2,500 Free Telstra Plus Points for Fully Vaccinated Members @ Telstra (Plus Membership Required)


Spotted this on the Telstra Plus page, seems like a nice freebie. Might come in handy at some point to be eligible for purchases with minimum point spends.

Thank you for making a difference

We’re supporting the COVID-19 vaccination program. From late Sept, Telstra Plus members who confirm they’re fully vaccinated by 31 Jan get 2,500 points and the chance to win 5 million points and credit on eligible Telstra services for a year.

Telstra Plus members can upload their COVID-19 vaccine document number via the My Telstra app from late September. The 2,500 points will appear in your points balance within 14 days within the app.


I’ve only received one jab. Can I still get the 2,500 Telstra Plus points?

  • Unfortunately, no. The offer is only open to Telstra Plus members who are fully vaccinated but the program is open until the end of January 2022 so you can apply for the points once you’ve received your second jab.

How do I find my COVID-19 digital certificate document number?

  • After you have your second jab, your COVID-19 Digital Certificate will be available through your Medicare account. If you don’t have the Medicare app, or don’t have a MyGov account, you can get help via the “How to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations" page.

I have a number of family members with different services on the same account, can we all receive the 2,500 bonus points if we’re all vaccinated?

  • Yes. Points are awarded at the member level so all Telstra Plus members on the account can claim the points.

As always, enjoy :)

Mod: Free Digital Care Package (Telstra TV Box Office Movie, Discount on Food Delivery) @ Telstra (Plus Members Only) - No vaccine required.

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    Nice find, that’s enough to rent a free movie from the Telstra box office app… “Contagion” perhaps?

    • +6

      or… "28 weeks later*

      • +7

        or… "12 Monkeys*

        • +4

          I am legend

          • +2

            @vinnycol: "Virus" (other language movie in Prime) is good too

      • +1

        Still waiting for 28 Months Later

        • it's being "filmed" as we speak….

    • +32


    • +1

      Great find, thanks OP

    • Unfortunately that movie preaches to the converted

  • Oh boyyyyyyyy it's coming! AND. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

  • +6

    Does anyone else feel sceptical when big corporations incentivise anything unrelated to them profiting…?

    • +200

      Customers who don’t die are more profitable.

      • +26

        Nothing worse than dead customers. They are so tight with their money.

        • +59

          Unless we’re talking about AMP customers

          • +4

            @dsar: Chuckle, you beat me to this one re AMP. On the flip-side, perhaps we may see discounts being offered to peeps who have secured 'life-time' memberships/services if they don't get vaccinated … ;P

          • @dsar: ooof.

        • +1

          But they don't complain ?

        • Limited return business….

      • -72

        Odd how no one's dying of the flu anymore.

        • +100

          Isn't it.
          Almost like social distancing, masks and cleanliness actually work…

          • -67

            @pauly85: So why isn't that working to curtail the spread of covid then?

            • +84

              @alidli: It’s almost as if COVID-19 is nothing like the flu despite what idiots try to claim.

            • +33

              @alidli: Your argument is that these measures haven't brought covid spread to 0. Seatbelts, motorcycle helmets and speed limits have also failed to bring road deaths to 0.

              Reasons neither have worked to get everything to 0:
              1. Non compliance.
              2. Other risk factors (centralised aircon, oil on the roads, etc).
              3. These policies are the best we have, but nothing in life is guaranteed.

            • +6


              So why isn't that working to curtail the spread of covid then?

              Because of the people that aren't social distancing, wearing masks and cleansing.

              Most of the people catching covid are catching it from friends and family who they are meeting up with and ignoring the lockdown rules.

          • -22


            Almost like social distancing, masks and cleanliness actually work…

            Let's assume that is the case. This means that everyone was ok with thousands of deaths from the flu before 2020, but now no longer find it acceptable? This is your argument?

            • +1

              @1st-Amendment: Just like everyone is ok with people dying from heart disease and obesity, so what?

              • +6

                @G-rig: I don't see any corporate companies offering incentives to customers that don't eat junk food and pig fat every day? Perhaps eating healthy will be mandated by the corporate 'high flyers' for employees too… look at the stats!!!

                • @vinnycol: Agree, they should be though. For example lower premiums for people exercising and what not instead of people driving up your Private health premiums

                • +8

                  @vinnycol: Qantas offers incentives on their fitness and wellbeing app.

                  Being fat and unhealthy doesn't cause people sitting next to them on a flight or on a bus to become fat and unhealthy and die in hospital.

                  Get over it and get vaccinated.

                  • +1

                    @b2dz: Qantas would save some fuel flying the fit person comparing to the overweight one, so such incentives are a win-win situation.

                • +2

                  @vinnycol: Except, that's not entirely true. Insurers for example provide premium discounts to people that are active, have a healthy weight, have gym memberships etc. Basically all life insurers do this (because it makes financial sense for them).

                  Many corporate businesses also provide incentives, such as cheaper gym memberships etc, well being days etc.

                • +3

                  @vinnycol: You can't catch or spread obesity

                • +1


                  I don't see any corporate companies offering incentives to customers that don't eat junk food and pig fat every day?

                  I've worked for lots of companies that do…

            • +5

              @1st-Amendment: Is your argument that all diseases are equally contagious and equally cause the same amount of death?

            • @1st-Amendment: Precisely so.

          • +3

            @pauly85: You got it… How often in a public place would you experience someone sneezing or coughing without covering their face? Doing the right thing and complying with general hygiene practices reduces the spread of any airborne pathogen…

            • +5

              @vinnycol: This is the first year I haven't got a cold during winter, which I'm grateful for as I get asthma when I get a cold. Pretty sure it's because of all the mask wearing and distancing, etc.

              • +6

                @TheSnyper: Absolutely!!! Same here. It's not hard to do the right thing…

        • -2

          Except for people who are still dying of the flu

          So yeah, making up an assumption and using that made up assumption as proof of your argument doesn't work much.

          • +1

            @furyou: Actually they're not. So far Australia has had zero influenza deaths (from about a 1000 deaths) and only 450 cases total (mostly in overseas quarantine). Makes sense. Our lockdown and distancing which isn't enough to stop delta is more than enough to stop a less infective virus. Still have a ton of common cold and rsv though.


        • Isn't it? We seem to have inadvertently wiped out influenza in Australia. By trying to hammer down a far more infectious virus it seems that it was more than enough to completely crush a less infective one.

          Unfortunately I'm sure it'll be back eventually.

      • On the basis that they wouldn't be coffin cash up anytime soon

      • +1

        Customers who don’t die are more profitable.

        Can't wait until Telstra or Facebook demand to see your My Health Record too. Because you know, they want to be sure you're doing ok.

      • +2

        Unless you’re in the funeral business…

        • …a dead end industry?

        • No repeat customers.

      • Genius.

      • Angry funeral home noises

      • At least you can still vote after death

    • +3

      How is it unrelated, the more things open up the more services will be used

    • +8

      Mostly sceptical about how you lack imagination about how companies would profit from not having lockdowns

    • +11

      There's no conspiracy here. When things go back to normal, people go back to work, make money and spend on their products.

      • +1

        Online Retail hasn't suffered… look at this forum!!

    • Not when it comes to charity/health/mental illness stuff

    • +1

      It's an implicit expense that will pay for itself in the long run. By getting vaccinations up, we can achieve that 70% target, which will allow retail and other businesses to open up again, leading to more spending. 2,500 Telstra points is nothing for a company that used to hold a monopoly on broadband networks across Australia.

      • +2

        By getting $plot_device, we can achieve $imaginary_target, which will allow $arbitrary_thing to happen

        FTFY. It's pretty much the standard pattern for every Hollywood action movie ever made.

    • +5

      When lockdown ends, people will go out and actually use their phones not on wifi?

      I have used maybe 100mb in the last 2 months, when I'm waiting in the car for my click and collect to be brought to my boot

      • +1

        There should be a lot of peoples with a big data bank built up!

    • +1

      Economies that are open and free tend to do better than places like North Korea and Syria

    • +1

      It's the first of the incentives, nice

    • +3

      easy to complain when companies do wrong thing, easy to complain when they do the right thing

    • +10

      How is it discriminating? Everyone can get vaccinated

    • +23

      It's not discrimination, they're not forcing you to provide proof of vaccination to use their services. They're saying if you do, you get a benefit.

      It's literally no different to a loyalty/seniors card. Coles doesn't force you to sign up to flybuys, but you can't get points unless you do.

      • -8

        Like say refusing to baking a wedding cake for gays…
        The free market is wonderful thing and you didn't even know it.

        • Yeah, that would be discrimination just like a gym refusing to sign up asthmatics. I fail to see how this relates though? Anyone can get the vaccine if they want.

        • +5

          I'm so confused.

          How is giving free points to those who are vacinnated in any way comparable to refusing baking cake for gay

          It's like Coles sometimes give free muesli bar for Flybuys member (who care to sign up, just like those who chose to be vacinnated) versus Coles not selling meat to those not vacinnated??

          How is this related please enlighten me

  • How do they confirm?

  • +3

    great another promo for points that are useless unless you spend big with telstra

  • +7

    Too bad I'm leaving Telstra. Their NBN got price hike and upload speed halved

    • Same here… they have reduced my upload speeds. 100/40 is now 50/17… and wants more money to get the same speed 🤷‍♂️
      But when I look around, most retailers are doing the same thing… not sure what's going on. Probably they are following the same.

      • NBN charging ISO's more. During peak covid lockdowns, prices dropped as more customers were utilising NBN. They also needed to introduced higher speeds like the 100/40, 250/40 and the 1000/40.

        I think it was around November last year NBN began increasing prices again since we were exiting lockdown. I don't believe anything has changed again. Basically the margins ISO's make on NBN isn't really that high. So with price increases, especially for the higher bandwidth speeds, ISO's are increasing their prices.

        Aussie Broadband did it too. I was with them. Great company, but I moved to Telstra for the same speeds with the added Modem (better than the crap AB gives) and telstra plus service

    • Is their NBN good latency and packet loss wise?

      Also, does it feel the same as their mobile 4G internet?

      If I could have Telstra mobile internet as my sole provider, I would've gotten it years ago. Its so reliable and low latency

    • +6

      They go to the vaccination clinic with you.

  • +3

    Can’t find the portal to get the points?
    Scratch that - hasn’t started yet?

  • +18

    Fully vaccinated, ok right sure thing. Is that after the 3rd six monthly booster or the 4th or….?

    • +14

      It's when you get a nice big bite out of that carrot hanging from a stick over there. It's always just outta reach, just a little bit further!

      • +4

        You will never taste that carrot.
        Lot more of us are able to see that now I think

    • Just up to date mate like any other vaccine that is recurring. Ive probably had 20+ flu vax. A few tetanus, hepatitis etc… nothing new here. Flu started the same way with the spanish flu, still get boosters each year 100 years later, no big deal, no big conspiracy.

      • -2

        Who said anything about a conspiracy? Injecting stuff into your body IS a big deal.
        For most normal people putting anything into your body is a big deal whether it be food, drink, drugs, whatever!

        I don't mean to sound harsh but your comment is not only simplistic and naïve, but lacking in a lot of relevant factual and analytical input.

        Your body your choice, I respect that!

  • -3

    How are the people who got blood clot to claim this little incentive?

    • +26

      the blood clots from the vaccine or the more frequent ones from COVID-19 infection?

      • +11

        and more frequent again from taking the pill.

        • +2

          And more frequent again for sitting too long in a desk chair or flying in a plane long distance