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Chupa Chups Best of Mini 50 Lollipops 300g $6.35 ($5.72 with S&S) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Previously expired deal but now back…at a good price. Includes Chupa Chups most popular flavours.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Get vaccinated for a free chupa chup

    • pfft mine only had a sticker and a bottle of water……no chupa chup!

      • Got a couple of individually wrapped mentos :P

      • most people get nothing

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      What's wrong with the world at present in your comment

    • Sometimes you gotta give yourself the treat after a vaccination, Greek Gyro shop basically across the road from the clinic, they knew.

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    If only they did strawberry and cream only packs

    • You could be in luck, apparently the ratios are messed up:
      18x Cola
      10x Strawberry & Cream
      10x Choco Vanilla
      4x Orange
      4x Apple
      4x Strawberry

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        What sick person wants 18x cola flavoured ones.

        • Colaaa

        • +7

          Cola is the best imo

        • +1

          I thought everyone liked Cola… I'm not disappointed that you don't like Cola tho, it just means more Cola Chupa Chups for ussss

    • i've always wondered why they always had packs with greater quantities of the least favourite flavour. if you knew it was least favourite wouldn't you just make less?

    • No watermelon or lemonade, holy moly Batman!

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    How much smaller are these mini ones than the regular size?

    • Half. 6g vs 12g

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        just stuff one in each cheek and pretend the sticks are your fangs

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    Bought them at $4.90 during Prime Day and that was very dangerous. The green apple ones were the best and they had plenty of Cola.

  • Mine was mostly chocolate and orange, not my favourite …

    • orange nice but chocolate flavour sugar on a stick, what the hell were they thinking,

  • It's cheaper to get the 25 regular size pack at $5.60 ($5.04S&S).

    Or 1000 @ $218 lol…
    EDIT: Actually it's cheapest to S&S the 25 packs at $5.04 = $201.6/1000.


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      If you do want 1000, it's $196.35 for S&S for the 1000 pack

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    Are these made in China?

    • Probably. The store ones are.

    • Yes, I bought them a fee weeks back. Wouldent buy again for that reason

      • Be sure to start cutting down on anything that contains gluten and isn't 100% Aussie made. Like most self raising flour.

  • Thanks Op

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  • 18x Cola

    I see this as a complete win

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      Fitting, seeing as I just missed out :(

  • Dang, just missed it

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  • btw, what does s&s stand for?

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      Subscribe and Save.

      • Thanks. you mean it's like joining Prime or ebay Plus. Right?

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          you 'subscribe' to buying the product whether that be getting it delivered weekly or monthly or every 3 months. And for doing that its a bit cheaper… although you can just buy it once and when it gets delivered, 'unsubscribe' so that its just cheaper for only one.

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    I bought this a few weeks ago. They're really (profanity) hard to open, probably because they're small. And I have shit grip idk

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    Back in stock, just ordered.

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      Yup working and ordered

    • Cheers - deal is not now unexpired again.

  • so these are "mini" - not regular size?

    • That's right, half the regular size.

  • Down to $5.50 ($4.95 sub & save) for those following.