Edifier BT Headphones - W860NB (ANC & aptX) Gold / Black $66 | W830BT White / Black $47.60 Shipped @ Amazon AU

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    Micro USB charging is a killer these days

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      I have plenty of cables and adapters lying around - no issue for me.

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        That's exactly the issue.

        • You would rather have to buy a new cable?

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            @dosada: I think they would rather have the 1 (USB C) cable laying around, instead of "plenty" of cables

            • @Simovixet: I have tons of devices requiring USB power, using type-C, Micro USB and proprietary connectors (e.g. Garmin watch). Can hardly go and dispose of devices because I don't like their cables. In my car, I have a micro-USB cable with a Type-C adapter.

              • @Make it so: I agree I wouldn't dispose of a device because I don't like the charging cable, but if I was going to buy a new device in 2021 then I'd like it not to be the reason I have / need a micro USB cable around

          • @dosada: I have two usb c cables on my bedside drawers. I don't want to add another micro b just for the headphones.

  • Ordered some, thanks

  • This or the W855BT for $60?


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      That one has no active noise cancellation. And cannot be folded. So if ever you get back into a plane, it is not too suitable. I'd say that one more useful at home. See this comparison

      It looks nice, admittedly. But supposedly the W860NB has decent noise cancellation.

      • Cheers mate!

        I was being convinced by how more aesthetically pleasing the 855 looked but better features is the correct choice.

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          Yeah, you had me doubt whether I pulled the trigger too quickly on the 860, but ANC and foldability is a pretty big thing for me.

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            @Make it so: Thanks again for your help! ANC is pretty cool. I love it on my AirPods Pro.

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      I have just packaged up the 855 i received a few days ago to return and ordered these ones

      • why's that, if you don't mind?

  • Noob question. Can headphone microphones be used to take phone calls?

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      Yes - you can use a headphone like this for calls. Reviews imply the microphone works reasonable well.

  • Black one is over

  • W860NB Gold is over as well.

    • Not yet - but if you bought one it will no longer show the reduced price (1 per account I guess).

      • all back in stock… can order multiple but in separate orders.

  • I guess these are the new TaoTronics?

    • They have been around longer than Taotronics. I bought my first Edifier one back in the late 90s when I lived in China.

  • Any chance if you know the deal on the black one would come back OP?

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      No idea, I am not affiliated with it in any way. I expect there may be more specials, seeing how Edifier has had reductions in recent weeks. This is the lowest it has been though.

  • Anyone actually tried these? Is the ANC any good? Reviews say these aren't noise isolating, and there is bleeding of noise eminating from the cups

    • I recently bought the 820 BT and sound emitting from cups is correct..my partner can hear the songs I am listening. Not very loud though..

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    This is a fire sale obviously, as W600BT and W820NB released last month. Same for the TWS buds.

    Not to say they are bad products at all, far from it.

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    W860NB Black and Gold look to be still available for $66

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    830BT now with 60% coupon down to $47.60

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    Black is available for $66 again

  • Does this headphones connect to two source devices at once?

  • how does one find these lightning deals on amazon please?

    • Be a Prime member, go to Today's Deals, sort by Deal type to Lightning deal.

      • thanks… this edifier deal is not coming up in the lightning deals ..hmm

        • It started as lighting deal. Once that ended it changed to a 60% discount, keeping prices roughly the same. I forgot to update the description.

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    Arrived today, finally. Looks to have no charge in it so charging now to see if they're not DOA.

    • Mine arrived flat as well - had to charge it. One interesting thing is that to turn it on, I have to short-press the power button before holding it down for 3 seconds.
      I am happy with the sound quality. Compared to my Sony 1000xm2, I find them a little more clear; the sony's are more V-shaped and muffled by comparison. The volume does not go as loud though, and noise cancelling is a bit less good. Build quality also not quite comparable, but good enough and great for the price.

      • Which did you get? W860NB or the W830BT?
        I have the PCX550 and XM3. Looking for the W860NB
        Looking to replace my Marshall Major 2 due to clamp force
        Got the NB2 Pro from Edifier couple of weeks back, beats my Soundpeats TrueWireless and Jabra 65t. Quite suprised for $83

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          I got the 860NBs to replace my ailing Marshalls. Over ear is definitely more comfortable and better isolation.
          Also agree that my Marshalls had high clamp force even after trying to widen them a bit.

          These things feel a little cheap but the sound is good.
          ANC seems ok, cuts out my PC box drone easily. I don't have prior experience with ANC so it seems okay in some situations. Didn't do much to cut out my robovac however, more high pitched I guess.
          They sound pretty good, and can still connect 2 devices without having to re-pair each time which is great unlike my soundpeats trueair IIs.
          Touch interface is pretty average once you're used to airpods or the Marshall button.
          They don't get super loud, but enough to be slightly uncomfortable and barely distorted if at all at max volume.

          On PC (Win 10) I had to change a setting in the bluetooth headset options (turn off handsfree telephony) to stop really terrible stuttering, which is 99% gone now. Flawless with my iPhone otherwise.

          For $66 an absolute bargain. Let's see how long they last.

        • W860NB