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Sennheiser GSP 670 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset $249 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Hey all.

Ive been comparing all the latest gaming headsets whilst in lock down.
although released in 2019

these 670 sennheiser are true high fidelity 7.1 headphones which have an astounding hz range
"frequency range of 10 Hz to 23 kHz and an equalizer that takes interventions from 64 Hz to 16 kHz,"

you can get the razor and steel series a little cheaper.
but they do not have the frequency range

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  • Price in title, mate

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    Would love to hear about if anyone has actually tried these out. Been looking for a premium set of wireless headphones and doing lots of research. Most reviews I've come across of this model aren't flattering.

    • Even well reviewed ones like the Arctis 7 sound like shit. It's really hard to find an actually good wireless gaming headset.

      • I have not seen any gaming headset that consistently gotten good reviews. Such a weird market.

        • I've been having this issue for YEARS. I bought an arctis 9X so I could use it wirelessly on my xbox and PC, but its mic and build quality is TERRIBLE. Not to mention no firmware updates or additional support since it was released.

          I recently bought the Razer BlackShark for use with the PS5 (it has its own dongle thats 3D audio compatible, so plug and play) but on the PC it isn't even recognised by the usual Razer software.

          Audio quality of both is pretty good, but there are so many caveats that its not a clear decision. I've considered consumer grade bluetooth headsets but the latency issues (hopefully solved in BT5.0) ruin the game experience.

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            @Intoxicoligist: To my knowledge, it's not possible/practical to make a Bluetooth gaming headset with good audio quality, because Bluetooth (at least the older versions, which you'd need to support for compatibility reasons) only really allow for two audio modes:

            1 - Headset, which means you get both audio output and microphone but at low (think "telephone") quality
            2 - A2DP/Headphone, which gives you high quality audio, but no microphone

        • Agreed, I've been trying to find something decent that works with XBOX series X, PS5 and PC - and there are only 2 in the market. Arctis 7x (which isn't available in AUS) and sold out overseas and the Audeze Penrose which hasn''t reviewed too well.

          I've given up that dream and have been looking at the Astro A50. It reviews favourably well. Unfortunately, I'd need to buy another base station down the track so that it works both on the PS5 and series x.

          The other option is a wired handset - which I don't mind but I'd prefer wireless.

          • @eltito: I have the Astro A50's Gen3. Bought them used off a mate a couple years ago now. I think very highly of them and the mic sounds clear. Although they are super expensive brand new.

            That same mate got a pair of A40 TR's with mix amp for $280 on the black friday sales. They sound great as well. So overall I can vouch for Astro's, but then the next bloke will come along and say they're crap 😂

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              @pharcyde: Haha very true. I guess no product is perfect, so I keep that in mind when doing my research - as long as the majority can vouch for a product then I'm ok with that.

              What I did find out is that according to reddit and other reports, connecting the Astro A50 and series x via USB creates sub-par sound. The method to get 3d sound is that you need to connect an optical cable from your TV to the base station - apparently it sounds way way way better. Luckily, my tv has 1 unused optical port.

              In regards to the PS5 - I'm not sure if it's the same situation as above - I'm still looking into it.

              Such a tedious situation though - I wish the Arctis 7x were available lol. I'm seriously considering wired now but I must find out if using wired will resolve all sounds issues above (and basically have great sound to begin with).

              • @eltito: PS5 doesn't have an optical out, only HDMI. And you can only get the special 3D audio via the controller port, a headset with a pre-paired dongle (Razer BlackShark does this), or a headset that supports the PS5 wireless spec (Arctis 7x and Pulse 3D headset). There is talk of a patch that will help it play nicely with home audio speakers but I'm not sure if thats via dolby atmos, dt:x. or something else.

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          came to a similar conclusion. I just opted for a good value wired solution - the Philips that was posted yesterday.

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        I beg to differ on the Arctis 7 sounding like shit. I'm super happy with mine.

    • I have one of these

      VERY long battery life
      Can be used while plugged in
      Lift mike to mute
      Solid build

      Very tight on the head, painful to wear with glasses for any extended period of time
      Sound quality is acceptable in geberal but the surround sound is just tinny echoey sounding rubbish. So bad I suspect I've done something wrong with the setup, buggered if I can see what though. I no longer use it.
      FW updates are a bit clumsy and fiddly to get done.

  • Yeah agree .. most of them site the size of the headphone and the huge price.. if you want decent sound you need decent drivers.. but I'm also interested for others reviews .

  • Also .. if you goto ple you can get an ex demo.. out of box and save a few more bucks.
    @ $224.10

  • also $30 off with Zip at JB currently

  • I have the 370 and 670, i prefer the 370 as bluetooth on a gaming headset is yikes with the delay and using the dongle with the 670 gets you about 12-15 hours in my experience while dongle use on the 370 I easily get 100 hours. I only end up recharging it maybe once every couple of weeks. Everyone so far has said my voice sounds great in them and use them for both gaming and work. the 670s now sit in the lounge room for quiet gaming sessions with a guest.

  • Anyone knows if these are good for zoom calls ? Is the mic any good ? Any issues with comfort when wearing for long durations ?

    I'm looking for a wireless headset for calls mostly and the occasional gaming.

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    I've bought this one for 400, I've used it for over a year now.


    • Quality is good, you'll have to fiddle with the equaliser if you want to get the best out of it
    • It's light compared some headsets
    • Mic muting when you lift is great and mic quality is pretty good


    • Mic will sometimes mute when in use and charging
    • Incredibly stupid design on how to turn it on, basically a giant knob on the right side you have to turn and it's not a gentle turn. You'll have to hold the headset otherwise it will fall off when you try turning it on/off
    • Headset will sometimes not turn off when charging while in use, make sure autosleep is on otherwise you'll have to either wait till the headset dies or turn your computer off.
    • Windows determines this headset as having 2 separate listening devices which can cause irritating issues if you're working from home
    • Stock ear pads are horrible, I wear glasses and take them off while wearing the headset to clean them every now and then, which tears the padding off the ear pads (See this link for the ones I bought that are much better.

    Conclusion, I do not recommend buying these. When the problems hit, they hit hard.

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    I've had this for less than a week with ~5 hours of usage so far. I wanted a wireless headset (no wires when sim racing/gaming) with a good mic (for work calls). I previously used Bose AE2 with a ModMic.

    Comfort - Takes some getting used to as it is heavier than what I used to have. Clamping force is also quite strong, but seems to be getting more comfortable with use. The pads form a good seal around my ear which gives some noise cancellation. When I first used them I got a bit dizzy, but I get that same feeling (but stronger) from in-ear earphones. It does seem to be getting better with more use though. Lack of wires is good. I am worried about things getting warm when it gets to summer, so I have purchased the gel ear pads and hopefully they are nice. I don't wear glasses so can't comment on if the ear pads cause issues.

    Sound - I'm no audiophile so I won't pretend to be. Things sound good. I play FPS as I can hear clearly where enemies are etc. Work calls sound fine. There is a button to switch between 2.0 and 7.1 sound modes. 2.0 sounds better. Don't know enough 'sound' words to describe properly.

    Mic - Excellent. Again, don't have the terminology to explain things but I had high expectations coming from a ModMic which I've heard is well regarded. Mic sound equally clear with no issues from what I've been told so I am satisfied. I like the ability to mute by lifting the mic.

    Battery - No comment yet. Still on first full charge but I'm glad it will work while charging.

    Connectivity - Dongle connection is quick. Not had any issues with latency at all. I'm using this on my PC so dongle is ~50cm from headset so that is to be expected. Have not tried Bluetooth connection with phone yet so can't confirm how well things work with simulatneous connections. The idea that PC audio will mute when my phone rings sounds good though.

    Other things - I like the separate volume knobs where I can adjust game and communications volume separately. It's quite clever and it works really well. Build quality seems really good.

    Very happy so far!

    Happy to try and answer questions if you have any.

    • How does music sound…
      have you tried playing an atmos movie in 7.1 ?

      thanks in advance

      • They both sound nice? Sorry I really am not qualified to describe how things sound haha.

        If I'm forced to use more words, music sounds pretty clear and not overly bass-y or tinny?

        Movies probably feel a bit more immersive in 7.1? It felt a bit more like I was at the movies. To be fair it's been forever since I've been to the cinemas and I'm not sure if it's more a placebo effect of having a fancy new headset.

        Sorry this probably wasn't as scientific or as usual as you needed!

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  • I can’t understand how anyone can use closed back gaming headphones.. I have a set of open sennheisers and you can literally wear them for hours with no discomfort.

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      i live in a house which has other people in it

      • That would still depend on how much background noise they're generating. You don't need pristine silence to use open back headphones.

        I think the point here was also to highlight that chucking this much money for degraded sound quality because of comfort or competitive claims is also a bit rich.

  • Is there a good gaming headset I can use with both playstation, xbox and pc?

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