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Canesten Antibacterial and Antifungal Hygiene Laundry Rinse 1L $4.40 ($3.96 S&S) + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good to see Amazon matching price with WWS.

Not the lowest price ever but still a good saving.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Sure, but that involves going into an Aldi.

      The pandemic showed me the time that can be saved with Click and Collect at Woolies. Haven't gone to an Aldi since.

      Aldi still don't have self check out right? Or even express lanes? Buying two things, expect to be lined up behind 5 other people who are buying enough food to feed an entire football team.

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        up to you dude

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        Umm normally when I've been in that situation at Aldi, human decency has kicked in, and either the person in front or the cashier themselves will call you ahead to serve you quickly before getting to the monster load. Just my experience. My shop at Aldi used to be around 20% and Woolies 80%, now its completely opposite. Grocery bill has gone down by about $100 a month on average since doing so. Woolies is now only a top up location I visit every couple of weeks for the odd few/specific things I cant find at Aldi.

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      And has the same active ingredient percentage and Natural Eucalyptus Oil. (If you may or may not want this).

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        so arguably even better

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    Same price ($4.40) at Woolworths. Check the link below:

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      Don't know why you got a neg vote for this. For those who don't have Amazon Prime (for the free delivery) and shop at Woolworths each week, I am sure they'd like to know they can pick this up at the same price when they do their weekly shop. I know I will be.

      • +3

        Yep, and I will probably not renew my prime at the end of the month.

        Prime delivery is getting dragged out, last year during the lockdown, most things are 1-2 days. Now prime items are dragging out to one week plus, and given that I mostly buy household/grocery items the delay means that I might as well go to Woolies/Coles. Especially when Amazon pretty much only prices matches them, with the only difference the s&s 10%.

      • Thanks D1977, Even I am surprised. I can only say that:
        “Irony is wasted on the stupid”
        ― Oscar Wilde

  • Thanks OP.

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    In all my 30+ years of existing, this is the first time I've heard of this product… is it useful? I've never needed it?

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      Seems to do the same thing that the sun's UV rays do. I guess there is possibly some benefit if you don't have the luxury of a clothes line.

      • Sunshine only has a mild benefit. Laundry sanitiser is helpful in reducing tinea (jock itch) spreading amongst other clothes from socks etc.,

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      We use it to wash baby clothes for extra peace of mind.

      • Same here

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          I use it for my running gear. I also throw some in with fabric softener for my towels as I find it helps make towels softer.

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      I only use a little bit, as this video put me off -

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        Ick, that's scary

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        lol using it to fight covid is just plain dumb.
        Personally I use it in my laundry to avoid smells when they dry indoors or very slowly. I use the tiniest amount, been using it for years, no issues.
        I also use it with my handheld Bissell carpet cleaner, it helps avoiding bad smell in winter when it takes ages to dry

        • Suggest you consider a dehumidifier for that scenario (also for your own health).

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        If you believe the video, you shouldn't use it according to the experts. Surely if you only use a little bit, the reduced dosage would make it ineffective.

        If you're worried about bacteria, you're better off to soak your clothes in sodium percarbonate aka oxygen bleach such as Napisan. This will also brighten your clothes too. Better for your skin too.

    • It can help removing sweat odours. You want to know if it's useful for you… you can sacrifice $4? Best case it helps, worst case you lose $4.

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      I’ve found it good for cycling bib shorts. Especially in the winter months when they need to be hung inside rather than outside sun drying.

      • vinegar works too

      • Yep exactly what I use this for. Get that funk out of my junk

    • I use it for socks and jocks, towels and sport clothing and find it really good

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    How does Amazon make a single cent when it will cost more to sell this than they will make, on top of the cost in pollution etc.

    I always purchase through Amazon, but not TP or this etc.

  • OOS already

  • OOS already

    • Back in stock.

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    As previously stated in the last deal, it might give some people rashes, especially around your neck and armpits.

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    Back in stock.

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    Been using it for years, not sure if really does mutch but got another 5 on S & S as will use it thanks OP.

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    A few years back I had a stubborn toe nail fungal infection (ick) and my podiatrist recommended this product to wash my socks with. It didn't cure the nail infection but gave some peace of mind with washing clothing…

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    Still in stock, just bought some. Thanks OP

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    My wife used this in the past and the lingering smell it would leave was always off putting to me. Way more potent than any washing powders - but we mostly used the sensitive types without much fragrance.

    The active ingredient benzalkonium chlorides doesn't actually kill specific fungi the way the creams of the same name can and a study in 2019 found that benzalkonium chlorides can "can generate selective environments that favor microbial phenotypes potentially cross-resistant to a variety of compounds".

    Save your money, use washing lines (UV exposure) or hot wash the stuff that's more "dirty"

    • vinegar is said to be a fabric softener as well as being establshed as anti mould and anti fungal, which is good for keeping mould at bay in a water efficient front loader, and that should include fungal spores.

      try it - plain white household vinegar, add 1/4 cup or 1/2 a cup in with the washing powder etc though i pour a smidge into the fabric softener tray anyway, and if ive left washing in for too long, on the next load i chuck more like 400ml (give or take 100ml) in just to kill any mould that may have taken hold. you shouldnt get any smells in the clothes unless you go nuts with it or overload the machine so it doesnt rinse the clothes enough.

      I imagine it changes the pH just enough to make it a more hostile environment for the junk you're trying to wash away.

      I know some people mix with baking soda to get a chemical reaction to stir things up mechanically (bubbles being created may dislodge grime) when doing general purpose / surface cleaning - i think given the washing machine already does this mechanical action, and adding baking soda to the vinegar only neutralises the acidity that you need later on in the cycle.

      have been using vinegar for years now, its awesome

      also, its like ~$1 for a 2L bottle in most places. so a bit of a bargain ;)

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    BAC can be used to kill moss too if you have any in your pavers, dilute to ~2% (1 part this, 2.5 parts water), spray on with cheap pressure sprayer. Shouldn't hurt other plants but don't go coating plants in it.

    Or pay 5x the price to buy it from Bunnings (check SDS, same ingredient).

    • Wow ive got some of that from bunnings that I use. I'm going to check the label when I get home! Thats gold thank you.

  • Back in stock….ordered 5. Thank you OP

  • Back in stock, thanks.

  • Thanks. I got 5.

  • This has the same ingredient. twice as strong, and 5L.

  • Crap too late

  • How's this compared to which is even cheaper?

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