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Unagi Scooter - Model One E500 $1199 (Save $500) + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


At JB Hi-Fi - Hurry, Offer Ends In 23hours

Roam Free With Unagi's All New Innovative Lightweight E-Scooter. Save $500 At JB Hi-fi

The Model One: E500

Don't just join the revolution - make a statement, with the classiest e-scooter to reach Australian shores.
• An elevated level of design that you wont see on any other e-scooter
• Dual 500W Motor - 1 per wheel (2x250W)
• Custom design tyres with in-built suspension
• Lightweight and Portable, Tube converts to handle with one-click
• Epic, durable paint job available in four vivid colours
• Advanced Materials and Components


…. Waits for usual comments about legality etc.

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    Is this approved by Ross? 🤣

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      Unagi is a total state of awareness, only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you.

      • +1

        I see you are a man of culture as well ☺️

        • +1

          Scrolled down to see if anyone commented this! Not at all disappointed

          • @ScuseMe: I don't get it

            • @djmm: Watch Friends S06E17 then you will get it

      • +3

        aahhhh salmon skin roll…

  • Sadly it will never get approved in the nanny state.

    • +1

      Practically legal in Victoria now as 4 councils are trialling for a 12 months

    • +2

      Come to Qld! Scooters are 9k (even on footpaths), no lockdown, even cyclists don't bother wearing helmets (& cops don't seem to care). It's weird after living in Melbourne. And I won't mention the lack of speed/red light cameras.

      • Got fined on my first week in toowoomba for speeding via speed cam. Shame they kept one just before traffic light, when people just up the speed a bit to cross before it turns red.

        • In Vic we had 6 known combo speed/red light cams within 3km of our home. They often had private speed cameras in school zone.on weekends. It doesn't compare.

          • +1

            @M00Cow: I drive through two school zones daily and rarely see coppers. I wish they were there more often to stop people tailgating me or wooshing past me.

    • +1

      I used to live in Artarmon and I used to own an M365 to commute to work - it wasn't much of a travel but I was able to do it. I guess you just need to be respectful of others e.g. pedstrians as it is a shared footpath and wear your helmet. I remember riding on it one day past a copper and he had no qualms at all. Mind your speed and wear a helmet!

  • +2

    Custom tyres sounds like a bad idea when you eventually need a new one, no? How do these compare to the typical Segway scooters?

  • +1

    Very tempting as my current ES4 has done nearly 1500km and is a bit sick. But $1200 is still a lot of money…

  • +1

    I want to go faster than 25km/h

    • +3

      How to Unlock the Unagi Model One for Higher Top Speed

      1 Hold down accelerator and brake.
      2 Push down power rapidly button 10 times.
      3 You will hear an audible beep when it unlocks.
      4 Repeat the process to lock the scooter.

      • Then how fast can it goes?
        I watch a youtube review and he said if keep top speed 25km/h, it could only covers approx 10 miles or 16kms

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    I bought a Segway Ninebot Max in a previous JB deal. It has tubeless inflatable 10" tyres and even then, I still get some pretty severe jolts on the crappy footpaths in Brisbane. These solid 7.5" tyres, despite their claimed 'in-built suspension', don't look like a comfortable ride to me. Maybe on very short commutes or if you live in a neighbourhood that has new footpaths. I reckon my next scooter will feature proper suspension.

    • +1

      the guy from one of the reviews on youtube mentioned suspension doesn't exists. Only the hollow design of the tyres act as suspension

      • +1

        I've had this scooter for a year and although I've run into problems it's still one of the best escooters out there.
        1. Solid tyres - less suspension and resistance but feels sturdier. The upside, no more issues with punctures (I used to to own the M365 and I had both tyres punctured every week it was such a pain, costly too) and the downside, the rear tyres have disintegrated for a year (mostly used it on concrete pavement but I've had times where I used it on gravel path in BNE due to some roadworks)

        1. Great service from the manufacturer- They have excellent customer service, depending on the issues they are happy to send you a new scooter for replacement. I'm expecting mine this month - I emailed them about the tyres and I could not find tyres on the market so they're sendin me a new unit instead, how good is that[I've had my scooter for just over a year]

        So I think if you're looking into buying an escooter, factor in the maintenance and service after the purchase. Luckily in BNE there are a few scooter specialty shops who are happy to service escooters, so think about where you live and how this would affect you if you ran into issues like mine.

    • +1

      Yeah you won't go back.

    • Yeah what ever happened to those Ninebot Max? They seemed to not be stock in JB anymore.

  • If you buy one of these, just please be considerate. It's for your own good, because the amount of times I've almost been knocked down and had to jump out of the way, and the increasing resentment I hear in QLD from everyone having similar experiences with people acting like dangerous (profanity) with these things and injuring people, they will end up being far more regulated or even banned.

    Just, be sensible so we can all live together. It's not difficult.

    • +2

      People won't even wear masks properly. Good luck getting people to be responsible with vehicles

  • +2

    Expensive. It's not clear what justifies the huge price increase over the ninebots and other sub-$1000 e-scooters.

    RRP of $1699 is a joke. More fake sales from JB. When will people learn?

    Twin motors… who cares? The motors aren't the thing that dies first anyway, it's the battery and circuits, then brakes and wheels, then frame issues. Motor would be last thing to worry about.

    "Lightweight and portable" is not a feature, it's the norm for this class of scooter. 12 kg is actually quite heavy, and not any lighter than other scooters in this class. It's like advertising a car as "comes with wheels and engine".

    Worth a downvote if I could be bothered clicking it.

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