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ToolPRO Ratchet Spanner Set Metric 12 Piece $49.99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Great quality toolpro set.
Seemed a good deal 8mm to 19mm.
Good for home or motorbike.
Always like ratcheting spanners!
Ps. Lifetime warranty (like repco tools and snapon)

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  • Is toolPRO a good brand? Been after a ratchet set, not a frequent user but don't want junk

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      Ive got them, theyre definitely not junk. No issues with them having used them for a year.

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      as a technician working at JLR, can confirm Toolpro is above Stanley and other cheap brands. Toolpro is equal to Kingchrome and is much cheaper

      • these are no where near the quality of kinchrome. Maybe the old toolpro is but this product is trash

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      Ive had the 1/2 inch set for a few years now, really good gear for the price especially when they're on sale

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    Incase people are interested or will buy, these are the ratchet set. i.e. they will allow you to turn a bolt in a tight space. But do NOT use full force on the ring side, as that will strip the gears.
    Break with the open end, use ratchet end to speed on/off bolts

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      But what I was told when breaking bolts/nuts, we need to follow this order "socket - ring - open end" otherwise very likely that we will round them. So better use another tool when we need breaking.

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        Whilst thats true, you'll break the tool if you used the ring end of a ratchet spanner. Perhaps the standard combination spanner set at the same price, but more sizes, would be better, but there is no discount on it (orig price is already $49.99)

        • ratcheting spanners are an extra when you already own ring spanners or a socket set ….you need the ring spanner or socket for breaking the tight nuts first .

          if can only afford one set, buy one with fixed ring spanner, if it’s a 2nd set, get ratcheting for convenience …..

    • I crack nuts with them all the time and have never broken one. At $50 bucks a set just use them!

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    Free delivery using ebay plus on ebay.

  • is toolpro lifetime warranty?

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      Yes - but people often miss where it states "lifetime of the product". Your expectation vs the manufacturer's definition of the lifespan may differ. It's up to manufacturer to define the lifespan. Supatool used to carry a "lifetime warranty" on marked products, but when you read the warranty terms, the maximum life of a tool was 5 years.

      In this particular instance, I think you'll be safe getting it swapped for a new one if you break it. Unless modification, misuse, abuse e.t.c. is apparent.

      • toolpro is 25 years for spanners and sockets ….. most companies exclude ratchets though …. spent a lot of time trawling the super cheap web site …… also some of their tools come from china, some from taiwan ……not so much a warranty thing but more a quality of fit .

        i’ve had good success with toolpro , on par with repco and kinchrome but no where near stahlwille once you check tolerances with a vernier.

        also if buying sockets go for 6 pt, not 12, the 6 are tighter fit and less chance of rounding ….

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    Thanks !
    Always wanted these.

    Time to swap out my old set of open/ring spanners (10+ years).

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      not swap out, more complement the old set.

  • How do these compare to Gear Wrench which are popular here?

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      depends which gearwrench, the big thing with ratchet spanners between brands seems to be the number of clicks/ degrees, the smaller the degrees the more control but also the smaller the pawl and chance of damage…..
      also gearwrench make a fuller range if you want smaller or larger e.g 6mm,
      it’s a good price if you want a set and don’t already own a ratchet set,

      tools have come down in price and quality has improved over the last 30 years if you check what you buy for quality, l look at at my australian made sidchrome and some of the tools that are coming out of taiwan are better.

      problem with toolpro is they periodically change suppliers and so quality changes , then it’s clearance of old stock as new supplier and stock comes onto shelf with different packaging , unlike kinchrome who are very consistent over the years ….
      i have 3 different generations of toolpro spanners and sockets and you can tell the difference.

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        Thanks for the detailed response, I'm giving these a try as I also have $10 cash back on CBA credit card. Sounds like I can't go wrong for 40.

  • Probably the worst buy I've ever gotten of ozbargain for future reference these don't even compare to a 20 $ set of spanners I got from Bunnings the open ends just strip car bolts done up tight. Bad quality trash product sorry best of buying some gearwrench or other brand name

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