expired $10 Hoyts tickets every day, $5 candy bar deal every day!


There's a really easy way to get $10 tickets at Hoyts every time you visit… as well as a $5 candy bar deal for small drink and small popcorn!

Here's how:

  1. Visit one of these Hoyts locations:
    NSW: Blacktown, Broadway or Chadstone
    VIC: Melbourne Central

  2. When you're standing near the box office, activate the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone or PDA. (If you bought your mobile phone in the last couple of years, it probably has a Bluetooth function - just look for "Bluetooth" or similar on your phone menu).

  3. Hoyts will send a $10 ticket voucher to your mobile phone, as well as a $5 candy bar voucher.. and maybe even more! Simply show the voucher on your phone when you buy your ticket.

The great thing is that although the vouchers have an expiry date (usually the last day of each month)… Hoyts have been running this promotion for many months now, they just keep updating the expiry date.

Tell your friends about this "secret" deal next time you're at the cinema and watch their faces light up when they start receiving the vouchers to their phone ;)

One thing to note - although I'm not sure, I suspect this voucher won't be valid for "no free list" films… although it's worth a shot!

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    Aargh! I am still using my Nokia 1100 with monochrome display and beeping ring tone! But this is a great tip — thanks!