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Denon DHT-S216 Home Theater Soundbar for $199 (Was $349) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest price possible so far on this one as per camel camel

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Is this any good?

    • I’m sure it would be better than really bad tv speakers. If that’s all you are after.

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      I bought this speaker on prime sale. The sound is quite decent for the price. I’m happy with it. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have the capacity to be connected to the home network, like google or Alexa, if that bothers you.

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    This or the Yamaha 109?

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      Yet to hear a better sound bar in this price range than the 109.

      • It depends on how many sound bar in this price range you have tried.

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          One would assume several after making such comment? (Used to work in home entertainment).

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      Yamaha is $300 this is $199 big difference

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        That’s not quite how it works.
        This was once $349 as per the title.

        • Doesn't matter right now this is much cheaper

  • I have yamaha 106 bought back in 2017 for $160. Pretty happy with that. But this is good price for brand and sound.

  • https://www.bigw.com.au/product/jbl-soundbar-3-1-channel-wir...

    I heard these soundbars are really good as well.

    also yamaha 109/209 or these? they're about the same price as well when both are on sale.

    Edit: Not sure if GET10 still works but it'll be worth it even with discounted gift cards.

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    Bought one for $299 last year for my mom.

    Big upgrade over LG tv speakers. Voice on normal tv is very clear, more full and warm - much more pleasant experience over standard tv speaker. Has worked so far with no tech issues. Just make sure your tv has earc support for auto off/on and volume control from tv remote.

    • Regular ARC should be enough for that too. So convenient isn't it… Works well with my current TV wasn't so consistent with some of my old ones thoigh

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      Note its actually not EARC that allows the auto on/off & volume control that your talking about.

      This is something called HDMI CEC: https://www.howtogeek.com/207186/how-to-enable-hdmi-cec-on-y...

      ARC is 'Audio Return Channel' and simply enables your TV to essentially be an "AMP" for the lack of a better word, however implementations of ARC vary and can introduce Lag, or only pass 2 audio channels through, essentially making it no better then Optical Audio (SPIDF) out.

      And there is plenty of TV's that do CEC but dont have any ARC capability just SPIDF out.

  • I have LG C1 and thinking of getting this. Will I hear significant sound improvement? Honestly, I don't have a problem with the tv speakers.

    • Save your money

    • If you don’t have a problem with what you have don’t get this … you just saved $200

    • Depend on how do you feel with the current one. For SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVMENT, you may looking at over $1000 soundbar.

      • Finally some people with sense. Idiots here have been suggesting any random crap soundbar will be better than most tv speakers, without care for what brand or if its oled speakers

      • I’m pretty happy with the Samsung HW-Q800T/XY 3.1.2 I bought to go with my C1, not the lowest price it’s been, but got it for $685. I so agree though: most of the soundbars that pop up here have pretty bad to average reviews on rtings.

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      Baffles me why people buy high-end tv's and consider low-end audio.

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        Not everyone is an audiophile

        • If someone isnt an "audiophile" then just stick to tv speakers.

          Unless of course not being an audiophile also mean that they are a cheapskate at the same time and bought a low end tv as well with rubbish similar low end built in speakers.

          • @fuzor: Sometimes TV speakers are absolutely horrible. Like my gifted 55" shed TV. But I want a decent sound without knowing how to tweak bass/trebles/mid to get the perfect sound.

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    Thanks OP.
    Placed order!

  • use it as a desktop computer

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      I don't think that will work mate, it's a speaker

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        Sorry typo. Was gonna say use it as a desktop speaker. Lol

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      Any details on CPU, GPU and RAM? Can't find these specs.

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      Edifier near field computer speakers are cheaper and would be better suited

  • Looks like the deal has expired

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      Still active. Will dispatch within 2 to 3 days.

      • You may want to check again

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          Lol. You were correct. Thanks.

  • Wow just made it lol

  • dang, just missed out

    • It is available again now😊

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    is this Lachlan Lewis' account?

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    • Have you bought this?

  • To the audiophile Soundbar savants here, how much would I need to invest to get significantly better sound for a Sony Bravia 85 series? Just curious, sound is actually decent as far as I'm concerned.

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      Audiophile and Soundbar are mutually exclusive.

  • Denon is top tier equipment. Or used to be …

    • Not sure about top tier, definitely make some good products, especially receivers, from my experience.

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    still available. thanks op

    • Thanks. I have marked as available now.

  • Received mine today

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      Congratulations!! How does it sound?

    • Any feedback on its performance?

      (I mean to save us reading the amazon reviews haha)

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        Had it for 3 days now. Definitely better that the TV speaker, dialogue are good, bass is ok . Only watch FTA and some Netflix TV series so far so I can't comment on the surround feature. I also bought a dedicated sub-woofer (which I posted here in OZB) but have not arrive yet.
        I was tossing between this and YAS 109 ($219). I almost bought the YAS because of integrated Alexa as I like the voice control feature. But I decided to get this one due to the analog (3.5mm) input which I plugged in my Chromecast Audio and the inputs/power connections are in the middle which is more tidier when wall-mounted.

        • Yeah that's great to know.

          I was eyeing off a yammy too Yamaha SR-B20A in similar price bracket ($200-$350)

          I don't need anything fancy. I just don't want a kmart piece of trash for the TV as the speakers on that are pretty bad…..thanks for reply.