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ITNO Mens Mister Boots $23.99 (RRP $189.99) US Size 7-13 + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $130 Order) @ Platypus Shoes


A boot that will soon be high on your shoedrobe rotation. The I-T-N-O Mister boot is a Chelsea boot with a twist, made from a black suede material and featuring a black elastic goring and premium crepe outsole. Exclusive to Platypus.

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  • Thanks OP, grabbed a pair

  • Thanks OP, picked up a pair. Nice to add some variety

  • yoink

  • Hard to say no at that price!

  • +1

    Tan colour as well

  • Got lucky!

    If they don't fit, I'll just return them

    • Cheers, I ordered the white low-tops.

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    is US size same as AU?

      • +16

        No it's not.

        AU/UK run in parallel.

        US is ONE size up from AU

    • Get the UK size comparison to Aus

      • Their UK sizes in the men's size chart seem strange. I'm a 42 EU size, which is 8 UK/AUS, but in their size chart it says 7 for UK.

    • its not the same, im US11 which is AU10-10.5

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    These look like $40 max price shoes.

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      i definitely laughed at the $190 rrp. even the $40 is generous, lol.

  • +6

    If you haven't owned crepe soles then be prepared for a dirty surprise!

    The crepe material absorbs every little bit of dirt, oil and whatever else is on the ground. You'll soon find that the dirtiness penetrates through the crepe and you'll be able to see it at a side-view as well.

  • Can’t beat $23 for boots, thanks OP

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      i know right, pefect for mowing the lawn for this season.

      • I was going to use them as my new work boots, but same same

  • Got a pair for pickup

  • Thanks, got some 13s. Hope the sizing is generous. .

    • +4

      Weird flex but okay.

  • True to size?

    • US sizes are half a size over, eg, if you wear size 9 (AUS), the US size would be 9.5

      • You got negged bro, and I just bought US 10. Whoever negged please let me know if it's true to size? I asked Platypus reps and both of them gave me different answers. So wondering if anyone has used ITNO before guide me on the size.

        • There are some clueless nutheads on the site. Ignore. If you wear AUS size 9 or 9.5, you got the right size

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    I thought I knew them all but apparently I don't; what personality type is an ITNO?

    • +3

      I Trust No One.

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    All these guy's needs as does a lot of other heavily discounted sales I've seen are just better product shots. They'll sell a lot more by spending a bit more initially on the photography.

  • Thanks Op. Got a pair for pick up!

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    There's a reason they're cheap, just avoid and save for a better pair, honestly.

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    The sole makes them look pretty hilarious

  • +5

    these look bugly. wouldnt buy for $5

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    premium crepe outsole

    yum yum

  • I don’t know about you but the sole looked like it’s made from MDF. Also why is the stitching on the bottom of the sole?

    • https://www.rmwilliams.com.au/footwear/men/chelsea-boots/chi...

      Because that's how these types of shoes are made. Even the all.mighty rm Williams are stitched on the sole.

      • Yeah but at least the RM Ws have a crease to fit the stitchings. And they are not going to be worn often being a $500 pair of shoes.

        • Lots of good quality shoes don't have a channel for the stitching (though I wish they did). It's very normal for the stitching to wear our at the bottom, the sole won't suddenly fall apart, it's still held on by glue.

          Also, I wear my RMW as often as I can. They get worn much more than my joggers. If I'm dropping good money on quality shoes then I'll get as much wear out of them as I can!

    • +1

      The 'stitching' is probably fake. Most likely formed during the molding process.

  • Good price for these boots. These used to be popular back in 2017 or so when chelsea boots were big. I got a pair from China with this crepe sole for around $80. This looks to be an exact copy of that with this random company's branding. The sole feels soft and gummy to give context.

    Maybe they'll come back in fashion soon so worth a cop at this low price.

  • They look a bit hard and stiff and therefore not too comfortable… can anyone confirm if I’m wrong out right?

  • Good score! Might have to dye the sole tho 🤔

  • Just picked up. They are not a looker, but more than justify $24 bucks

    • How are they for sizing and comfort? Thanks

      • As a guide, get one size up, that is, if you wear AUS size 9, get a US size 10. I only tried it. Feels comfy

        • Cool thanks for your fedback…

          Is it TTS US size? or runs small/large?

  • It seems there is no pick up option in NSW.

  • "(RRP $189.99)"

    I'll believe that when me piss turns purple and smells like rainbow sherrrrrberrrrrrrt!

  • If you really need a pair fast, don't expect them to arrive soon. I ordered a pair of shoes from this store over 2 weeks ago. Still have not received them … Still stuck somewhere inside Auspost/Startrack since they posted. Picked up from Castlehill, going to Chullora processing centre the next day, then no progress in the 2 weeks since….