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Further 20% off Sale Items (Stack with 10% off VIP Code) Vera Wang Wedgwood Chime 16 Piece $35.28 + Del @ Royal Doulton Outlet


It's been a while since I saw a post regarding this cutlery set. So I became the change I wanted to see.

A modern interpretation of classic elegance, the Chime Collection by Vera Wang is characterised by simplicity and grace. Made from stainless steel and characterised by a large, weighty feel to each piece.

The set contains:

4 x Dinner Knife
4 x Dinner Fork
4 x Dessert Spoon
4 x Teaspoon

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  • +1

    Great Quality.
    Purchased 2 more. Can't go wrong at this price!!!

  • +2

    I own the whole set of these. They're so brilliant! So heavy and big so you can fit a lot onto the fork and spoons.

    Didn't pay $799 rofl

    or $349

    • For the price how good are they!!!

    • Where did you buy a whole set of these for cheaper?

      • Have a family member that works for the parent company that owns these brands.

        They get these as gifts.

  • Thanks, great post! Can't go wrong

  • Does this came with free delivery?

    • $9.95 for me (melb)

      • +1

        $14.95 FOR WA of course

        • +3

          Remote has it's perks … and costs

        • +2

          Good, pay extra for shut borders!

          • +1

            @snipercat: I'm okay to pay $5 on a few additional items to not wear a mask ANYWHERE I go.

            • @damian1079: Come to Victoria and we'll see about that.

            • @damian1079: Only a matter of time, when the rest of Australia is vaccinated and your all isolated crying to your out of touch Premier

  • great for gift, still have a coupe of spare from last deal.
    Great quality as well

  • Very good quality.
    Just bought another 2 sets.
    Thanks, OP.

  • We got them. Can't beat it at that price. Also get a spare set whilst at it.

  • Forks & Spoons: 18/10 Stainless Steel (Dishwasher Safe)
    Knives: 13/0 Stainless Steel - For Sharper Cutting Edges (Dishwasher Safe)

    I'd say this is a bargain if delivery isn't too bad. Probably worth buying a few sets as backup!

    • +1

      Is stainless steel not the norm for cutlery or just the overall construction?

      • +1

        These are constructed far better than anything from your local homeware shop in terms of finishing and tolerances. There's a different composition of stainless steel across cutlery. For example, these ones have a great polish due to the Nickel.

      • It's mainly the grade of stainless steel. The cheaper sets use a cheaper stainless which will stain/rust much sooner than better grades.

    • Where did you get the material details from?

      I couldn't find it on the website, yet on the more expensive sets it states it- https://www.royaldoultonoutlet.com.au/vera-wang-wedgwood-cus...

      • +1

        I originally found it on eBay and then saw the same on a previous OzB post.

  • Hmm this is a great price but heard the teaspoons are a bit huge, might be annoying for cooking and measuring

    • +6

      Yes, they're massive. Get a proper standard teaspoon that is for cooking. Don't use cutlery for measuring stuff lol

      You can get like 10 rubber or plastic spoons for precise cooking.

      • +2

        Fair point bought 4

  • Got this last time. They are heavy but quality i guess

  • +1

    I own this from a previous deal. The quality is good, but I personally find the whole set too large (ie each item of cutlery) - I particularly resonate with the teaspoon comment above.

    • +4

      BIGGER IS BETTER unless you're a dwarf who eats the same amount as an instagram influencer.

      I personally think these are a great present for people who eat a lot especially the fatties of Australia!

      • +4

        Well, frankly, it’s a matter of personal preference, and in any case, I would disagree with your overall comment. If bigger is better, would you rather eat with a serving spoon / spoon the size of a salad server? Or a knife the size of a chef’s knife?

        • +1

          Thats what I tell the wife.. ;)

        • -9

          spoon the size of a salad server? Or a knife the size of a chef’s knife?

          Now you're just being silly.

          Well, frankly, it’s a matter of personal preference, and in any case, I would disagree with your overall comment.

          That's because you're a dwarf who eats with baby spoon

          • +1

            @Orico: 'That's because you're a dwarf who eats with baby spoon'

            You must follow me on Instagram?

          • +5

            @Orico: Why the nasty ad-hominen comments.

            Calling somebody a dwarf because they make a comment about size. Several commentators have said this is a "large" and "heavy" set. Lots of people don't like large heavy cutlery. They doesn't make them a dwarf or baby.

            Quite frankly, I'm surprised at this sort of pretty nastiness on Oz Bargain.

        • -1

          Why are you getting offended that he prefers larger size?

  • Bought 2 sets. Should be good as gifts. Thanks OP!

  • Strange question but are the prongs on the fork thick or thin? Not the space between the prongs but the thickness of each prong.

    Yes I have a weird thing about forks.

    • Which dimension? Width or depth?

      They are quite thin.. I can take a photo if you'd like…?

    • I too have a weird thing about cutlery…I don’t like it when they easily bend at the point where the handle becomes the spoon/fork, I understand they’re a good weight but are these non-bendy? I equate that to cheap/reject shop cutlery

    • +1

      You're not alone.

      I recently bought a set of lightweight cutlery for the van. Had to toss it. The forks were so thick and blunt you couldn't pick anything up.

      Not that I want to stab anybody with them, but I hope the forks are sharp.

    • +1

      I like mine to be smooth where the forks join so food doesn't get stuck there.
      There are three square ones and yeah, nah

  • Have to hopped in such bargain, bought a few sets as well lol.

  • amazing deal mate thanks for sharing - bought 2 sets

  • Thanks OP got two. Wife won’t be too happy as we don’t need it but hard to pass up a bargain. Will eventually use it. One day.

  • Already use these sets - bought 2 more 🙌 thanks op

  • +1

    I'm good with the Gordon Ramsay set lol

    • We wanted the Gordon Ramsey ones but the lady at the stores said these were better steel qualify

  • I bought two last time for about this price. I don't need anymore but tempted…

  • Thanks OP - bought 2 sets. Excited to use them!

  • +1

    I don’t even need cutlery and I bought 4 sets. Vera Wang, perfect gift idea.

    • Likewise, but I got 2 sets.

  • +9

    I don’t need but love putting Wang in my mouth.

    Cheers op

    • You'll love the wang collection then, 16 of them

      • +1

        I wonder how many of them I can hold at once since I hear ms wangs are bigger than normal.

        • +1

          Keep us posted

  • Thanks I bought 3. Love big cutlery

  • 4000 odd clicks.

    Skeptical if this is still even in stock?

  • These should be an upgrade from my Kmart set

  • Hopefully not refunded like my previous effort.

    • Got an email today that it has been shipped

  • Thanks OP. Don't need any more cutlery, but bought 2 anyway.

  • Thanks OP, bought 3.

  • Don't know how good, bought 2 anyway

    • Bought few years ago, waited for few years to buy more. Food taste like fine dining with nice cutlery. Will be sold out.

  • +1

    Says code expired

    • +1

      It’s still working for me just now

    • ye i think it stopped working

  • Ozbargains cutlery of choice

  • +1

    The coupon code entered is expired or not valid, always late to the party :(

  • Are these worth buying for everyday use?

    • +4

      If you can afford it, then yes.

      Anything below $200 is worth every day use. AFter $200 they turn into the fancy things you see in snobby British royal films.

    • +2

      ive been using mine daily for 2 years

  • +1

    What's the handle base width? I want to know if these things fit in the slots of a cutlery basket.

  • Bought two. Thanks OP been holding off purchasing more cutlery!

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 3

  • +3

    Why ain't no dinner spoon? - asking for Asian friend

    • Was going to buy until i saw your comment. We have been using ikea fork and spoon for years and was planning to upgrade but seems like we'll have to stick to them until another deal with the spoon pops up

    • What's the difference between the included spoon and a dinner spoon? Asking for a wyt friend.

  • I purchased it around 8pm and dint receive any confirmation email.anyone on the same boat ?

    • Check your Spam.

      Ordered at 9:40pm and got it immediately

      • Thanks.I did but couldn't find it. But I have the receipt that I saved when I ordered. Funny.

  • Thanks for sharing this OP 😀

  • I bought some but may cancel it.

    Didn't realise there's no dinner spoon.

    For people who previously bought, what are you using for your dinner spoon?

    • … What if you eat dinner with the dessert spoon

  • I think the VIP10 expired. I can't seem to add it in.

    • You have to subscribe them first

  • Bought 4 sets based on the upvotes.

    Good to give out as gifts

  • +1

    No chance this will be honoured. Do they have 5-10k units in stock?

    • Bought twice in the past deals. Had 5 sets delivered last week,

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 :)

  • Do you guys use the dessert spoon as your tablespoon or dinner spoon?

    • +5

      I use dessert spoon as my dinner. The tea spoon for desserts.

  • +1

    Didn't really like the set because the fork and spoon have different lengths q

    • Thanks for this, it's exactly what I was worried about. Guess it's a hard pass for me I've been wanting this for awhile now. Oh well

  • Okay, so it has been 18 hours since this deal was posted and a lot of us on OzBargain have purchased one or more quantities of this set. I have just ordered mine (2 sets). Thanks OP! Surprised that it was still in stock. Fingers crossed and I hope I receive it, but at the same time, I am preparing myself for an email from the Outlet advising me that they are refunding my order as there is no stock.

    • +1

      I ordered 2 sets, but decided I wanted another, so emailed them to see if possible.

      I just got a reply back and evidently their system doesn’t allow that. However, they said the order is currently with the warehouse team being picked; so a good sign orders are being shipped.

  • What's the length of the fork and the dessert spoons?

  • THANK YOU!! I just got 4 sets!! Now to find matching plates at a decent price

    • Let me know when you find them 👍

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