor has much better specs at this price range or your own as posted above which blows this one out of the water

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      completely agree ! lot of choices out there for quarter of the price and good picture for occasional portable projector use!

      • Like?

        • Xiaomi mijia projectors, anker nebula, xgimi… At least all of them are 1080p

    • +1

      You're paying for the fact it's portable (has a battery) and waterproof. This is for someone who has too much money who wants to watch movies in the backyard or while camping with the kids, not an indoor projector.

      It's worth noting though, benq are one of the few companies who don't make up complete bullshit with their brightness, 500 is watchable for a movie in the dark. Still wouldn't work with much ambient light though. If you look at the portable, battery powered anker models for $600 they're 200lm (the Anker Mars II Pro is 500lm 720p and it's $600US, so probably about the same price here once converted, we get absolutely screwed on projector prices).

      When I posted my above post, OP had put that exact same projector as part of their sale for $200 more than costco, they've since removed it).

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    This thing beats the pants of this 720p projector and price is much cheaper https://m.gearbest.com/projectors/pp_009635282402.html

    I have the Xiaomi smart projector which is the non battery version which this is based off.

    • Looks interesting. What makes this one good? Just the resolution or does it handle motion well?

  • might be nice to include the word PROJECTOR in the title as most of us have nfi what those model numbers indicate

    • Hi there Rakeem,
      Thank you for this feedback, we always appreciate your input. I have added in the key terms to the title for better clarity! - BenQ Australia