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MSI MAG B560 Torpedo Intel LGA 1200 RGB LED ATX Motherboard (& $30 Steam Gift Card from MSI) $119 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


If you upgrade or enhance your set-up with any of our amazing accessories detailed below, between 15th July – 15th November 2021 we will email you a STEAM Gift Card to put towards your next gaming experience.

Steam Gift Card Promo

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  • hmmm buy this now and hunt around for a cheap i5 11500, want built in graphics because i use it for office type work, not gaming.

    or try and get one with wifi ?

    • I would personally recommend Ryzen, like a 5600G and a cheaper B550 board…
      Yes you would pay little extra but in the longer run it will worth it.

      • +3

        Don’t agree with that - for office work they would be so closely matched that you would not tell the difference. Both would be nice and responsive (better than the laptops most of us are using these days).

        Each has its advantages.

        11500 allows PCIe 4 - access to faster SSD
        5600G has stronger graphics - limited use for the poster from the sounds of it

        This deal really is an excellent price for a good spec board.

        • +1

          B550 board also allows PCIE 4.0 … and brought an Asus one from a deal here for $79 last week.

          • +1

            @vinni9284: That’s nice but the 5600G the poster referenced is PCIe 3 only.

            I’ll bet the VRM on this Torpedo is better than your $79 Asus.

            • -2

              @Tiigger: Yeah, but my purpose is not intended for wasted overclocking. If I want to overclock, I would waste more money on better mobo's than both listed.

  • +8

    They also have this board bundled with an i7-11700KF for $599 which I thought was a decent deal.

    • +1

      Cheers mate, was just about to pull trigger on the $799 mwave

  • +1

    anyone had any luck with the steam gift card? I'm waiting to hear if my redemption worked for B550 Tomahawk

    • +3

      They got back to me in 1 day. I got my $40US for a MSI MAG B550 Mortar

      You need to do more then just register the board.. you need to go to the promotions tab after you log in..

      Find the MSI ANZ steam bonus promo.
      Click on that and select the board you have already registerd… and submit it.. you will need to then upload a jpeg of your invoice and a photo of the boards serial number thats near the main power plug of the board also in jpeg.

      They reply pretty quick with your codes in that same promo link page next to your msi products info. ( they didnt email me)

      The promotions page is not the same as the register product page.

    • Dont forget to hit submit one more time after both jpeg's are added..i think you also need to agree to some TCs&Cs when doing the final submit

      • I was waiting and waiting but went to the promotion page in my account and discovered it was rejected as I used the box serial number. I've just resubmitted it, so fingers crossed.

  • is there and i5 11500 shortage , was after i5 with built in graphics .
    shopping express don’t list i5 11500 and 11400 out of stock.

  • well bought MB and ram and now the wait for I5 11400 or 11500 be be back in stock at a retailer ….. didn’t realize there was a chip shortage in that home office type CPU segment ….

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