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Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine BES878 $764.10 + Shipping (+$100 Store Credit with Store Pickup, Excl ACT) @ The Good Guys


$764.10 for the Breville Barista Pro during the After Dark Sale using the coupon code: SPRING. Also click and collect for $100 store credit on a spend over $500 on small appliances. Plus a bonus gift pack via redemption worth $196.

Original Coupon Deal

  • Store Credit Terms and Conditions
    Minimum spend $100, Offer ends 5/9/2021. Goods must be collected to qualify, Collect by 12/09/2021. Store Credit sent by 15/9/2021.

ACT residents excluded. Health order restrictions apply for other states

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Note for the store credit you must choose click and collect. And it’s also eligible from breville for a free knock box mini and 1 month supply of beans https://promotions.breville.com.au/fathers-day-bonus-july-20...

  • So basically $664. Not bad. So tempted to upgrade from the Sunbeam Barista Max.

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      If you're going to buy something else then yeah, but I personally don't value $100 store credit as money back in my pocket

      • Yea thats true. I might be able to find something useful. But 764 still a decent price with the breville bonus. Just contemplating on if I should spend the money when I already have the Sunbeam Barista Max.

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    Note: You must use Click and Collect to be eligible for the store credit. Goods must be collected by 12/9/2021.

  • Is this the one to get?

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      if its the one you want

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        Ozbargain tells me what I want.
        Which coffee machine did I want again?

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      It's a great machine. I have one and love it

      Heats up after 2 seconds, once you get used to the process can make a latte in a couple of mins
      Integrated grinder works well
      Frother is good
      Enough settings to make delicious coffee
      Fancy display

      Dual boiler is better if you have space and money for a seperate grinder. It can do milk and coffee at same time (saving maybe 30 seconds and better for making a round)
      More mainstream portafilter size
      Slight upgrade on other features but minimal

      Barista express is the cheaper version and enough for most, takes 30 seconds to heat up, slightly worse frother, more manual display for settings. Benefit is it has a pressure gauge where the Pro does not.

      All are fantastic machines and make a good cuppa

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        Ahh yup dual boiler was the one I wanted since I already have a grinder

      • Agreed.. I’m happy with ours coming on 24 months.. We just grab bags of beans from local coffee shops.

        I’ve tired the snob machines but just gave up as it was only me as wife would not touch it..

        This is simple, clean and makes a decent for the price plus the wife accepts it and uses it..

        Are these better machines.. yes
        Is this good enough for 85% of people.. yes
        Does it pour and froth at the same time.. nope but it’s like a minute

      • The machine will tell you it's ready but if you have done any basic research on how to make good coffee, you will know it's a lie. You need to wait for the whole machine and the portafilter to warm up. You will never make good coffee if you pull a shot with a cold portafilter. Goes without saying you need to warm up your cup too.

        • +1

          I just pull a couple of shots with no coffee in the portafilter to heat it up along with the cup while getting everything else prepped.

        • Yeah what's the rush, I let my machine warm up for 7 min or so (Gaggia classic). Just get a Smart plug and incorporate it with wake up routine/voice command. Pretty handy.

          How do you physically make a a shot and Steam milk at the same time, one after the other is fine. Good I guess if you are pumping 6 out.

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      I have this, it’s boss.

      Highly recommend it.

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    Breville Dual Boiler is where its at.

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      Needs to be $600 again

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    Oracle Touch under $3k with discount. Great machine.

    • Im really thinking about buying this one

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        Do it. We do 4-6 cups a day. Just clean the wand every 2 to 4 weeks by taking the end off and steaming soapy water as to keep the frothing on point.

  • Anyone compared a Delonghi auto machine with one of these?

    I've been playing with a Delonghi Perfecta and worked out the settings aren't what they seem (ie. You get a stronger coffee with a finer grind and a 6g shot, whereas the settings call this a weaker shot. If you chose a 8 -12g shot, the machine can't push water through it with that fine grind. Being full auto, you have no control over the tamp pressure.

    Anyway, just wondering if the Brevilles have a stronger pump?

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      If you are even a tiny bit interested in making good coffee at home, you should not buy a full automatic machine. It will never be able to make a great cup of coffee, probably acceptable at best and most likely mediocre.
      This is a good machine to start on if you are budget constrained and will produce decent result. I would say the built-in grinder is what holds it back the most.
      This machine will push out 9 bar no problem.

      • Cheers for this. Interesting as the Perfecta is 15 bar, or are they rated different?

        Got it producing a decent crema (took me around 30 coffees to get the right setting…for this bean only), but only for a 6- 8 gram shot. Will see if I can try one of these with the same beans and compare.

        • I don't know the reason behind it but a lot of machines run very high pressure. Typically rule of thumb for good coffee extraction is 8-9 bars of pressure. Abnormally high pressure increases the possibility of channelling during extraction resulting in poor tasting coffee.
          A lot of crema doesn't equal good extraction so I wouldn't focus on that too much. Every shot of mine results in huge amount of crema because I roast my own beans and therefore freshness is guaranteed but doesn't mean every one of them tastes good

          • @dji1111111: Perhaps single boiler needs more pressure for the steam wand?
            Wouldn't want any less than 15 Bar on mine, takes longer than commercial machines to do the milk.

          • @dji1111111: What are you using to roast?

            In the US I was using a modified popcorn maker with a power adjustor and thermocouple temperature gauge, had great results and access to very inexpensive green beans over there

  • Am I right to assume this is bambino plus with built-in grinder?

    • +3

      I believe so yes. I went with the Bambino Plus from TGG Commercial ($361) and Smart Grinder Pro ($216) instead. Figure that if I ever want to upgrade the grinder I can, rather than being stuck with the all in one and not being completely happy with it.

  • a real shame there's no stock anywhere for the sea salt variant.

  • Was around $704 recently I believe

    • Yeah I almost pulled trigger then. But this deal has some perks, $100 store credit & some goodies from breville which worths something. You can say its better than the last $704 deal

  • buy TGG 3% gift card so abt another $22.50 off.

    • how do you get TGG 3% gift card?

      • via shopback

  • Is this only applicable to the Smoked Hickory? as the full price is $949 on the stainless steal version and this comes down to $854.10 after applying the SPRING discount code.

    • Prices just changed 10mins as i was paying…

  • Never been so annoyed.
    All 3 colours were $849.
    While confirming credit card details it failed and price updated to $949. What a joke!!!

    Is it normal for TGG to update pricing at 0030 midway through a sale? I have screenshots to hopefully get my purchase through when calling up tomorrow. Ideally I dont want to lose the bonus $100 online click and collect either.

  • WoW I was going to pull the trigger today and now price changed very annoyed as well!!

  • Jumped on this - Skipped on the concierge membership but it sounds like it could be worth it with the vouchers. I just know I wouldn't use them.

    • +1

      I got concierge on a $80 item for like $20 last christmas. Cheap way of getting vouchers

  • There also appears to be a fathers day promotion by the supplier via redemption (valued at RRP $196)

    • 1x Breville Knock Box™ Mini in Black Truffle
    • 1 Month of Veneziano Crave Blend Coffee Beans
    • Voucher to redeem 1x Veneziano Online MasterDemo
  • -2

    Price says $949 for me, no deal

    How does this have no negs?

    • Because it has been mentioned above the deal expired and that TGG changed their price mid sale. Only grey hickory colour remain 849 plus discount & store credits.

  • I'd rather the model down from this, the digital screen isnt as good as the analogue pressure gauge

    • +1

      Never really found the pressure gauge useful on any machine, a lot of other factors (including shot time, which this machine does) has been more useful in creating better espressos.

      • too many variables to worry about the smallest think. Like bean freshness, quality, how fine you grind, how hard you tamp etc

    • +1

      The barista express is not as good as the Pro. Start up is longer (30sec vs 4sec), activation of steam wand after a coffee shot takes too long (only about 5 sec on the pro vs i believe 10-20 sec?) and 1 steam hole vs 4 steam holes.

      There are a number of improvements in the Pro that is worth it vs just having a pressure gauge.

      • Depends if you can trust all that. How long do you think it would take to for the machine to heat up and heat the water?

        • These are not $6k La Marzocco machines and it is recommended to run 1 or 2 blank shots at start up to bring everything up to temperature. If i can run a blank after 4 secs instead of 30 sec, why wait.

          • @KaTst3R: Go for that then. So the water is hot in 4 sec?
            Guess the pod machines heat up quick enough

            • @G-rig: I got a smart plug and schedule/home & voice control so can wait 0 seconds :)