Do You Donate Blood?

Did my 15th donation the other day and Thought I’d ask if anyone else in the OzB community give blood and if so, how many donations do far?

Mod Note: Visit Australian Red Cross Lifeblood for more information.


Hi All,

Truly inspired by how many OzBargainers give, or are willing to give blood.

I have created a lifeblood team for those who are interested. Always wanted to be part of a team but could never convince the office the participate (for various reasons).

If you login to your lifeblood account, simply search for the team called 'OzBargain'. Really hoping we can rally the troops on this and see how many donations we can achieve together!

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    35 donations here - usually plasma since the shelf life is longer and you don't lose iron in the process

    Made it into a challenge for myself - at least one per month for the last few years even though I have a strong distaste for needles

    Also a good way to get rid of calories

    • "Also a good way to get rid of calories"

      Doesn't apply to me!

    • +1

      I don't think donating blood is supporting a war.
      (we also left in 2014 - 7 years ago).

      It is saving a life however.

      Did anyone mention free cookies to you??? (I mean you are OzB after all…..).

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    Just finished my 27th and I've been donating since 18. I am in my mid 20s. Takes approx 7 mins for the donation and 30 mins in total for the stay.

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      Would you consider donating plasma? You could donate more frequently - every 2 weeks

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    I haven’t yet, but have thought about doing it on and off for years now. I think this thread has inspired me to take the plunge… thank you!

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    I used to every couple of months. I loved needles - I'd watch. No problem.

    But every passing year I've become worse and now I have this impending doom thing.

    Also life..uh..gets in the way. After having kids I'd have so many more colds every time the van was in town.

    I never intended to stop but it's been years now.

    I think if I close my eyes and picture a caramel milkshake I MIGHT just convince myself to go again (once I'm no longer scared to leave the house thanks to COVID).

    Plus I have to stand on a set of scales :(

  • No because I get the panic giggles really loud, hyperventilate and am prone to fainting.

    Would love to though, if they're happy to strap me down to the bed.

    • I get the panic giggles

      Lol what the heck is that!?

      • +2

        Exactly what it sounds like! If I'm panicked, I laugh hysterically.

        Think of like, the Joker or something. I'm not completely insane though.

  • I used to… until they rejected me for turning up to my appointment as my blood type is 'too common' and not required. After being turned away 3 times I have no interest in donating anymore. And the thought of donating plasma isn't my cup of tea, so definitely nothing for me to contribute.

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    I absolutely would, but unfortunately, I can't.

    I'm not eligible as I lived in the UK for at least 6 months between 1980 and 1996.

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    Tried a few times but the last two times I felt faint and they stopped it, then tried to get me to some waiver release form while I was feeling ill. Never again. All they want to do is protect themselves.

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    I had like 23 donations, I'm A- but they moved the clinic to an inconvenient spot. So it's been a couple years since.

    I am on a medication that rules me out of donating for 12 months now anyway

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    16 donations - stopped for a while due to health issues (and let's face it laziness) but I have taken it back up again at the mobile centre near my work. No milkshakes but snacks (chips and popcorn) and an hour off work paid makes up for that.
    My son does once a month (no time off work as he is casual) but goes into the lifeblood centre and he has 2 milkshakes as he donates plasma he thinks that's better than time off.

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    I had 2 in the last 2 months, only have the message that the blood is used the first time. Does that mean the second one is wasted?

    I will have a plasma appointment this Saturday.

    • perhaps SMS admin issues. - I mean they probably have to be told by the hospital - "we have used it", if someone forgets or does not log it correctly, well….
      My understanding is that very little blood is ever wasted (more to do with issue in transit, if it does get thrown out).

      • Thanks I hope that is the case.

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    Booked in for my first!

    • Legend! Enjoy the free food and drinks!

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    I've donated 22 times either plasma or whole blood. i've stopped for about 1 yr now, will start to donate again after my 2nd dose of vaccine. I feel donating blood is a small gesture that have a big impact to help save lives.

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    No, because I ate beef in the 80's in the UK!

    Did lots of blood and apherisis donations in the UK, but here it's worthless sadly, if I were bleeding out and it's die or 'maybe' get vCJD in 20+ years, show me the red stuff!

    • +1

      Same here!

  • i would donate more if it didn't mean i have to go into the city. My local is always booked out….

  • Not anymore as its too much of a hassle to get to my local. Used to do it for a sausage roll and milkshake at the end.

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    In our EB agreement we have a couple days a year off work for non-urgent (and urgent) personal, medical and legal appointments that can’t be completed here where I am in rural/regional QLD. They don’t accumulate and at present until my kids need braces or something I actually use my days to go donate blood in a bigger regional centre 2hrs away. Not sure if my employer is fully supportive from the impression I get but then I don’t think there is anything they can do as it’s a written condition of employment including marketing it as an incentive for new employees but then not always welcoming when they’re accessed….
    I donate plasma, apparently I have a good platelet count though so I am keen to begin doing it soon. My wife and I make a day of it and some friendly competition who can bleed the fastest ;)

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    I've donated 25 times but have been very flakey with the number of times I have donated. I know I should do it more. I could be significantly higher than this by now - sometimes I've gone years without donating.

    I'm trying to donate platelets now, as well as whole blood when possible. I recently did my first plasma donation and while I was there was told that women can't donate platelets in Australia anymore, so I decided that I would give that a go for my next couple of donations. Takes quite a lot of time but I'm fine with it.

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    Unfortunately I can't donate blood as I've had Acute Myeloid Leukemia several years ago, Would like to thank all of those who take the time out of their day to donate and help save lives. Personally I probably had over 100 packed cells (Red Cells) and several platelets in the span of 2 years.

    Quite annoying to know that I have 450mls of blood drawn every month only to be thrown away but I guess it's for the best.

    Have donated a piece of bone marrow for research if that helps at all, lmao.

    • donated a piece of bone marrow


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    Used too, till I got bowel cancer, now they don't want my tainted blood lol, but to everyone who still can and does you're awesome.

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    107 total usually plasma but did whole blood the other day due to a request.

  • Used to, but now with my line of work I cannot do it without approval from the boss as it doesn't allow me to work for a period of time afterwards.

  • +2

    No, too gay.

  • +2

    I'm somewhere in the mid 50s, been doing it for a long time (blood and plasma) but now live in a small town with no donation clinic. So only get to donate when I'm on holidays in a city somewhere.

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    not able to donate because I received a kidney transplant but I always try to encourage people to donate when I see we have shortages or try to dismiss peoples ideas of oh i would have terrible blood because of x issue (like drinking which is same thing people may say for becoming an organ donor) ultimately they can only try to donate and see what happens. I've had plenty of products and its encouraged family to try donate blood or become organ donors so happy to be trying to do my part

    • +1

      same here and have had a blood transfusion when very anemic due to an infection. Also known quite a few kids in critical care that have lived due to those who donate blood — thank you to all who donate, you may never understand how much it means to save a life of someone at any age.

  • +1

    Gee everyone here is either in the no camp or in the ive done this a bajillion times.

    I think ive done it 4 times but I don’t even remember.

    • +2

      Good on ya, bloody legend! 4 is better than none ;-)

      Over time you'll make it into the bajillion times camp, I'm sure.

  • I used to, but had too many adverse events (fainting) and now I'm banned for a while.

    Will try again soon. It's so important to do

  • +3

    Randomly saw this on the bottom of the homepage.

    94 plasma and
    2 blood donations in Australia

    A few overseas while I was studying.

    Only started giving after I had a nasty accident at home and needed 4 units of blood and emergency surgery.

    Only found out recently we buy plasma from overseas due to poor donation rates.

  • +2

    Good news everyone.

    This post prompted me to look into my local donor center and I think I'm ready to jump back in.

    Just need to work around the minimum timings for covid jabs.

  • +1

    I tried, but I has a seizure like vasovagal syncope. They wrote to me asking me to please not come back.

  • +6

    I've done 117 donations, mixture of whole blood and plasma

  • Plasma.

  • In my case I’d love to but I can’t because I have medical issues that prevent me from doing so.
    Should add some more poll options

    No - Because I’m from the UK

    No - I have a medical reason that stops me

    No - other reason which I may/may not have commented about below.

  • What are the pros & cons of donating?

    Clearly giving is helping others. Does it have any other health benefits?

    Is there any cons? People who donate too much?

    • +2

      Cons is that they have to pierce your vein to get it

      • Building on from this and full disclosure - They once didn't pierce my vein property. Had a warm/burning sensation from my 3rd or 4th donation. Told them after I gave blood and the response was very sympathetic. The phlebotomist apologised and the next few donations all started with the consultant making sure I was ok and again apologising for what happened.

        They really do value your blood and want to ensure every ounce of energy is put towards yourself being comfortable.

    • Is there any cons? People who donate too much?

      They've done it for long enough to know how much to take and how frequently is safe for most people.
      Of course there are the occasional first timers that may have an issue, or it factors change (iron deficiency etc), and they'll recommend whether to come back or not.

  • +1

    Had a blood cancer so I can't.

    I'd encourage anyone who can to do so though please. It's was a massive part of my chemo to be able to get platelets and red cells. Everyone is touched by cancer and chemo patients often require transfusions.

    Donations literally save lives and I probably wouldn't be here today with them. Who wouldn't want to be a hero :-)

    • Ditto to that, had a few transfusions this year, never had to before. Hallelujah to blood banks.

  • Unfortunately not due to coming from England and possibly having mad cows disease in my blood.

  • +2

    Whole blood, O-. They always seem happy to see me. The real kick in the arse for me donating was seeing my wife receive transfusions. Havent missed an appointment since and feel a little bit bad everytime I didnt start going earlier, but makes me feel good that I'm doing something about it now.

    Out of interest, they always try spruik plasma donations, but honestly - the time commitment is what troubles me with doing this. My reading online suggests that O- plasma is the least compatible with others, so not as universally useful as O- blood is - is this correct?

    • +1

      My reading online suggests that O- plasma is the least compatible with others, so not as universally useful as O- blood is - is this correct?

      Half correct. It's not universally useful but it's still useful since 1 in 2 people in Australia have O+ or O- blood. So we need lots of it!!!

      Plasma compatibility
      Plasma contains anti-A and anti-B antibodies depending upon the blood group. Our body also has antibodies to A and/or B antigens according to our blood group. Patients should only receive plasma that does not contain an antibody which could attack the antigens present on their own red cells.

      Group A recipients have A antigen on their red cells, so they can’t receive group O or group B plasma as the anti-A will attack their red cells. Group B recipients have B antigen on their red cells, so they can’t receive group O or group A plasma as the anti-B will attack their red cells.

      Group AB recipients can only receive group AB plasma. Group O recipients do not have either A or B antigen, so can safely receive plasma of any blood group type.

      Scroll down to the image under "Plasma Compatibility".

  • +1

    donating blood is one of the easiest ways to 'give back' or 'pay it forward' you can do. The sheer volume of things that your donation gets used for is so helpful, and potentially saves lives. All the places I have worked have allowed time off for donating, but even if you have to do it at lunch time it's really simple.

    I can't any more (long term sick and my meds poison my blood) but I would still be doing it if I could.

  • No I don't. I don't like blood, I don't like needles.

    I do feel that I should do it, at least give it a go. But it's very easy to put it off.

    I give about 2.5% of my income to charity, i'm giving something. But I should give blood too.

    • -1

      I give about 2.5% of my income to charity,

      So do muslims but it's a mandatory thing for them.

      I'm sure you can jab yourself once every 3-4 months.

  • +2

    I lived in England for about one year in 1987 and used to eat lots of meat. Apparently, that means there was a risk that I got Mad Cows Disease and I was told in no uncertain terms that my blood will not be accepted. Therefore, I am not allowed to donate blood even if I wanted to.

  • +1

    8 times. I feel it's an easy way for me to do a little good. Doesn't take too much effort or time. Blood only, only good veins in one arm.

  • +1

    Just got home from a donation. The nurse made a good call - "take your time in the rest area, it's the only place in Melbourne where you can dine in right now"

  • +1

    I'm a UK expat so am not allowed due to mad cow disease in the 80's and 90's. I would otherwise as I did in the UK. Shame they can't screen for it or else I think more would donate

  • Will they take my blood if I'm a fat degenerate with a history of pericarditis?

  • Yep, used to go fairly regularly but haven't been since April now due to other health issues (Burnt out from work in April, newly developed Asthma means I'm on lung steroids, lady over phone for Lifeblood said I can't until I've stopped the steroids for 4 weeks).

    I usually do plasma donation but have thrown in a few full blood every now and then. Currently at 58 donations.

  • I've made two, only started this year. Learnt I am o- so they are all over it for me to donate!

  • No but i am gay so no blood from me

  • Judging by the poll, half of the Ozbargainers shouldn't receive any blood as they refused to donate.

    Otherwise wouldn't it be double standards like those ass hacks refusing the COVID jab?

    • +1

      Wishing I could donate since my mid20s…they tend to only squeeze enough for a baby from me before they give up.

      And I logged in just to thanks to all the blood givers…few months ago I had a surgery and the surgeon said in 30 years he rarely had to transfused but for the 8 hours that he operated on me, I was slowly bleeding out. Wouldn't be alive if it weren't for all the bags of blood they rushed in.

    • +2

      There's a difference between can't donate and won't donate, and the poll doesn't differentiate that.

      I donated for a couple of years before they changed the rules, and having lived in England in the 90s, they will no longer accept my blood. Until they change the rules Iagain can't donate.

  • +2

    During lockdown donating blood is one of the reasons to leave home. Before the pandemic I had random meetings pop up so regularly had to cancel appointments. I enjoy being able to donate regularly.

  • +2

    Thankyou everyone who donates. I would like too donate but any decent needle e.g. blood test or dentist, and I get pretty sick; light headed, drenched in sweat and sometimes I vomit (yea at the dentist's it sux). Vaccines are fine. I have never tried to give blood but it would not end well. Anyone else get this reaction?

    I think everyone who does deserves more than just food and drink, they should have a points system so you can save up for rewards, skydiving etc. Lol

    • +2

      I donate plasma every 2 weeks like clockwork and agree that a reward type system would good to see to encourage more uptake. They're always whinging about not enough people donating yet I've not seen any real incentive offered beyond a few lame snacks afterwards and a pin every 25 donations or so.

      I get behind the idea that we shouldn't be paying people cash to donate, but Australia buys lots of plasma from overseas, mostly from countries where donors are paid, so we are indirectly paying donors anyway, and the hundreds of millions we spend on importing is leaving our economy. A comprehensive rewards system would not only encourage a lot more local donations but would have a small flow on effect by keeping this money within our economy.

  • +4

    Hi All,

    Truly inspired by how many OzBargainers give, or are willing to give blood.

    I have created a lifeblood team for those who are interested. Always wanted to be part of a team but could never convince the office the participate (for various reasons).

    If you login to your lifeblood account, simply search for the team called 'OzBargain'. Really hoping we can rally the troops on this and see how many donations we can achieve together!

    • I…belong…somewhere?

      I signed up, awesome 3 ozbargainers so far.

      Sadly my triumphant return after 10 years of no donating was foiled - I simply didn't feel good so I cancelled. (7 days after Pfizer so I'm guessing just a delayed reaction). I'll regroup and try again next week.

      • Yep 3 members! Hoping we can more based on the poll results…!

  • I feel sick at the sight of blood but I donated, I was told the entire process would take 15 minutes, I knew if I could be in and out I could hold it together so I called and asked for the quietest time, I got there and had to wait then interview then more forms then wait then get a chair then wait the finally donate blood the from the stress my blood pressure was going up so was asked to wait then afterwards asked to wait around and eat something so it ended being almost 3 hours.

  • Yay I finally got this done. After a 10 year absence, glad to be back doing this. Thanks for posting.

  • It doesn't backdate my 32 donations to the team :(

    • It's ok - moving forward it will :)

  • It'll get your next 32 though :)

  • My appointment at the mobile unit next week has been cancelled due to COVID distancing. Apparently they halved the amount of donors - randomly. Anyway, I have an appointment at a regular blood bank now. Just this once, I hope. I have added my number to the Ozbargain team.

    • Yes!!! Welcome aboard!

  • 9 team members so far. Hoping we can ramp this up…!

    • You might get more traction by starting a "Join the OzBargain Lifeblood Team" thread, especially if it also hits front page. I'd been ignoring notifications from this thread…

      I didn't have a team yet so 🤷‍♂️ Go OzBargain!

      The spot in the app to enter your team is under More ≡ , Preferences ➡, Lifeblood Team.

      • I was going to but thought it might have been spammy given we already have this thread. Hence why I edited it

  • +1

    Made my first donation as OzBargain group member yesterday.

    • Yes! Congrats and thank you!

  • +1

    OzB Update:

    Well done everyone so far! Hoping to grow the participants to the team :)