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Google Nest Wire-Free Doorbell (Battery) $281.04 + $10 Shipping (Import) @ F Digital via Catch


Google Nest Wire-Free Doorbell (Battery) - Video Doorbell Camera - Wireless Doorbell Security Camera.

I got one on with the pre-order deal and works well for me. Picking this one up as a gift.

I got office works to price beat.

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  • How you figured how to apply a ring tone to the doorbell?
    My doorbell only announce on my google home hub

    • I prefer the announcement. Doesn't set the dogs off

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    wow i'm surprised OW beat it given that it says "Shipped from Overseas"

    • They didn't look too much at the webpage

    • didnt know that OW (or any other AU retailers) were stocking this yet

      • ^ Showing as no stock anywhere local to me

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    How to stop these getting stolen?

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      You need something to release it from the mount. If it is stolen, google replace it for free (as long as it's reported to police)

      • Mileage may vary as it's a grey import?

      • suppose Google can track down the stolen doorbell and link it to the account?! like the Find my iPhone?!

  • How much the subscription just for the doorbell cost? I know the ring doorbell subscription cost $40/year for one

    • It's all nest devices for $90 a year.

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      though you get 3 hours (not 3 hours of clips, just 3 hours back from 'now') storage for free with the nest.

      • +1

        really, I thought this was 3 hours of clips… the google site says "Up to three hours of event video history" which doesn't clarify

      • I thought it was event storage? ie 3 hours of clips?

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          Nup, 3 hours back from now.

          It's a 3 hours rolling time window.

          Annoyed me as that was one of the main reasons I updated from my v1 ring doorbell.

          Decided to keep it anyway as I rarely ever go and look at old recordings anyway so worked it likely won't effect me

          • @SBOB: Damn that's annoying, I read reviews that said otherwise but then some that said it was just the previous 3 hours.

            Guess I'll fork out for the sub then, $90 per year isn't too bad I suppose.

            Thanks for the info!

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              @mangobango: If you have a nest hub max, the subscription covers those videos as well

              • +1

                @caviar: Yeah that's handy, good thing with the google sub is it covers all devices rather than per device.

                I got the deal with the nest hub 2nd gen so mine doesn't have the camera.

                Good thing to keep in mind though 👍

          • @SBOB: I think you are wrong there as It appears to be events…probably capped at 3 hours or something I havent looked.

            I know this for sure as I am looking at mine right now.

            • @Franc-T: ?
              What am I wrong about?

              You can't see events older than 3 hours in the past, unless you pay for nest aware (or ticked yes for the initial free promo period)

              • @SBOB: I thought I didnt select the trial, but seems I did. I stand corrected.

  • Heads up, these things don’t record 24/7 due to overheating issues. Worth considering especially with Aussie summer

    • THe article seems ot be reffering to the wired version not he battery version.

      • No, its referring to the battery version. Energy requirements for 24/7 recording would necessitate wiring power to the battery version, which introduces thermal challenges for its enclosure.

  • I have issue with this doorbell connect to google nest wifi, cannot live view.
    Does anyone have the same setup and experience the same?

    • I don't have same setup, but had the same issue when i first installed it. Removing the doorbell from google home app and setting it up again fixed the issue for me.

    • +1

      I have Nest Wifi and the doorbell - live view works no issues.

      Think it's connected to my main Nest wifi router since it's the closest.

  • Nah, Google already spying on my mobiles and PCs. It can leave my front door alone.

    • How will you protect your deliveries from ozbargain deals?

  • Do you think this will work if I connect it with an overseas Google account?

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