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KitchenAid 1.7L Electric Kettle with Digital Temperature Control KEK1722 - $149 Delivered (RRP $249) @ KitchenAid


Following on from post for the kitchenaid toaster posted earlier https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648784, kitchenaid have also dropped the price of their blue velvet kettle. The sale looks to be part of a father day promotion and only for this colourway.

*You can also stack this with AMEX 15% off offer, bring it down to $126.65 (thanks Jaygee) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648407 and with an additional 2.1% with Cashback/ShopBack potential get it for $123.52

If you were either looking for a blue kettle or have purchased the blue toaster and wanted to colour match then this could be a good deal.

First post but happy to take on any feedback

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Stack with 15% back for some AMEX cards too, brings it down to $129.

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    Does it have a motor to press lever to justify $249 RRP?

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      No, but you can have your water at 93 degrees if you want.

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        Can i have it at 93.17 degrees? I need 93.17.

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        Increments of 5C only

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          Is it? That's lame.

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            @kerfuffle: It’s easier to use that way so you’re not having to press the button so many times. 5C difference is not really noticeable

        • What? Mine only does 10.

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      TopKEK alright…. $149

  • This model might have an issue with the lid release mechanism. I have to push down and slightly back to open it. Also paid just shy of half this price for mine…

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      Wait, it does not have a motor to put lid down?

      • No it’s manual and has some problems. Mine gets stuck every so often. Friend’s one was the same and they got it replaced under warranty

  • Many reviews said it emits an annoying loud "beep" sound every time you press the button or finished boiling the water. That's why I cancelled my order last month…

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      Its not that loud, many things beep in the kitchen to let you know its done…

    • It’s not annoying. You just get used to it

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      I've had this kettle for many years - but there was a recall and they sent me a new one a couple of years ago. The original version is the one with the really appalling beeps, and if anyone here still has that model they may be able to get a free upgrade. The new version is quite a lovely kettle, I think, with an appropriate volume and level of feedback.

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    I have this kettle and I can’t be happier with it.
    I really don’t like when water is too warm so getting 60-70C is great. Keeping the water at a particular temp is also great as a family of tea/coffee drinkers.

    50C is also a good temperature to make milk for infants/toddlers. May not sound like a big deal but when you’re waking up multiple times a night everyday, the small things make a difference.

    There are other variable temperature kettles out there but this is the only one I found that has a small counter footprint and looks tidy (controls on the handle as opposed to on the base). It’s also the size of a traditional kettle unlike some other smart ones.

    Many people who’ve visited me said they like my kettle and they want to get one too.

    I am having problems with my lid not always opening much like many other owners. This is covered under warranty though and my friend had theirs replaced under warranty because of this.

    As for the price, it’s definitely steep and may not be worth the money for everyone

    • Push down and back and it opens everytime. It just gets stuck in the last little mm or something, I can't be bothered to warranty something so minor which is probably going to happen again.

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      I just fill it up from the spout. No need to open the lid.

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    Got a Xiaomi one for about $50 that does the same.. I do like the Color of this though, but not sure if it's worth 3x the price

  • Boiling water -> kettle
    Hot water -> tap

    I had an ‘adjustable temp’ kettle too and never used it for anything more than a normal kettle

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      My tap takes a while to get warm water after a while so I used to waste a lot of water doing this

  • $15 Kmart, how can one justify this for 10 times the price?

  • Reminds me of this deal with DJ…3 years and 8 months ago

  • I’m wary of fancy kettles now. We have a $150+ breville one which has about 6 buttons on the base to start/stop, set the temp and keep warm etc. Since shortly after we got it, it doesn’t seem to recognise that the water has boiled and keeps boiling for about 5 minutes, steam everywhere and water running down the wall. We’ve put up with it for years but I have to pick it up once it’s boiled. I’m also avoiding the brand too I guess.

    I’m sure a $10 Kmart kettle knows when it’s boiled.