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Kogan 27" Curved QHD VA Panel 144hz FreeSync HDR Gaming Monitor (2560x 1440) $329 + Delivery (Free with First) @ Kogan


Hey guys, first post.

I know Kogan generally gets a lot of hate all round, but not too long ago i bought my LG monitor (27GL850-B) with similar specs for double the price that this one is selling for. For those who don't want to spend as much money but are looking for good specifications, i thought this might be a decent deal. The only difference between my lg and this is that the Kogan monitor has a curved screen and is VA panel instead of IPS. The monitor itself appears to have good reviews as well.

Site description:
Stunning 27” curved display with QHD 2560 × 1440
Swift 144Hz refresh rate and 5ms (OD) response time
1500R Curve allows eyes to track smoothly across the screen
Uncompromising colour quality with 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3 colour gamut
Intense colour display and dynamic imaging with HDR
Eliminate tearing and stuttering with FreeSync

Store: https://www.kogan.com/au/

My LG monitor for reference:

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    Or you can buy this Dell Monitor for $299: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334091601614

    • Coming up as $373 on my link but honestly with the extra 165hz and good stats all round, seems like a good alternative.
      Rtings review if anyone wants to look at it: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s2722dgm

      • 20% off with code DELLSAVE

        • Sorry just noticed that now, thats a steal.

        • I can't apply that code "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

          • @user5754: The code seems to still be working

            • @aj-007: yep, all good now

              • @user5754: I'm struggling with this code, too. Says "cannot be applied to order" any ideas?

                Thanks legend

                • @nafpls: No idea, sorry. It just started working for me 🤷‍♂️

      • is 5ms still considered gaming monitor?

        the dell @ 1ms is much better

        • Naturally 1ms is better but for the majority of people gaming the difference shouldn't be noticeable, unless your into hardcore fps gaming.

    • Anyone know if it's possible to stack the dell discount code with the ebay plus $40 bonus code?

    • This is what I did! Absolue bargain.

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    In comparison to a regular non-HDR monitor, an HDR400-certified monitor only has a higher peak brightness and the ability to accept the HDR signal. So, the HDR picture won't have improved colors or contrast, just a higher peak luminance, which in most cases results in just a washed-out image

    • Frankly ive never used the HDR feature on my LG, definitely seems like a gimmick for marketing and not true HDR.

    • What do you mean? My LG has improved colors and contrast and its HDR400.

      Are you sure you aren't confusing HDR compatible devices like projectors that are simply able to do HDR > SDR tone mapping etc?

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    DELL's DGF is still the best bang for buck imo!

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