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Akai 50-Inch Series 6 4K UHD webOS Smart TV $395 (Was $695) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Not sure about the quality but shouldn't be bad at this price. Enjoy :)

Great for a night of entertainment with the whole family, the Akai Series 6 4K UHD webOS Smart TV lets you enjoy watching your favourite movies and shows with impressive picture quality.

Key Features

  • Supports 4K UHD resolution, enabling it to display compatible 4K content with accurate details and vivid colours
  • Can playback multimedia content from a compatible USB device
  • Transmit or mirror display to a separate screen via its HDMI ports
  • Features Dolby Audio speakers for dynamic sound webOS gives you access to a range of online media streaming services, including Netflix for hassle-free binge-watching of your favourite movies and TV series on demand

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +13

    It's a shame Harvey Norman is selling it and not another retailer as I would have purchased.

    • +1

      Agreed. In lockdown it would be impossible to get in contact with anyone from Harvey Norman's customer service if something goes wrong.

      • +7

        In lockdown it would be impossible to get in contact with anyone from Harvey Norman's customer service

        In lockdown, but out of lockdown too

    • In Queensland, who cares?

  • +2

    "It is the fish* that John West rejects, that makes John West** the best"

    (*) Recycled old brand names now producing rubbish.

    (**) Any other retailer

  • I wonder if it is compatible with LG Magic Remote since it has WebOS? EKO TVs are also using WebOS and they come with LG Magic Remote.

    • In the User Manual I saw the following line: "You can use the LG ThinQ app to control key TV functions…"

      So my bet is all WebOS TV's regardless of "manufacturer" are magic remote compatible.

  • +2

    Interesting 3 years warranty: https://akai.com.au/product/50-inch-4k-uhd-led-lcd-smart-tv/...


    All AKAI TVs are backed by our 3 Year Warranty from their purchase date, including technical support and service.

    • -2

      How is that interesting?

      • +1

        3 is not a standard warranty for TVs

      • +1

        as @abs898 said it is not AU standard. You only get 1 year and have to pay for more years of you want.

  • how would this go paired with a PS5?

    • -2

      seriously? go and get a QLED UHD tv if you want to experience the games properly

      • For a spare room mate.
        Already got a couple of QLED UHD’s

        • Plug your Ps5 into one of your QLEDs then.

          • @xyron: Lol thanks for the great idea. Ill try that. Didnt think about that one before. Or better yet ill yank a 85” off the wall and take to spare room.

            • @kerim86: You must be so rich and successful to own a litany of obnoxiously expensive TVs. Query why you would even be thinking about a generic cheap TV in those circumstances.

              • @xyron: Clearly not successful enough for a third one to out in the spare room lol

      • +1

        I sure he’ll be fine with the tiny handful of real next-gen games.

    • +1

      or if you want even better then get LG OLED C1 which comes with gaming features

      OLED Gaming.
      It's game over for the competition
      Get ahead of the game with swift response, cutting-edge gaming features and an ultra-smooth 120Hz display. Create the ultimate gaming setup, with LG OLED TV.

      Game Optimiser
      Unseen levels of control
      Defeat stutter, lag, and flicker once and for all. NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync settings help keep you on the winning side, with the advantage of slick, smooth gameplay and a competitive edge.

      The Latest Gaming Specs
      Play at a higher standard
      Don’t let outdated connections cripple your edge. HDMI 2.1* brings VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) to enable fast-moving content at high resolutions and smooth, synchronised audio and graphics. Combined with OLED's 1ms response rate, you can enjoy a more lifelike gaming experience.

      Partnering with Game Industry leaders
      An unbeatable combo
      LG partnered with NVIDIA and AMD to make LG OLED TV a G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium certified TV, and joined forces with Xbox as the official TV partner of the Xbox Series X console. This team has one mission: to make sure you get the most out of gaming, every time you play.

    • +3

      buying a TV cheaper than your PS5 will give you that kind of an experience.

    • -1

      We have ours hooked up to a huge, cheap Aldi 4K TV (I believe it was $800, 85"). For the majority of games it looks and plays great. FPS games are tricky to play because of the latency, worth considering if that's your jam.

  • +2

    Its $395….you get what you pay for. It is a crap TV with a crap screen……answering all those who think the PS5 will look great on it.

    • It's like blending 16 yo Lagavulin with weekly discount coke :P

      • but how else would i make a budget smokey cokey? gotta save money somehow :D

  • can this be wall mounted?

    • +1

      Why? I am trying to decide between these 2 for the spare room. Akai comes with 3 year warranty tho

  • +2

    Yuk, Harvey Norman

    • Just wait for Coles or OW!

      • I don't think anyone else stocks it.

        • Wesfarmers group usually stocks the Blaupunkt label and they fly out of their stores rather fast.

  • +1

    I wanted cheap TV for our granny flat so just bought this. I purchased it for WebOS and the 3 year warranty. Might as well have a cheap telly that'll be fixed if it goes bang in the 1st three years. I'll let you know how it is when I pick it up later today.

    • I am heading to pickup now, HV offered 4 years additional warranty for $80 on the phone compared to 2y online. Not sure if I want a 7 year warranty on this though.

  • Just picked it up. Seems pretty decent for $395. I paid $475 for 3 years + 4 years replacement warranty.

    • 4 yrs replacement warranty. How did u get that pls.

      Online it only shows as 2 yrs right.

      • +1

        Store sales guy offered it on the phone. HV has a very bad customer service so decided to place an order on the phone. He offered 48 months

  • +2

    Also update for everyone, turns out my TV is defective, there are 2 spots on the screen, one red and one green lol

    I have to take it back for replacement

  • +2

    Picked up my TV and everything is working fine. The webOS operating system is good, basically a stripped down version of my LG in the lounge and way better than the android in the bedroom (how does anyone use that OS day-to-day?) It is as quick as the much more expensive LG and it fires up nearly instantly. The picture is what you'd expect for a cheap TV. But after a bit of playing around with the settings I've achieved something reasonable. As something for occasional viewing I'm happy with it, esp with the 3 years warranty…just don't go expecting the quality of an expensive TV that you'd wanna use everyday. Oh, and the sound is okay too for a smallish room.

    • Yeah I am happy for what I paid minus the 2 tiny dots on the screen.

      Actually they appeared after I updated the OS but it doesn't look like an OS issue though.

      • So would you recommend buying this TV? 2 dots for a new TV is bad wont you agree?

    • Is the picture as good as TCL 4k? Jond72

      • +1

        All 4K TVs in this price range are using a similar panel, so I would say yes!

  • How does one update apps on a tv running webOS ?

    • There's an update option in the app store.

  • Bad reviews on forums and zero reviews on YouTube. Seems only ozbargain gives it good reviews.

    • +1

      I think it's a brand new TV so no reviews out there. I couldn't find anything on forums or youtube at all. But for $395…really, what are you expecting? Everything's much of a muchness in this price range.

      • +1

        I liked the TV for 395, picture was crisp and bright enough for my dark room. HV is sending a replacement tomorrow. If it wasn't for the defect , it's not a bad TV.

  • How are s this compare to Aldi or ffalcon?

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