This was posted 4 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Coles Mobile $99 (Was $120): 12 Months Expiry, 60GB Data, Unlimited Talk & Text Standard Numbers & 15 Countries (Optus Network)


Deal is on again for new customers:

Offer: $120 SIM, Now $99. New customers only. Limit one per customer. All data allowance is applied upfront after $99 payment and activation. Offer ends 14/09/21, unless withdrawn earlier. Ongoing recharges revert to standard price of $120 or as otherwise advertised. Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion, whichever is earlier.

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  • Nice, great timing

  • Wonderful, my Boost recharge is about to expire in two days

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    60 Gb might not be enough over 12 months (5GB Per month) but in this lock-down, who is going to use Mobile Data ( Can't even go out for more than 2 hours a day)

    • +1

      I have a 1yr, 60gb plan with Catch. 30days left in my contract but still have around 40gb left. Admittedly I was stingy with data use at the start of the contract but I still think I would have only used 30-40gb with my normal usage. I think with WFH and lockdowns, there will be more people like me who can get by with this much data

  • How does this compare with boost? How is the Optus network nowdays? Or would I be better to port out and then in again and get a $200 12 months again for boost?

    • +1

      In short, I regretted dumping boost. Call quality varies while indoor. Data is really flaky most of my usage (WFH).

      No problems while I was on Boost. I'm in Melb Northern suburb and occasionally in SE.

    • For me its about the same, I have no issue with Coles, had not much issues with Boost either. So hence, its okay for me.

    • I agree Optus network nowhere near as large or strong as Boost/Telecom

  • My mum is with catch connect which uses Optus. Will this qualify as a new customer?

  • Is there any guarantees with the network?

    Optus used to be crap in my area 9 years ago.

    Need to get a new SIM for my daughter… Willing to give it a go if it's shit, I'd be asking for a refund.

    • I, immediately from the 1st day complained, about the rubbish reception, they kept telling me hang on and they are adding towers, tweaking etc, nothing happened I kept complaining in the end about 2 months they refunded me, NOT worth the poor reception, very happy with Telstra network

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    Data wise, the catch connect offer is better: $89 for 85GB, 365-day. But coles mobile includes international calls.

  • Anyone using Coles Mobile and is stuck with 3G internet speed only? The phone is capable 4G and my area is 4G covered. I just can't get the 4G network for some reasons.

  • Available in store?

  • So, i am currently on this plan and expiring soon, can I buy this one and recharge??

    • You have to be considered a new customer to get this (now expired) discount, because you're ordering a new SIM. The workaround is to port your number out to another provider using a cheap SIM from another provider, and port back in again to Coles with the new SIM you ordered from them. It might not be worth it, and the recent Catch Connect $89 deal was better if you don't need international calls.

      • Thanks for this good info mate👍🏻

      • Hi, but I couldn't see any $89 deal??

      • It's ok, I just saw that deal already expired, thanks anyway.

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