Free Digital Care Package (Telstra TV Box Office Movie, Discount on Food Delivery) @ Telstra (Plus Members Only)


With many Australians in lockdown, all Telstra Plus members, regardless of vaccination status, can receive a digital care package that includes a Telstra TV Box Office movie on us, discounts on a food delivery service and access to discounts in our Rewards store.

Mod: 28/9 - This is available now.

Package contains:

  • Telstra TV Box Office movie, on us (valued at $6.99 for a new release rental).
  • $15 discount on a meal of $40 or more from participating restaurants thanks to DoorDash.
  • Two months (Silver/Member) or four months (Gold/Small Business) subscription to Scribd books, audiobooks, magazine subscriptions and more.
  • 60-day access to world-class workouts through fitness app LES MILLS™ On Demand

Keep an eye out for your email with the voucher codes for Telstra TV Box Office, DoorDash, Scribd and LES MILLS. It should arrive 90 minutes after activation. The codes will also be available via the Notification Centre in the My Telstra app within 72 hours after activation.

Rewards Offers (End 8/11):

  • BLUEANT X1 Portable Bluetooth speaker 11,000 points (was 22,000 points)
  • CYGNETT Magnetic Charging Cable 9,500 points (was 14,000 points)
  • Pump Air X Earbuds 28,500 points (was 57,000 points)
  • 50% off all Pre-Paid recharge values
  • Wi-Fi Booster Free for 3 Months (Then $12/month for 21 months = $252)

Related deal: 2,500 Free Telstra Plus Points for Fully Vaccinated Members @ Telstra (Plus Membership Required)

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  • +83

    How dare they discriminate against those who are vaccinated by including the dirty pro-choice un-vaxxed

    • -12

      Even more offensive is their inclusion of the "want to get vaxed, but aren't because they can't get in before December or can't navigate the awful NSW Health booking site, or can't book in because they don't have home internet and the local library they rely on for internet access is closed crowds".
      Add to that the "regional no vax sites within a two hour drive" crew.

      • +1

        I didn't see that part in the T&C's but dayum they're getting in depth!

      • If you live two hours from a facility offering vaccination then you probably have a pretty low chance of exposure. Just my two cents.

        • +5

          Are you saying that there's a pretty low risk of exposure somewhere like Wilcannia?

    • +2

      Telstra treats its GMO and non GMO customers equally.

      • Delicious mRNA doing its thing to my body!

    • -5

      Why aren't southerners educated on basic hygiene? Covid is barely an issue up here. Beautiful one day, perfect the next.

      • +2

        with a snap lockdown when the wind shifts

  • ha, they are so nervous about offending anti-vaxxers

    • +60

      They need them. All the vaccinated people already have 5G.

      • No external modem required.

      • Makes sense they got vaccinated since 5G and Bill Gates caused Covid.

        • I thought it was Melinda Gates that caused Covid?????

  • Signed up for it with my first and last name and somehow they have my middle name in my details, have a phone plan on the telstra network (through Boost mobile) so I assume that's how they know it? Freaked me out for a second though.

    • +19

      Must of got your details from the injection in your arm.

      • +11

        Must have

        • +4

          Must of
          Could of
          Should of
          Would of

          Wouldn't be surprised if one day dictionaries include these under the welcome banner of 'language is ever-changing'.

          • +3

            @andresampras: Your right about that mate. Their should be a pacific law against it. I'm gonna prep an alfa david if any of youse wanna to start proceedings against the Oxford English.

  • +6

    OZAntiVax in Shambles.

  • +7

    I love how in Telstra's Blurb under why we are doing this, there is no mention of all broadband plans increasing by $5.

    Still, this is a good promotion/offer.

  • What sort of movies do they have?

    • Fast n Furious

      • Part 1?

        • It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile..

    • The Lock and the Down
      2 Lock 2 Down
      The Lock and the Down: Victoria Drift
      Lock & Down
      Lock Five
      Lock & Down 6
      Down 7
      The Lock of the Down

  • +3

    I guess all the anti-vaxxers must still be asleep? Awfully quiet here

    • +16

      They are busy at the vet picking up their parasite treatment…

      • At least they'll finally be free of their scabies..

      • I actually laughed out loud at this one! Thanks for the laugh :-)

    • +16

      I'm not an anti vaxxer and not sure why i need to explain myself eveytime the subject of covid 19 vaccine is brought up but I'm more than happy for people vaxxed with covid vaccine to get rewarded as long as the non vaxxed ones have the choice to refuse the vaccine and keep their jobs :).

      • +8

        Sure, but if you get sick don't take up an ICU bed if someone else needs it.

        • -9

          Sure, u shouldn't either ;)

          • +10

            @Jayblu: why shouldnt he? vax doesn't work 100% - at least he tried and didnt act all smart

            • -27

              @botchie: Oh and we didn't just because we refused an injection that guarantees absolutely nothing from the numbers we're seeing but following orders being stuck home, not being able to see family since june and taking all the precautions is apparently not trying and we deserve to not be granted basic medical needs if needed be. Go on tell me more

              • +40

                @Jayblu: "I'm not an anti vaxxer" Proceeds to make completely uninformed statements about the vaccines and claims to have refused it. Yeah righto champ

                • -1

                  @stayhome: You think I'd be trying to hide it if i was you sweet summer child? You're yet to meet an anti vaxxer in the wild by the looks of it.

              • +3

                @Jayblu: same fearmongering can be seen if you research kids vaccinates online, there are always those who prey on ppls fears, just close your eyes and take the hit, you prob do more damage to youself with all the alcho you drink and shit food but anyway….g luck, wer all going to need it soon

                • @botchie: I don't drink alcohol, never have in my life. Never smoked either and eat mostly healthy home cooked meals but i do agree with the fact that I'm gonna probably end up taking it because I'd be forced to. Good luck to all.

        • +8

          Let’s apply the same standard to the obese, who I pay so much taxes to provide healthcare to.

          • +4

            @CommuterPolluter: Obesity isn't contagious.

            • +7

              @stayhome: If it’s not contagious why is it spreading? Why are children of obese parents overwhelmingly obese? Even so, the point was about occupying ICU beds. Obese people occupy hospital resources by virtue of being obese.

      • +6

        Why bother starting explaining you are not an anti vaxxer when no one asks, and keep explaining until you reveal you're actually one….

        • Glasses next time before you write something buddy.

          • @Jayblu: Yeh but why

          • +4

            @Jayblu: I have my glasses on, fully functioning eyes and brain. I still don't get your logic for coming up to declare you're not anti vaxxer but keep explaining until you look like one.

            Perhaps think twice before you write or make such statement…

            Take care buddy, and good luck (not being sarcastic here)

            • @b0b0: I made note of that for context to the original comment nonetheless. I have nothing to say to you other than that honestly, im not here to argue what I am or am not and the argument you are trying to make is just bizarre.

              Best of wishes to all.

              • @Jayblu: I'm still 2000% confused but all good. Have a good weekend!

                • +1

                  @b0b0: I'm confused the most don't worry, because apparently sharing one similar idea with a group makes u 100% a part of it :) that is your argument and the argument of those before you and it's just astonishing as if we're not all humans and have similarities in some points of view despite not agreeing with each other entirely.

    • Sorry mate, was at work. Just checking in now during my lunch break now. Must be nice not working 👍🏻

  • -1

    Jokes on them i haven't been able to access my account for a year now.

    • Ha. I hadn’t been able to either and then magically started working a couple of weeks ago

  • Cool offer, wish they’d take #StaySafe off the top of my phone though. It’s like it’s the modern biosecurity state’s HH.

    • +3

      It has been removed as of today. I mean they removed it so they can replace it with “#LetsVaxx”…

      • +2

        It'd be nice if corporations stopped with the virtue signalling - what do a corporation care about personal choices for? 😩

      • +2

        Well be careful what you wish for, I supposed. It’s a double x too, how unaesthetic. Looking forward to the end of my plan.

        • +1

          haha remembered this comment and came back to it today after seeing the updated #. Talk about timing!

  • +19

    I’m transvaccinated and identify as fully vaxxed.

    Keep the incentives rolling

    • Man you nailed a few with one hit there.

      • +10

        Man you nailed a few with one hit there

        The correct pronoun would be “They”

        • The correct pronoun would be '5g ready'

      • +2

        I’m not sure many knew what they were upvoting here with my comment to be honest being this forum seems very pro vax.

        • They probably just saw the preffix "trans" and thought ooh that fits my agenda 😂

  • +3

    My phone went from 4G to 5G after I got the jab. Well worthwhile.

    • My phone went from 5G to 1G after the jab 😂.

      Feel like a new person after the liquid chip implant 😂😂😂.

  • +1

    Hey team,
    These deals are now live. We’ve got links on how to claim and full T&Cs here:


  • DoorDash

    $15 off your meal

    With delicious food at home to enjoy with DoorDash. Your favourite restaurants delivered, to enjoy with your movie.

    Offer ends 31 January 2022 on orders over $40.

  • -2

    I'm fully vaccinated and now my heart doesn't beat properly every 2-7 beats.

    • +6

      Did your cousin in Trinidad also have issues with his balls?

    • +2

      If your not trolling should get a check up particularly if your a male under 30 with any underline heart condition.

      Link to Gov Health site

      • Why would i troll about something so specific.

  • 2500 points. Nobbad. Thanks OP.

  • +6

    Does anyone else kinda not care about any of these benefits?

    • +1

      Free movie, free antibodies

    • Doordash discount + free movie for a free jab works fine for me.

      • Yeah but the Doordash discount doesn't seem that significant (bc of the $40), and surely most people on here are getting movies for free already.

        • $40-15 = $25, so works out if you have 2/3 people in a house.

          • @jaygee:

            • Delivery, it's ok I guess but I've had way better offers without needing to be a member of anything.
  • +1

    Good deal on the bluetooth speaker for 11k points as it retails for $100.

    • Or $69 on Amazon

      • hehe nice

    • I got one from another Telstra promo. Couldn’t resell it for $20.

  • +2

    Can Telstra TV Box Office Movie be accessed if I don't have a Telstra TV? Saw there's apps for Apple/Android - can I use those apps to access it?

    • Oi! Mr Vaccine, shouldn't you be at work vaccinating Australians rather than watching movies all day?!

      • I am not involved in the vaccination apparatus. I WFH in a completely different sector….. Just a supporter to the vaxx program.

  • Got it. Thanks for sharing OP.

  • Will there be a megathread for those who don’t want their codes?

  • So that's where my monthly internet price hike has gone to

  • So how does one actually watch a movie via this? No Telstra TV and my TV can’t find the Telstra TV app

  • Am I crazy? Most new release movies seem to be $25-$30. What new release movies are actually $6.99 like the voucher offers?

    • Telstra TV Box Office movie, on us (valued at $6.99 for a new release rental).

      The voucher mainly used is for rental, not buy
      however, some newly released box office movies seems only have the "buy" options

      • +1

        So, from what I can see (e.g. suicide squad) it says "Rent from $29.99" and "Buy from $34.99". I looked at 2 or 3 other movies and all had renting price tags much higher than $6.99.