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Swisse Wild Fish Oil 400 Capsules $17.99 (Back Order) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


seem like a good deal with 55% off for 400 capsules

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I ordered 2 of these the other day, they were delivered from Vic to Tas in under 24hrs…

    Amazon must have a dodgy deal going with Aus Post !

    • Jebus. Must have been Tasmanian Salmon…

      Out of interest, what was the Use By date for your 800 capsules?

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        I dont have the bottles in front of me… I live on a property that's not suited to deliveries so I send everything to my old mums place in the suburbs, I haven't gone and picked them up yet… (I'll let you know tomorrow)

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          You DHA man! Thanks…

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        I ordered one in August, expiry date is 03/2024.

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    Amazon also have the Vit-D at CW prices:

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    FYI 1500mg of fat with 270mg of EPA and 180mg DHA. Which means 450mg of the fats you're after and 1050 of what we call "filler fat". Keep this in mind when dosing and choosing what is the best value solution for you.

    Not saying this isn't good value, just outlining some important things people sometimes don't look at.

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      Actual question:
      Is there a product out there that is 100% good stuff and no filler fats?

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        Not that I know of if there was I doubt it would be reasonably priced. I don't even know if you'd want to do that but I'm only a sports scientist not a dietitian.

        Filler fat isn't "the bad stuff" either, I only point it out in case people were taking it and using the 1500mg number as the amount of EPA/DHA they were taking.

        This deal good value but there are some cases where you might want to spend more to get a more concentrated tablet, even something as small as "you don't like taking tablets" so a more concentrated one will mean less pill swallowing. Health is highly individualised which is why I tried to leave my original comment with just numbers ad not an opinion on if someone should buy it.

        • I see, cheers for the headsup!

          Will certainly pay more attention to those numbers in future.

    • How does this compare to the Wagner fish oil 1000 which is under $10 for 400 capsules?

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        Slightly better value with the Wagner but less EPH/DHA per capsule. 12g/$1 for Wagner, 10g/$1 for Swiss, my maths might be off so if you'd like to double check (or do your own analysis in future for new prices or different brand) below is a breakdown, if you're comfortable with maths the straight up version is at the end. I'm not trying to be patronising just want to make sure more people can get use out of it.

        EPH+DHA = Something

        Something x Total number of capsules in bottle = whatever

        Whatever divided by cost of bottle in dollars = a number

        The higher the number the more EPH/DHA you're getting per dollar. For example I got 10,000 for Swiss and 12000 for Wagner, Wagner is higher so it's better value. Keep in mind that you can't compare if one is in grams and the other in milligrams, both will need to be the same. Usually you get given the EPH and DHA values in mg but keep and eye on that

        Straight up maths formula, ((EPHmg+DHAmg)*Total Capsules)/cost = EPH&DHA per $1 (in mg)

        • Thanks, I'll take your word for it!

  • This is price matching which?

  • With the S&S, if I started with a promo price, will the price stay the same for next deliveries?

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      I don't believe so. That's where they can get you if you don't cancel.

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      Price may go up.

  • S&S is not available on 1500mg 400 pack

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    Any snake oil for sale?