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Unlimited Premium Home 5G Internet (Speeds up to 100Mbps) $75/Month for 36 Months @ Vodafone


First month free when you sign up by 31/01/2022 and save $5 per month if you have a mobile plan with them. Cancel within the first month and pay no exit fees. Maximum modem cost of $612.

Plan with uncapped speeds ("Max 5G") is $10 more for $85 per month or $80 per month with a mobile plan.

Edit: Unlimited data (FUP applies probably), not unlimited speed!!

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    What is the point of 5G, when it's capped to 100Mbps?

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      Might be a better option for people who get crappy NBN.

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        Everyone gets crappy NBN.

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            @viospeed: OK freak, it's on!

            Two weeks ago when the NBN said nothing was wrong with my connection…


            Love my FTTN

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              @Freezies: Those are some next level speeds, hard to compete with that.

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              @Freezies: Ok that made me laugh

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              @Freezies: Reber the coalition said "faster, cheaper, better". What a joke, those dinosaurs just want to destroy any idea from another government regardless of merit.

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                @Dsiee: Is it just me or whenever I see coalition I can only say it as COAL-lition in my head?

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                @Dsiee: well, if they spent the 90bn on 5g 1Gbps for everyone, it would have been cheaper and we could have it free

                Australia is too big for fibroptic / copper networks …

                But if you want to talk costs, labor said 43bn fttp, liberals had to go fttn to reduce costs and it still blew out to 90bn, so labor would have been at least 200bn (the coper to the premises is the most labour intensive part)

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                  @weezlebub: No copper in labor’s plan. LNP Mixed-bag has cost more than planned and delivered less.

                  We’ll never know what total labor’s plan would have come to (more than planned of course). But it wouldn’t have included paying billions to Optus to buy their HFC and then throw it in the bin.


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                  @weezlebub: That's a massive stretch to assume that both parties estimates were equally flawed.

                  Fact of the matter is that a large portion of that overspend in MTM world was spent on copper rehab, upgrades etc.(Not to mention they bought the Optus HFC network and then realised it was in such poor shape that they couldn't even use it)

                  NBN had to purchase ridicilous amounts of Copper to overbuild the dodgy Telstra copper network. All the experts kept calling this out when the decision was made - but the LNP put their head in the sand and ploughed on.

                  Further to that - the NBN is now spending additional funds upgrading area's that they have just completed building FTTN and FTTC in - upgrading them to FTTP. With FTTN in particular, there is very little of the network that was built initially that can be used as an upgrade path to FTTP. Essentially all that money spent will be scrapped. All that new copper that was installed - scrapped.

                  There is a reason the FTTN to P program is not being wildly trumpeted around by Morrison - he knows it shows that they made a mistake in the past, and not even he can spin that.

                  • @The Hobo: What's the difference between FTTP and FTTC? How do I know if my connection has undergone the upgrade?

                    • @fungorilla: FTTC is capped at 100mbps whilst FTTP is currently capped at 1gbps - but this will easily be increased in the future as demand grows (not likely anytime soon though)

                      They are not upgrading much FTTC at this stage, most of the upgrades are in FTTN areas. I'm not aware of how the customer gets notified in the process, but I imagine they'd do a postal drop notifying you.

                      FTTC has been a reasonable product when it works, but NBN have had massive issues with storms damaging the DPU's and NTD's.

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                  @weezlebub: I'd argue that's an assumption that you cannot guarantee - for many and various reasons.

                  See Spillmill's comment which pretty much summarizes this - regardless of the politics what we have now is pathetic considering we're ranked 68th in the world behind countries like Kazakhstan, India, Latvia, Oman, Kosovo (even Kosovo for (profanity) sake).

                  Our government both Liberal and Labour have done nothing but sell off our countries resources over the last 30 years that includes, private health insurance, telecommunications, internet, roadways (Transurban etc), electricity, gas, water and public transport. In doing this you're bringing in a third party that only elevates cost whilst also lining the pockets of the companies rather than the economy.

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                  @weezlebub: Yeah but the libs have secretly fallen on their sword and are now going 100% fibre. Admission of guilt. I might get my shitty copper replaced in 5 years time fiiiinally.

              • @Dsiee:

                What a joke, those dinosaurs just want to destroy any idea from another government regardless of merit.

                That's just a symptom of the two party system — negative oppositional politics:

                "We know we can't convince you that we're any good, but look how bad the other guys are, so we will oppose ALL their policies. So who is left to vote for? Hue hue hue.

            • @Freezies: Who's your provider?

            • @Freezies: I think you meant to say dial-up.

            • @Freezies: You beat 90% Aussies on upload speed…

            • @Freezies: When your upload speed is fine it’s more likely that the line is fine and that your choice of service provider is to blame.

          • @viospeed: At least my upload speed is still better than yours… Let's not talk about download speed tho :)

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            @viospeed: Same here except 3ms ping. FTTP all the way boiiii

            Although it does slow down a bit off peak. I'm not crazy enough to pay for symmetric business NBN.

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            @viospeed: Yikes, that's killer. That's on ABB? What plan?
            Nbn, for all its faults, has been a lifesaver for me (and countless others) during lockdown.
            I know it's cool to hate on them and some might have genuine gripes, but I for one am supremely thankful.

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              @gunslinger: I had Optus cable @ 100 Mbps, a few dropouts per year, and competitively priced.

              I was forced off that onto FTTN @ 100 Mbps, around 4 dropouts per day (not a fault according to NBN specifications), and priced higher.

          • @viospeed: Why upload speed is so crappy?

          • @viospeed: If your upload speeds can't match or at least be half of your download speeds, what is even the point?

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          What do you want for $90 billion?
          Turncoats mates still partying 👌

        • Not me, 1000/50 on FTTP :)

        • Definitely not true. Good chance it's crappy if you are on FTTN though.

      • Range is so small on 5g. If ur nbn is bad ur 5gs gonna be shit to non existent most of the time.

        • Do you know if it falls back to 4G speeds if 5G is not available?

          • @sridhar: Yes it would

          • @sridhar: If you are vaccinated its always avaliable and you save $600 by not needing the modem.

            • @Chchnu: Not sure what you referring to mate. What is available if I am vaccinated?

              Btw, I spoke with Vodafone and was told it is not possible to sign up to their 5G home internet plan if there is no coverage.

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                @sridhar: The microchip in the vax acts as a 5G modem and also the 5G signal all in 1.

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                    @sridhar: Most people referring to the 5g conspiracy now are joking. If people refer to it in a positive manner it's pretty much guaranteed they're joking.

                    I got asked by 3 people (I don't talk to many people) how my 5g is now I'm vaccinated (or similar question about 5g).

                • @Chchnu: How cool would it be if the covid-infected were walking retransmitters of 5G? Coverage would be fantastic. Until herd immunity ruined our internet speeds.

          • @sridhar: It went back to 3g on a 4g connection so my question to you would be, what else would it go to? seems like a non question almost.

            • @aaronmr: HSPA maybe. I'm mean I'd assume what you said but if the nbn is precedent setting It's your fault for not living in an area with better service (I'm still bitter I was forced from good adsl2+ to fttp $20/month more and speeds like 2000 rural adsl but more dropouts)

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      Hmmmm 5G still not available in my area - Castle Hill :(

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        Hi neighbour, Optus and Telstra 5G are available in parts of Castle Hill. Vodafone seems to be way behind in 5G rollout.

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          This is Telstra 5G!

          • @jimojr: 23.7% packet error, something is wrong

            • @squashy: This is my random test for a month. I don't know what can I do, I signed $99 12 month sim plan from JB HiFi. If I cancel the plan, I have to pay the ETC and gift card.

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                @jimojr: Contact whoever sold you the service (in this case JB HiFi) and ask in writing to cancel your contract without exit fees due to unacceptable speeds which, if you had known, you wouldn't have bought it (you have to contact the seller first).

                If they refuse contact the Telecommunications Ombudsman and lodge a complaint.

                It costs the company hundreds of dollars every time they dispute your complaint, so it is almost always more profitable for them to release you from your contract than contest your complaint.

                Even lodging a complaint (let alone escalating it to dispute your complaint) costs them over a hundred dollars but it's free to the customers.

                Some people use the Telecommunications Ombudsman irresponsibly to get out of internet contracts they don't like.

                But you have a genuine reason, and the Telecommunications Ombudsman complaints process was designed to a large extent for people in your situation, so I'd give that a go.

                Note that you would have to return equipment and any gift or discounts you received, while the seller would refund your payments (in which case it should cost you net zero) or they will allow you to exit the contract without any exit fees and no equipment fees (if you return the equipment).

                Whether they refund your payments as if you have never entered the contract, or allow you to exit without fees is for you and the seller to agree.

                If you wouldn't have bought the product or service if you knew about it's faults, and if it's classified as a major fault under Australian Consumer Law, then you are entitled to a full refund (your choice).

                If it's classified as a minor fault, it's the seller's choice to fix, replace, or refund (or allow you to exit contract without further fees).

                P.s I'm not sure how the fault on your service would be classified tbh, my guess is that under the ACL definition it would fall into the minor fault category.

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        Great 5G in West Pennant Hills! Was getting download speed in excess of 500Mbps on Vodafone last night.

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      There's people out there with crappy FTTN that would kill for 100Mbps with unlimited data.

      Heck, some HFC in areas with issues won't even hit 100Mbps.

    • 5G has more capacity which is why they can do plans like this without overloading their network. Fast 5G is called mmWave 5G and hasn’t been rolled out in Australia yet.

    • It has a better contention ratio.

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    Up to 100Mbps… 5G is just a joke

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      Better than 50Mbps

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        I have the so called best 5G coverage from vodafone and speed varies between 17mbps to 95mbps throughout the day.

        Not consistent. Sometimes it struggles with Teams calls :(

        But it is far better than nbn. No comparison at least for the area i live in.

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          But it is far better than nbn.

          Huh ????

          • @jv: Haha no joke mate.

            Having no service at times from nbn.. appointments been cancelled so many times and outages. God.

        • Location location location. At my office i get several hundred mbps on Vodafone 5G, its been a while since there so cant remember details. At home i get between 200-300mbps on Vodafone 4G (at my old home however it sucked balls due to so many apartment blocks). Luck of the draw.

          • @sidoz: Your not wrong. I couldnt renew adsl once fttn rolled out and hey It feels like 2001 coz Im getting 1.5 mbit. That was closer to 8 middle of last year. I was testing mobile sims in a 4g modem and telstra was giving me just under 300 constantly. nbn is now between 20 and 40 most of the time but from memory that new telstra tower that gave me those speeds is leased to vodaphone as well. could be worth checking out.

            • @xentar: Yeah, being within a few hundred m of a tower makes a massive difference. Likewise, if you are behind some apartment blocks (they typically suck up low band frequencies bandwidth to meet in door coverage demand which can create a crap experience for everyone elses indoor coverage in normal dwellings) from where the tower is, or behind a hill/gully etc as are case i've experienced, you're often buggered if there isn't good overlapping towers. The good thing is Vodafone should now have a comparable balance to at least Optus if not even Telstra in major suburban areas given the integration with TPG infrastructure and the additional spectrum acquired. They just need to ramp up the 5G footprint which press releases earlier indicate was meant to rapidly expand by end of this year. As consumers i think we're in a pretty good spot now and moving forward as the telco's are clearly going to compete against NBN with 5G in a big way… or at least try to.

    • That's what they cap it at for this price. Nbn is capable of 1000mbps but they have prices at 40 bucks a month for 25mbps.
      5g speeds aren't a joke as you so claim

    • I'm getting up to 50-60Mbps on Optus 4G. During quiet periods, however around 20Mbps during busy periods.

      • +1

        I used to get around 120 when I first signed up to that 500gb plan. Now its closer to 30 average sometime single digits (still gets shit done at 3am). I guess thats the problem with one tower for a large area. No 5g devices yet but I'd like to see how that performs. No los but its half the distance the (profanity) nbn node is.so i assume well

    • They limit it to 100Mbps on 5G when offering unlimited data or the network will grind to a halt for everyone.
      Just look at the unlimited 5G speeds on Optus with unlimited data, (Optus charge a higher price if you don't want the speed capped) it's not that much faster during peak hours, I tried it and it wasn't great. Depends on how many users on the tower in your area, of course.

  • Is dis unlimited?

    • +30

      Dis iz unlimited.

      • Fo shizzle

    • 2 unlimited

      • No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no there's no limit!

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    Why would you go with this plan when Optus offers uncapped speeds?

    • Because Home Optus 5G (and even 4G) is limited to very few areas (least here in Brisbane).

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      Because it's Optus, more reason to stay away.

      • And Vodafail are now somehow a premium network? Riiiight

      • With NBN the max speeds we can get is 50 Mbps down.

        Currently with Optus 4G Home Internet and get 100 down. The only issue is that there's a limit on the data.

      • +1

        I've been with Optus 5G for quite a while now and am very satisfied with the product. Here's a speedtest I just did - https://www.speedtest.net/result/11972799499

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    4G in most areas already exceed 100Mbps so what's the point of 5G then?

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      Higher/unlimited data limits. Plus lower pings.

    • +1

      what is "most areas"? I still get subpar 15-20mbps at mine.

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      Primarily limited bandwidth on 4G networks.

    • Never had close to those speeds here on the Northern GC with Optus 4G. I'd get 15-30Mbps most times I checked. I am now on FTTP with an LNBN via Launtel with a 100/20 plan ($88 month) and get about 98/38 (checking right now).

      I'd get this is it was available.

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    There is an additional plan that is $10 more per month with no restriction on speed. OP feel free to update.


    • Just did.

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      Now if only 5G was available in my area!!

    • What is the "Max Speed"?

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        Max 5G Speed is the fastest speed the Vodafone 5G network can deliver to your modem depending on the geography of your area, the building you are in and the placement of your modem, network coverage and congestion, the number of devices connected and their capabilities, Wi-Fi performance, content accessed, de-prioritisation, and the time you are using data (particularly during peak times of 7-11pm).

        Hopefully this helps.

        • but what is the min-max range?

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            @SJ50: It depends on how far away you are from the tower, and where you place your Modem in your property. In one part of the house you could get 300-400mbps and in another spot you could get 50-100mbps.

            We are providing a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on our 5G Home Internet Plans.You can cancel at any time, just return the modem in Good Working Order within 30 days of cancellation and you won’t have to pay out the remaining modem cost.

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              @TheHungryHippo: "Cancel at any time … , won't have to pay out the remaining modem cost", but still need to payout for the remaining contract term right?

              • @hsct: There are no exit fees. The Plan's are Month to Month and you only pay for the month that you used the service.

                • @TheHungryHippo: The OP seems to suggest that there's no exit fee for the first month only.

                  • @xiangtan: That is correct.

                    You will get your first month of plan fees for free on 5G Home Internet plan's when you sign up by 31/01/2022.

                    Discount won’t appear in cart or checkout but will be on your bill.