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Refurbished Electric Bikes 25% off (from $674.25) + $50 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Zoomo


Looking to surprise Dad this Father's Day? Or do you just want a great value e-bike? Perhaps, some outdoor exercise to cure the lock-down blues?

We are Zoomo and we are back again offering 25% OFF our NCM Milanos and our Smartmotion Essence for Father's Day!



NCM Milano $999 -> $750
NCM Venice + $1699 -> $1275

Free click and collect, or delivery to anywhere in Australia for only $50.

All bikes are road-legal and come with 12 months of warranty on the frame.

Use coupon DAD25 to claim this deal. Deal ends Thursday 30 September 2021.

Based on feedback, we have now specified age of our bikes and have priced accordingly! Happy Father's Day!

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    Got any examples prices or deals?

    • Hey mate, it's 25% across all bikes. We will allow you to select the bike based on the age as well and also mileage and general conditions. We have a 7 day return policy as well.

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        So where's the deal? This is OzBargain, not OzAdvertising.

        • +1

          The deal is 25% off all bikes from our RRP. This is real value here not an advertisement. We usually sell bikes for much more. For example a young Essence at a 25% OFF is hard to find in the AU market with a warranty attached.

      • +2

        It usual practice to give some examples.

        NCM Milano $999 -> $750
        NCM Venice + $1699 -> $1275

        • That is good feedback. We will make some changes. Thank you for that

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    For some strange reason I read..while shock lasts..

  • "Only Today" image on the products. Deal ends Thursday 30 September 2021? (I know, I'm just being picky.)

    • +1

      Apologies - we will remove that

  • What battery capacity & range is reasonable to expect versus new?

    • Depends on the model. For our refurbished Essences and NCM Milano it is generally 7-8 hours on a full charge. In terms of the range, it is difficult to say as it is heavily dependent on the terrain as well.

      • +2

        Fair enough - to rephrase, what would you estimate the % capacity would be compared to a new battery?

        • +1

          I would say 80-90% the 1 year and above ones. 90%+ for the less than 6-12 months range and 95% + for the 3-6 months range. The difference is quite little. I have ridden all the bikes at different age ranges and have had no problems commuting to and from Zoomo.

  • All bikes are road-legal and come with 12 months of warranty on the frame

    No warranty on electrical and mechanical components?

    • +1

      Yes we give 3 months on electrical components and mechanical components. I have attached our warranty policy if you want more details:

    • 3 months on Battery and motor…

      • +1

        Shouldn't it be 12 months minimum for warranties in Australia? Especially electronic components

        • This is a refurbished product. For new products, I agree. We are quite generous with our warranty for a refurbished bike as we strongly back our product

  • Do yous have any kits to convert ones bike into an eBike? If so are there any specials for kits?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot legally sell those kits. However, we know they do exist.

  • Frame sizes? Thanks

    • Essence is a 26” wheel size
      Milano 26” or 28”

      • +1

        Nice work on the wheel size, how are you going to answers @Chiamh's question?

  • What is the cosmetic condition of these bikes? Are worn-out parts (tyres, saddles, handles etc..) replaced with new parts as a part of the refurbishment? What about scratches and dents? are they fixed/touched up? I can’t see any grade showing the cosmetic condition of these.

    • +1

      I would say quite good. This is a refurbished bike so we replace any worn-out parts, tyres saddles, handles if need be. We access all components of the bike before dispatching and check all bikes. In terms of scratches and dents. I would say none to the obvious eye. Of course there will be some some small scratches and dent if you examine it closer. However, we do touch it up where possible to when you receive the bike there is a certain quality and standard.

  • Anyone know anything about any of these bikes? I’m very tempted but have know very little about them!
    I’m just looking for something to commute ~3km with.

    • Have you checked out the $600 Aldi ebike?

  • Does any of these bikes have throttle?

  • The crossed out prices are much higher than what the new bike can be bought for. The Venice plus has $2999 but available at $2199. Milano $1999 available for $1699. I'm no expert on ebikes so i could be totally wrong but worth a google.

  • +2

    I had a recent purchase of a Zoomo bike. I received the bike delivered from a courier. It was well packaged in the box. I took it out for a ride and found that the gears would not change at all and would throw the chain off when attempting to change gears. I can't see how the bike would have passed their "rigorous" pre sale inspection that they advertise for refurbished bikes. It did have a lot of scratches on it, fair enough as their bikes were probably rentals and most scratches were painted over. Zoomo did pay for a courier to pick up the bike. I sent it back including the tool kit which had a couple of Allen keys and combination wrenches which was handy when putting on the wheels and pedals.

    After numerous attempts by me to follow up with the issues, and the fella who was dealing with my problems leaving I was helped by another staff member and did find his manner a lot better than the person I original dealt with. My replacement bike was sent out. This one had 3000kms more that the previous one but had not faults. My toolkit wasn't included. I was told that it was too bad as they were out of tool kits and I wasn't entitled to one. They were adamant that all bikes to get thoroughly checked by their mechanics prior to postage, but I cannot see how my original bike was checked at all.

    So overall I am happy that I have a working bike. I think they should advertise specific bikes, not make it a lottery as to how many k's are on the bike. I think 7500 kms made the bike overpriced so I cannot recommend this company. Just my 2c.

    • I think they should advertise specific bikes, not make it a lottery as to how many k's are on the bike.

      Their current listings appear to be specific bikes with a unique millage on each listing.

      I cannot recommend this company. Just my 2c.

      Too late for me.. I already grabbed one of those white Milano bikes that had 3700km for $800 (delivered) which is a little less than ½ the lowest new online price. Keeping my fingers crossed it'll turn out ok.
      I had a look through some of the online reviews and videos for NCM bikes, from what I gather they appear to be one of the better budget brands, which is one of the reasons I pulled the trigger.

      • +1

        I'm not unhappy with the bike, just reckon I overpaid for a bike with 7500 km and feel a bit ripped off considering the faulty original bike had 3000 less km on it.

        Their current listings appear to be specific bikes with a unique millage on each listing.

        I suggested that they advertise specific bikes with the amount of km on them so kudos to Zoomo for that. Still feel a neg is appropriate considering my experience.

        It's a shame because my other son now wants an ebike and Zoomo would have got another sale if they had dealt with my issues a bit differently. Happy for you rep to still reach out.

    • +1

      I was riding my bike out yesterday (not a zoomo), and I saw a bunch of zoomo bikes being ridden by Domino's pizza delivery drivers. What surprised me were the white paper cardboard boxes to ship pizzas in. It stood out funny.

      Just wondering where these refurbs come from, high kms…

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