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½ Price Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream $6 | Ocean Chef Atlantic Salmon Portions 1kg $18 @ Woolworths

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    Them custard buns look nice.

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      Tried them, they're not bad but a bit underwhelming.

  • Why don't they sell the "sweet cream and cookies" in the tubs????
    Only place I can find it is at my local Hoyts :(

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        Oh apologies

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    that salmon does not taste like salmon at all.

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      What does it taste like?

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    Chunky monkey seems to be a deleted item at my local, was all on clearance last week. Bought a few

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      It sucks because I really liked it.

    • sure it wasn't just short-date ones?

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    I accidentally read this at first as if the Ben and Jerry's had salmon portions in it.

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    going to stock up the Chocolate Fudge Brownie..

    thanks OP.

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      Is that the good one? Some of the BnJs flavors are wack.

      • its my fave but you should try them all.

        • my fave was the limited edition Netflix Punchline one

      • I feel like literally nobody doesn't like half baked. My fave for sure.

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          Half Baked is amazing. I also don't mind Phish Food.

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          It's better if you are also half (or fully) baked.

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    that's still expensive for a little tub, lol

    • Yea, B&J have always been one of the much more pricey ones.. I haven't tried any, but at this price, maybe.

      • Worth a try. Tonight dough is my favourite

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        Try the Netflix an chill'd

      • Are they made in USA?

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      NQR sell B&J for $3. 2 flavours.

  • Is the salmon any good?

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      Salmon portions at Aldi taste better, not sure why.

      • The frozen ones or fresh ones/

      • frozen or fresh??

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      In my experience, no not really. Partner and I tried these frozen fillets and we came to the conclusion that they lack the level of flavor that comes with any form of fresh cut (even after the fresh cut is frozen as well).

  • B&J's will never get a single cent from me.

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      Why not? Is it because they are standing up to the barbaric Israeli government and not selling icecream in the illegally occupied settlements?

      Pay them double…

      • +3

        @wazza23 so it’s okay for them to sell in every other country that have worse treatment?

        • No, one country/regime at a time!
          North Korea will be next.

          • +1

            @wazza23: @wazza23 that’s actually funny 😄

            But seriously if they only stop selling in Israel its clearly antisemitism.

          • @wazza23: Def not Jewish but gotta laugh at you trying so hard. You realise many Arab's choose to live in Israel, right? Where they work and vote and coexist like reasonable people? Must be an absolute hell-hole, and your comparison of Israel with Nth Korea is entirely sensible, unemotional and doesn't sound at all like run-of-the-mill nutjobbery straight from your GetUp! newsletter….

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              @BrownBargain: How do you defend their occupation of Palestinian settlements? That is fine if Arabs choose to live there and coexist and I wish that for the whole country. But whilst they can't coexist in all parts of the country - how can you justify them imprisoning Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank?

              The Israeli's in the occupied settlements should not be enjoying their cookie dough B+J ice cream.

      • Perhaps you could get a direct debit arrangement with Unilever, who own Ben & Jerry's, and most definitely do sell products throughout the region. Oh wait- you didn't realise the Ben & Jerry's marketing schtick was exactly that, designed to reel in the suckers?

        • @brownbargain if you’re referring to me, then I’m aware who owns the company I’m also aware their CEO is now under investigation.

      • I've been on the lookout for Ben & Jerry's for this exact reason.

    • Same!

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    When I lived in the UK I used to snag these B&J tubs for £2.50 when they're on half-price all the time.

    Now this price is something I haven't seen in a while.

    • They're basically half price every month or every other month, just got to be aware

  • Never tried ben and jerrys before, how does it compare to connoisseur?

    • +1

      It's actually my favorite. I prefer their store front icecream to all others, including fancy Sydney places, and their tub icecream to all others.

      I never liked chocolate icecream until I had their chocolate fudge brownie. Was always a vanilla fan till now. It's definitely worth the price.

      • +1

        Thanks mate will try out the choc fudge brownie cheers

        • i find them generally very sweet, must be bang for sugar

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      b&j ice cream is on par with other premium ice cream, what makes it on another tier is the sauce and stuff they mix in

  • Is the salmon safe to eat?

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      Farmed Salmon does not contain the same level of nutrients as wild caught. Virtually no omega 3. Salmon farming is not sustainable and is destroying the environment. Where possible, choose wild caught Salmon.

      • Where to get wild caught?

        • Fishmonger sometimes have them.

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    Pro tip: Pop the icecream and salmon in a blender for a delicious smoothy. Mmm! Everyone loves that ocean flavour through a straw!

    • +1

      Almost gagged reading that.

      • +2

        I think he took the "Phish" food flavour quite literally lol

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    The last time I was about to buy the fish, I saw what capslock janitor had to say and I didn't buy them. They linked us to Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food.

    • I stopped eating salmon after seeing all those docu’s

      • But still want to eat that red fish every now and then

    • Hey appreciate the shout-out :P

  • Wow, that B&J's price is legit. This is what I was paying on sale in Canada.

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