[Unobtainable Deal] [NSW] 6 Pieces Fried Chicken for $6.95 on Tuesdays @ KFC (App Required)

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Cats out of the bag for everyone not living in Berejiklistan, but at least KFC hasn't gone and chucked a Dominos on us.

It's poorer value overall but arguably more useful if you don't need 9 pieces.

There's also a Zinger Pizza Double and Pizza Double Burger incoming, so prepare your arteries!

Mod: The deal did not go ahead today (on the 7/9) as it was originally posted, the deal is unpublished and moved to forums as unobtainable. The location is also unknown, as per here. The deal may go ahead on 14/9 (according to update by the OP) in some location(s). The deal can be re-posted when the details about when and where are known, as per our Upcoming Deals guidelines.

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    Did someone say KFC?

    • -18

      Are you going to make this joke every KFC post?

      • +94

        I don’t care! I love it!!

        • At least OP makes an original joke.

        • +2

          The KFC advertising works, these saying got stuck in our head.

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            @htc: Shut up and take my money!

          • -1

            @htc: Me too, which is why I tend to change it to something dirty to counteract the marketing.

            Did someone say BBC?

          • @htc: It's a step up at least. They used to be God awful 10+ years ago with the worst acting ever

        • Lmfao I'm betting you're a dad

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      did someone say O-z-B ?

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    Ngl I'd prefer 6 for $6.95 just for the smaller portion size - 3 for tonight and 3 for tomorrow with homemade sides. I'm either eating more than necessary or having not so fresh chicken the third night

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      Airfryer reheated KFC chicken is bomb. 5/7 would recommend.

      • +2

        how do you stop it from going dry? especially the breast pieces?

        • +1

          Try steaming, or microwave with a small amount of water in a seperate cup to warm it. Then Air Fry it briefly to crisp the exterior.

        • +3

          Microwave for like 40 seconds or so. The oil will heat it up real quick. Preheat airfryer to 200C or the hottest, then chuck the microwaved KFC in for a few minutes just to crisp up the skin. Enjoy.

      • Oven works fine as well.

        • Yeah but it's way quicker in an airfryer.

          • @Munki: Quicker to eat it straight out of the fridge. I don't eat original recipe, but for hot n spicy/wicked wings it tastes good cold. it has a different flavour profile to when it is hot. Different but good.

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    Does that mean the 9 pieces offer below does not apply to NSW?


    • +1

      Indeed it does not.

      • Any source?

        • +25

          BBQ, Tomato, Satay or Sweet Chilli

        • That’ll be 50 cents extra

          but a bunch of associated posts confirming in 9 for $9.95 comments

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    Still can't believe you guys can't get hot and spicy and have to go original only :(

  • -1

    Y'all don't need 9 pieces?

  • +3

    Is there still no Hot and Spicy in NSW? What's the deal with that?

    • +4

      Hot and Spicy is only available at very few restaurants in NSW. Artarmon and Chatswood Intg are two that I know of that do.

      If you search a bit there'll be a more comprehensive list :)

      • +2

        Where is the chatswood interchange one located?
        KFC chatswood Westfields used to have hot & spicy all year round. But it was no longer available a few months ago.

        • +4

          It's located in Chatswood Interchange (the train station 'centre') right next to the McDonalds and downstairs from the Woolies Metro.

        • +2

          Right outside the entrance to Chatswood station, it opened less than a year ago I think

    • +13

      The NSW stores (that I have found) with H&S all year round:

      • Artarmon
      • Chatswood Interchange
      • Lindfield
      • Town Hall (Bathurst St)
      • George St (Haymarket)
      • George St (Broadway/Chippendale across Railway Square)
      • +2

        Bookmark-worthy :-D

        • +2

          Bookmarking this beautiful gem ;)

      • I asked KFC on FB and this was their list.

        Thank you for your inquiry about our KFC products. The hot and spicy is currently running in the below stores only. Kim -Customer Service

        In NSW these stores include

        1. Artarmon
        2. Broadway
        3. Chatswood
        4. Dulwich HIll
        5. George St, CBD
        6. Haymarket
        7. Lindfield
        8. Chatswood Interchange
    • +5

      Dulwich hill has hot n not so spicy

      • I didn't know this.
        The option doesn't apepar in the App or online, is it something you can only order at the counter or drive thru?

        • I haven't gotten H&S from there yet. I just heard they sell it.

    • +2

      To keep it short NSW Stores are franchised and run by the company Yum! which doesn't do spicy and funny enough are the parent US company of KFC. QLD and WA stores are run by Collins Foods, Collins dgaf about Yum! and they do what they want,

      • +1

        Thanks for the info.
        I find it hard to go back to the normal chicken after having Hot n Spicy. It's just not as good, to me. No crunch

        • Red Rooser's friend chicken has some good crunch

          • @wolvesaussie: Do you reckon it is as good as KFC's Hot and Spicy? Also, do only select Red Rooster stores do the fried chicken, or did they roll it out everywhere eventually?

  • +4

    Time to get fat. My waist is not prepared. If only they rolled out hot n spicy state wide. Why are they so stubborn? They don't like money?

    • How about country-wide?

      Australia's not just NSW.

    • +1

      Prepare that summer body !

  • +2

    "I crashed my car into the bridge"….

  • +1

    Oooh good thing I just bought some trackpants in the Bonds deal

  • +2

    The pizza burger looking tempting

  • Hmm how do you see the zinger pizza double? Not visible in my app :(

    • double vision?

    • +1

      The same way I'm seeing the 6 for 6.95 deal.

      Neither are meant to be visible yet.

  • +6

    I recently tried Red Rooster's fried chicken offering and found the chicken portions to be better. Was slightly over seasoned but still good. Definitely tasted fresher.

    • +2

      We found one boys

    • +1

      Agree 100%. Red Rooster chicken crispier and less greasy!

    • +3

      Yeah I'll bet, it's a shame they only have about 5 stores in Sydney though lol.

      If you don't live on the red rooster line you're out of luck.

    • This! Red Rooster's are bigger, crispy, and I think the seasoning was just right. No more Kentucky Soggy Chicken even at this price.

    • About time people caught onto Red Rooster's crunch fried chicken. It's damn good.

  • +2

    As a single bloke I am all over this, 2 nights of KFC a week with homemade sides for under $10

    • +9

      Explains why you're single

      But still doesn't explain why I'm single

      • +1

        Someone got Rick rolled

  • +2

    Prefer this as I can't stomach 9 pieces.

    • same, my freezer is full of other stocked up crap

  • +3

    Glad they bringing back the double in some form, always amused me how people complain how 'unhealthy' it is when if you check it's actually healthier than a burger because of the sugar buns they use.

    • Depends if your diet/ body calls for less sugar/ carbs OR less fat ?

  • Getting “Couldn’t load restaurant information. Please try again later”. Part of me hopes their backend services got OzBargained.

    • Deal starts next week

  • +1

    Time to bring the rice cooker out 🤤

  • will this deal be running for every Tuesday for one month?

    (vs "9 Pieces Fried Chicken for $9.95 on Tuesday (Excludes NSW)" deal will be running every Tuesday for one month - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648290?page=1#comment)

    • I'm guessing so. Most KFC promos seems to run for about that long.

  • Reckon I'll be able to add this to the Mates Box with free delivery?

  • +1

    No love for VIC for either this or the 9 pieces, WTF???

    • -1

      I was only guessing NSW only from the other post (as it looked like it was only NSW excluded)

      • that post has been updated and excludes VIC and SA as well

    • +1

      So sad indeed. This is our second year of Victorian long lockdown :(

  • +4

    Under which section in the app. I can’t find it….

    • Have they postponed the offer?

    • there goes the kfc brekkie :(

  • +4

    Am I the only one that saw this offer was to begin from today (7th Sep)? Now it lists from the 14th Sep?

    • It was saying from today. No idea why has been postponed

    • +1

      I’m so sad now.

  • I couldn't find either on app
    Lead me please?

  • It’s misleading, date suddenly changed to a week later.

    • yes i know i noticed that as well too… and now its postponed for next week? dissapointing

  • +1

    So still not available yet :(

  • Did someone say KFC next week?

  • +2

    Not fair! I was looking forward to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So disappointed, but App won;t even load, or send me a p/w reset anyway ;(

  • +1

    ahh damn, was waiting for this deal :(

  • Terrible news - was looking forward to this since the post.
    Not good for my mental health

  • Seems to be available today 6 fo $6.95 until 6pm in Sydney. Under Colonel's Offers in the App.

    • Seems to be limited locations. Some have the offer and some don't. If its not appearing, change the store and it might pop up

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